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1600 full cabrio semi restoration


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Altough this is not my car i decided to make a blog about the work i am doing on it, since its such a rare car.

The car is french delivery, will all stickers in french. Still owned by the same french man, imported from France somewhere in the mid 80's-90's.

To start, some pictures of the car.




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some internals of the engine.

All the timing components are long gone. The timing chain was grinding the cover, and the oil pump chain started to grind near the pump.

No wonder where was the rattles coming from !!

The top of the guard rail is also broken and miss several sections on it. I need to remove the oil pan anyway so i guess the pieces are just down there...




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Very cool car. Not too many Original cars left

indeed...this one is realy stumping me...the last person who wrenched in it was probably the french dealer in the 80's.

original cooling hoses

original braided fuel hoses

original clutch

73' engine never opened

and what else...

now everything needs to be serviced, but still works !!

the car still runs after 40 years almost untouched...there is very few recent cars that barely make 10years before they break in two( i think about the K-cars, neons and cavaliers of this world)...lol...

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Well, if the sticker is not there this car must not be original. I think the owner should sell it to you on the cheap and be thankful you took it off his hands! LOL,J/K!

he realy doesnt want to sell it at all...i guess he will die in it..i just need to wait a litle bit then it will be mine ;) (he is probably 70 already)

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