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HELP Outside mirror removal


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I've got a replacement driver's outside rear view mirror, but am experiencing some...er...difficulties getting the old one off. Over two weeks I've attacked the little rusty set screw with WD-40, some super penetrent, and a screwdriver/hammer since I can't get an impact driver in there. I can't get it to budge...

Before I take a drill to it, I'm open for any suggestions from other's experience.

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Try Warming the mirror up with a heat gun or hair dryer, (but be careful of the paint, keep a wet rag on hand to cool the paint if needed) The heat will help expand the metal around the screw, use a long screw driver 12 or 18 inches long it will help you put torque into the screw, if the screw breaks then it's time for the drill.

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before installing the new one, visit your local hardware store and get an Allen head set screw--preferably in stainless steel--and install it in place of the OEM slotted head screw. Then you'll (1) be able to tighten it more effectively and (2) get it off again sometime in the future.



PS--if you're VERY careful--pack lots of soaking wet rags all around the mirror base--you can use a propane torch to heat the mirror base up and possibly pop that screw loose from its rusty prison.

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