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NK Longneck vs. 1600 Longneck


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Differences in longneck differentials are....

Rear cover: due to the different mounts, NK verses '02. These are easily swappable.

Input flanges: There are many different variations on these, from large diameter three prong guibo style to a flat u-joint style. These are changeable but it is best left to someone who has done it before as you can easily ruin the pinion bearings and move the pinion out of alignment with the ring.

Output flanges: Some have two sets of three holes close together for the sliding joint/u-joint axles, others have 6 evenly spaced holes for CV joints while some have holes for both styles of axles (10 hole). Some of the holes in each of the 6 hole types line up the the other axle style and you'd just mount the axle to what holes do match up and drill the rest.

Otherwise the only other differences are the ratios and possibility of 40% or 75% limited slip options.


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