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Urethane Bushings are good, I think


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Just a f/u to a couple of posts by me.

Urethane alternator bushing were a bit of a pain to press in (big c-clamp or vise + a few big washers) but solved the problem of fan hitting the alternator pulley shaft. Original bushing were reduced to "goo". Hard to believe any mfr would use such crap.

I added Ireland sway bar links/urethane bushings to my stock sway bars the same day. Noticibly flatter cornering, but not sure I like the change in handling dynamics. Could be I'm just not used to it. Not sure exactly what the change is, either. Sway bar physics is a little mysterious to me.

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they don't make the normal ride harsher, like urethane suspension bushings, but do help cornering, which is when sway bars come into play.

What you're not yet used to is the lack of compliance in the urethane bushings vs your old--and probably worn--rubber bushings. With the new bushings, as soon as there's a load placed on the sway bar--as the suspension begins to compress in a corner--the sway bar starts to do its duty and counteract the car's leaning by stiffening the side of the suspension that's being compressed.

The previous rubber end link bushings would compress up to several mm (more if they were worn) before the slack was taken up and the sway bar would start to work. Urethane doesn't compress, so the transition is almost instantaneous. You'll learn to like 'em.



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Guest Anonymous

I drove with urethane bushings on my stout sway bars for years. Finally as I got to know a little more I realized I was just into an over steer condition on my handling. A quick think and I went out and bought a set of rubber bushings for the back sway bar. It calmed down the over steer feeling on the freeway for a more relaxing drive and didn't affect the handling that I could tell.

Cheep way to adjust the under/over steer and they can be changed right back in a few minutes. Funny how hard it was to find rubber bushing. I guess I'm just retro.

Have fun

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