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14th Annual SoCal Vintage BMW Meet 2021! “All couped up”

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classic car insurance


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Am with Leland-West, both for the '02 and my 1990 911. Have used them for more than 20 yrs. on my 240Z, Lotus Esprit, Boxster.

Limited mileage - 2500 or 5000 (I'm 5000) - get to roll over unsed yr.-to-yr. Agreed value, free glass replacement, choice of deductible, no DD, car on premises, additional car for every licensed driver in household.

Never had a claim, so don't know how that goes, hope never to find out.


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Do any of you have classic car insurance? if so what are your stipulations?

locked in garage, not used for commuting. Used only as a pleasure vehicle/events... are the basics for lower cost coverage.

You can go onto their website & go through the list of questions & get a quote at the end.

Also, unless you have made some very crazy alterations to your car, call it "stock" and not modified. That makes a diiference as well.

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Get mine thru "American Collectors", have agreed upon value, for recreational use, also have to have a DD for every family member with a license in the household. Have used this company in the past with my restored VW's, when I bought the 02 this summer, they seemed to have a lot more questions to answer than in the past. Still worth it, only pay 108.00 per year, and I do have a locked garage, another of the questions.

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I am with Grundy, with both my tii and my 71 Opel GT. Agreed value, NO mileage limit, cannot be a DD (although they allow the occasional commute on a nice day, if you can park safely). All they needed was some pictures of the cars, and answer a few questions online.

Had a medium size claim last year (Opel), adjuster came out next day, I received a generous check a week later, to get the car done correctly.

Premium didn't go up, I could not be happier.


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