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Solutions to tired fuel sender screen?


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Hello all. I just got word from Blunt that in-tank fuel sender screens are NLA. I did a thorough search, and found some members found ways to solve the problem, but didn't specify.

Mine is ripping apart from the ring, and is pretty clogged. Can anyone tell me what they've done to correct the issue, or if you found one – where?

*Ive also posted a WTB thread for a used screen.

Thanks in advance!

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1. find some very fine mesh stainless screen (I got some from an old piston aircraft engine's fuel filter that I took apart) and clamp it around the aluminum tube with a hose clamp

2. (more elegant) take your existing metal ring, remove the remaining mesh, then find fine mesh brass or copper screen and solder it to the ring.

Remember, that screen just keeps the large chunks out; there are two or three more downstream--(hopefully) and in-line filter, a mesh screen in the fuel pump, and another one in the carb intake nipple.



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Thanks for the responses! I forgot about the screen in the fuel nipple on the carb. I'll go thru that one tonight. I replaced the in-line fuel filter last week, so far it's been running clear.

I got a cheap Advance Auto electric fuel pump, don't think I can get to the inside of that one, but I'll check it too.

I guess to be on the safe side I'll just go through the whole fuel delivery system over the weekend.

*and Frenchee thanks for the offer on the screen, I've got a possible deal on one right now, but if it falls thru I'll email you.

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I didn't think much of that screen. Sure, if there is a lot of sediment and crud in the tank it can get sucked into the system, but I always had a fuel filter inbetween the pump and the tank.

However, at a recent car control clinic, an 02er had their motor cut out. Long story short- it ended up being a piece of a latex/nitrile glove that was floating in the tank and ended up plugging the inlet to the fuel filter.

With a tii, the fuel goes from the pick up into the electric pump. I'd rather not send junk through the tii pump.

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