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TEP sidedraft cable linkage & Solex ADDHE ?s


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Finally getting off of my rear end and looking into working on my side draft project.

Let's get to the basics: Solex 40ADDHEs, yea, I know, I'm an oddball. But hey, they've been rebuilt, they were in use on a 2002 and properly jetted, price was right, and hey, I'm "special". DCOEs would make too much sense.

Warneford Intake manifold, yea, again, weird part, but it's got the built in water routing, it's nice.

This leaves me to the "fun" part. Finding linkage options to make this thing work. The warneford doesn't really have any mounting options for a hard linkage, so that's been kind of a PITA.

Right now I've been looking at TEP's cable linkage kit http://www.racetep.com/02cable.html

Checking the spacing on the bottom of a DCOE and my ADDHEs, the bottom 4 screws look like they’ll line up with no real issues, and if I run a longer screw with some shims I should have no clearance issues with the bottom mounting points.

Anyone run a similar setup here? I’d like to get some opinions or experiences before I make myself a guinea pig.



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Hey Charlie,

I've got the Warneford manifold, and the TEP linkage (finally bought a real linkage instead of the cobbled together one I had problems with before), but I have DCOEs and no Solexes. I can only say that the TEP linkage is simple and sturdy, but fairly difficult to get a smooth pedal feel. The cable is just made to bend up and down in weird ways, instead of a straight path. It would probably be easy to re-drill the little holder bracket in some kind of manner to fit the Solexes, but I've never seen them to know. I also don't know if the linkage arms that come with the TEP kit would be of much use to you, since they're for DCOEs. In that case, you're really not getting much of anything from the TEP kit for your application, other than a sturdy Shimano brand cable in a housing, along with a tiny little bracket that holds it onto the brake booster holder, and another bracket that holds it on your carb (with possible modification needed), and a couple throttle linkage arms that may be of no use. I can always look and measure and take pics of mine if you want, too.

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