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1974 BMW 2002 base model- Goals and thoughts the build begin

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Hello every one I am stoked to say I am no longer selling my car. Although I am currently a student make almost no money, have recently lost my home most of my belongings, and been separated from my family things could be worse. Thus, I have concluded to pursue one of the few things that truly makes me happy, building my 2002. So as this blog develops I would love any input comments suggestions, wisdom, pointer and thoughts this awesome community has. Thank you all and I believe that i speak for the majority of us when i say, dam it feels good ti be a ganstah. I mean own an 02

So here is basically the deal. I am the proud owner of a pearl white 1974 2002. Although relatively stock it is my pride and joy the only thing i truly own and cherish, aside from my dog. As it sits it has a 32/36 weber, stock short headers in need of replacing, an old after market exhaust i am not to familiar with, after market wheels ( gold AEWs 13X1/2 on old stock michelins). It is currently stock height that will sure change i can guarantee that and a few other little things I've done.

Replaced hoses with new blue silicon rubber hoses for radiator and heater, replaced old coupler with a new urethane steering coupler. Have yet to install new brake hoses, stainless steel ireland eng. issue.

there is a few spots of rust on the car i will have pictures up soon probably tomorrow as i get out of school in the am.

I just want to know what is a good way to start on my build. My goals are ether an m20 transplant ( if i had the money lol) but really dual carbs (maybe 40 DOCE's) electric flue pump, 292 cam shaft, new forged valves, ansa center sport exhuast, stahl type header I purchased from fiftytakedowns (awesome dude). My goal is to make this car a runner not too flashy and not too subtle. I want the rust chopped out and gone. Shaved bumpers an air dam, springs aftermarket sways, sport dampers and urethane bushings for the subframe and rear frame. any ways those are the dreams of a poor 20 year old student, i hope i achieve at least half but time will tell.

please let me know what you think, ideas, good starting spots ect. can't wait to really get started. also keep in mind this is my daily, but hey i got a bike right?

thank you all enjoy

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Thanks for the kind words guys I have been keeping pretty busy with school and the car and trying to find enough to eat and so have had little time to update my blog.

Funny thing yesterday my right wheel bearing gave out and so ended up replacing both the front bearings for safe measure. I just happened to have ordered new bearings a few months back from some money i had been saving up.

Aside from the motor i would love to tune the suspension, a nice sport spring HD set up or even sport blistien set up would make me extremely happy. The exhaust will also be looked at i have step headers i bought from a friend(they need some work but are otherwise in very good shape cleaning mostly), waiting to find a deal on an Ansa center sport muffler and resonator to do the swap from the old rusted exhaust currently on the car.

I will be taking a welding and body class next semester, in hopes of addressing those grimly bubbles in the paint and the belly. I honestly have nightmares about it lol. If any one has any good tips on how to address body work please feel free to put in your two cents i would love the info. The lids will also have to be replaced or restored, maybe both restored sold then replaced with fiber glass?

Again im rather new to this so any comments and tips help out a bunch. My friend was helping with the kinks of the car but is away in college so I am finally figuring stuff out on my own.

My first suspension upgrade will most likely be next weekend when my Urethan bushing kit from Ireland comes in. Managed to sell a few used books and so figured it was in my best interest to swap out the ol rubber bushings in the control arms and front end.

thanks guys i promise to have pictures up soon, i know ive been a flake.

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Alright have not been keeping up with my thread but I have had some time off school so ive been getting under the car every now and again. I've decided also to buy another car as DD and keep the 02 under the knife that way the work done to it is not restricted. Any ways my goals at the moment for the power plant, exhaust and trans are as fallows.

- A 304 shrick or similar Camshaft

- 40 DCOE Weber Carbs

- Step Headers

-Ansa Resonator and sport center Aluminized steel muffler

- A 5 speed Getrag trans swap with an IE short throw shift kit

so far these are the parts i have

- De-rusted Step Headers

- 5 speed Over drive Getrag 5 Speed

- 40 DCOE Webers intake, linkage and after market filters

have yet to install any as again this is my daily but as i get more of the parts i need i will but the car on stands and get to work

anyways if you or anybody you know is looking to trade a 292 or 304 let me know.

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