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New member with an old car


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Hey guys, I've been lurking around the forum for quite some time now, and never really got the urge to register and post until driving home tonight.

I've been sitting on a 1971 2002 for about two years now, and it has been doing pretty much just the same - sitting, save for starting and warming her up every month, and an occasional drive around town. I finally have the time and the drive to do something with it, and a stable enough job to finance the project.

Back to why I'm posting - I was putting home in the 02 tonight and was looking ahead and for the very first time, the lights from the cluster, the hood lines, and the headlights beating down on the road ahead of me aligned themselves like a galactic event and it dawned on me what an awesome car the 02 really is. Unlike the garbage I work on day in and day out, this car has character. Even though it’s currently a little beat up, and a little rusty, it is so much more fun than my daily.

About a month ago, I decided to start fixing up the 02 to the point where I would feel comfortable driving it to work five miles every day, as well as the occasional ninety mile round trip I have to trek when I get sent to technical training. The end goal in all of this is to sell the daily driver I have right now, and daily drive the 2002 until I can find alternate transportation such as an older Toyota pickup. I know the 02 has loads of trunk space, but nothing beats parts hauling like a truck.

Her maiden voyage, and the first real trip I’ve taken her on in about six months was to work to change the oil and put her up in the air and take a look at what I need to do to get her in shape to drive daily. I knew about a few issues, such as a bent tie rod, blown shocks leaking valve cover gasket and transmission mount, but I also found worn front wheel bearings, rear brakes that were so far out of adjustment that they didn’t even contact the drums, and later in the night on the drive home, I found my weber had reached its end and was violently leaking past the throttle shafts.

I took care of the wheel bearings, valve cover, and rear brakes the next day, and with a little research, found throttle shaft bearings that were supposed to be a miracle cure for worn throttle shafts. I bit the bullet, and ordered a rebuild kit, jets according to the prescription here, and the bearings. I spend a day at work whenever I had a minute to teardown, clean, and rebuild the carb, and was completely amazed by the results. The idle is so smooth, and the car runs way better. Step one done. Since then, every few days I’ve been taking her to work to put some miles on, as well as just because I love driving this machine.

I’ve since ordered all the new parts I need such as the transmission mount, tie rod, new belt, fuel filter and plugs, and will be installing those parts tomorrow, as well as pulling the intake manifold off and finishing the weber swap (previous owner never bothered to hog out the manifold).

There are a few more issues I’d like to address before I start taking any long trips, such as a water leak in the front right ¼ window, and a non operational wiper motor. Later down the road a five speed swap to get overdrive, as well as to get rid of my nasty second gear grind, and an E21 radiator upgrade. I’ve got a set of bilstein sports I picked up for a steal a while ago, and am planning on picking up springs in the near future.

Anyway guys, I thought what better place to share my enjoyment of this finely crafted machine than on a 2002 forum.


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Use a mount from an E21 320i vs the 2002 mount; much beefier and will last longer. You must ream out the mounting hole in the crossmember for the larger diameter stud, but that's a minute's work.

As for the wiper motor; check the archives--there's a bunch of information on the board on wiper motor troubleshooting. It might be something as simple as a fuse, and if it's a 72 with the wiper on/off switch on the turn signal column, a broken wire in the switch itself--a common failing on 72s and 73s.

Anyway, welcome to the 02 fraternity/sorority. Lotsa friends here. BTW, where are you located? There are a number of local, informal 02 groups who get together for drives, dinner etc. You may be near one.



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Hey, I'll definately keep you in mind about the wiper motor, but I'd like to see if I can repair what's going on with what I've got before I drop money on another one.

So today was shop night at work, so I got to take some time with the car. I bought a manifold porting bit off the tool truck last week, and with the help of a die grinder to take out the center section of the inlet, I managed to get it done. I underestimated the time it would take, so I only managed to get the manifold and the transmission mount done. I've got a tranny leak at the rear of the housing, and I figure if I keep an eye on the fluid level, I can keep from having to reseal it and just go with a five speed later. The tranny is pretty much junk, the second gear synchro is almost gone, and third feels like its getting ready to give out. I ended up going with an ireland engineering urethane mount since the oil leak will take much longer to soften the mount compared to using a stock rubber mount. It not only cut down on how much the engine rocks around in the bay (I need to replace the motor mounts soon), but it also tightened up the shifter. On a plus side, it cleared up the issue with my shift linkage banging agaist the tunnel when the car is idling.

I am very tempted to make a project blog, but because of the nature of how I work, I tend to not document progress like I should. I suppose when I get to the body work, I'll start one, since I'll be doing it mostly at home anyway.

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Just go ahead and make your blog! Update whenever you can or want. It's nice to see everything from the very beginning no matter if every detail is not documented. Most important is that you make your updates in one thread which IS YOUR PROJECT BLOG. Many guys here don't understand what a blog is and they post a new thread each time they get something done - it makes the blog section a mess and the project progress is hard to follow.

One more tip. To follow project blogs everybody should check the "Thread bump" on in the profile. That way you see the last updated blogs on top of the list. Otherwise old but active blogs get buried.



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