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wheel and tire dilemma


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Even though it's been discussed a bunch of times, I'm looking for any info you guys can provide. I blew out 2 tires today (they were pretty old and probably should have already been replaced) so now I need to figure out what to do. I have 13" Panasports that are in great shape and I really like but the 13" tires choices are really slim. So, I am torn between 13" tire sizes for the Panasports or trying to sell the Panasports and get something in a 14" size. Has anyone used 195/60-13s?

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Hi Brad!

As I recall, I have Bridgestone 185/70/13's on my Atlantik tii..on early factory alloys...RE92's? Great tires, but I don't think they make them anymore. You might check Bridgestone though...they might have something comparable. I also have 205/60/13 Summi's on my '76 on early factory alloys, which are very spungy and they tramline a bit (really too wide for those wheels)...handles fine, but they are not as user friendly as a narrower tire. I haven't shopped for 13" tires for awhile, but I'd try to stay with the 13" Panasports if I could. That's just a great look. If you do go with 14" wheels the 14"x6" Superlites look great!..I have those on Hugo.

Good Luck,


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205/60x13s are best used on 5.5 or wider rims. A 5" rim is too narrow according to tire makers' fitment books. If your Panasports are 5.5 or wider, then the rim width will be correct. A couple of points to ponder with 205s though...

1. increased steering effort at low and parking speeds

2. clearance will vary almost car by car and is also dependent on tire brand. While a 205 is a 205 is a 205, different brands will vary enough so one will rub while another won't And stock vs lowering springs will make a difference too.

When Yoko quit making AVID T4s in a 185/70x13, I was kinda forced into Sumitomo 185/70s (I had heard less than complementary things about the Kuhmos)--and they've proven to be very good. Can't tell a lot of difference between them and the AVIDs, although I've done nothing more strenuous than some autocrossing...



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I have the kumho 185/70-13 on the ti, and so far they are very pleasant. good response, and though I don't really push this car, they seem to have very decent grip.

I have a set of junk 205/60-13 on 320i alloys which I've been running on the '70 for several years now. they were made by "hercules" and despite the brand name they have performed admirably, including some auto-x thrashing. I recently moved these over to my e21, and with a larger diameter streering wheel the parking and low speed turning were actually fairly easy.

the '70 will be getting a set of 205/60-13 sumitomo soon, likely the "summer performance" tires they list as this is not a cold weather car.


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