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Grind/rattle at exactly 3k RPM...


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I've been experiencing an odd grind or rattle that appears only when my tack reaches 3000 RPM... It sounds very light, not a deep grind at all. But it's there nonetheless. Only in 1st and second gear. After 3rd it's not apparent.

Anybody else experience this before? I'm running a 1972 with stock Solex carb, stock air filter, and pretty much stock everything except water pump and alternator.

It's really odd, and I can't determine if it's a grind or a rattle either!



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If it still has the original metal heatshield over the exhaust manifold. They get brittle and start to split at the mounting bolts and rattle at certain RPMs. If so, replace with a combo gasket/heatshield from the 320i, or just drip a little JB weld on the crack. (it will hold for a while, but need to be redone occasionally) Hope that is it, because it is the rattle that is the cheapest and easiest to fix. I am sure others will share other possible causes of the grind/rattle.

good luck

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