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Cam ID


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Hello all, I´m a new member of BMW 2002 FAQ and I own a Bmw 2002 from beginning of 73' that I´m trying to restore.

Today a friend of mine show me a old 121 TI head that was damaged on one valve, in the head it have a cam that my friend assume is a special one not standard.

No Identification like "Dr. Schrick" on it, only:

AE1 R118 061 0003.2

Can anyone ID this cam, it is standard or a special one?

Help will be welcome.


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Search for your cam ID using the Forum Search top right corner of the page. You'll find a number of posts that reference the same cam ID. You'll also find some more guidance regarding how you'll identify which version of the M10 cam you have.

Please report back with your findings, and update your post with SOLVED if you get the info you're looking for.

Good luck.

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Hello again.

After a search on the forum about cams, it seems that the cam is a old 300º aftermarket original BMW sport camshaft.

See please the below photos.

the number 3 seems to be the 300 degree ID!?

If someone can tell me more about this issue I will apreciate.

What do I have to add on the head (mine is a E12) to mount this cam?

Thanks in advance.





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What you got there is a camshaft with a casting number in it.

I was going to poke more fun at you, but those lobes look distinctly

more rorty than the standard cam.

The thing is, you can't tell a cam grind from the casting number,

as after it's cast, then it's ground, and it's the grinding that puts the profile on it.

If it was mine, i'd measure the overall cam lift by measuring it peak to base

and base to base and taking the difference. It's quick and easy, and will

give you a useful number.

Then measure the bearings and compare them to stock-

here, you're looking for a bigger #2 and #3, by 2mm I think.

Then, armed with those numbers, hit the internets and see what you can find.

Oh, also look for stampings or etching anywhere on the front flange....



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