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14th Annual SoCal Vintage BMW Meet 2021! “All couped up”

Registration is still open. Rally from NorCal is scheduled for Friday. Post your event photos.

SoCal Vintage is Here! 

Post your photos!

The unsuspecting Bridesmaid...


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So, a few friends and I decided to meet for breakfast this past saturday and then caravan about 45 min. north of MSP to the 30th annual Wheels and Wings show presented by the town of Osceola, WI and Motorbooks International.

Initially, I was going to take my newly acquired Porsche 964 Cab, but at the last minute, my wife suggested I drive the '02 and display our LED conversion, along with the newly completed Roundie taillight. I had not even washed the car for 2 months.

Anyway, imagine if you will a caravan lead by a '04 Lotus Elise, followed by our own 02for2, a '67 Lotus Elan with a 1964 Pontiac Bonneville convertible bringing up the rear.

When we got to the show, there were more than 600 cars, many parked by marque. The Lotus guys in our group wanted to park with them, so we all followed and parked on the back side of the MBI warehouse. I placed my placard on the dash, locked the car and proceeded to walk the grounds checking out the cars.

Later, being a former aviator, we took the shuttle over to the town's airport to check out the aircraft on display.

When we got back to MBI a couple hrs. later, people came running up to me saying "Hurry up, your car's been picked as a Finalist in the judging! You need to bring it around to the judging stand!"

Well I did and parked with the other 25 Finalists of all categories. When the winners were announced, I was bested by a very nicely presented M6 who much more deserved to win than I.

Still, it's gratifying that the panel of judges and the other voting spectators appreciated the 2002, even in it's most decidedly unpresentable state, as to place it in the Finals.



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The car looks way nicer in the pics taken last fall than it did last Saturday after sitting outside for 2 months w/o a wash.

I had my new-to-me 964 garaged along with my former Boxster before it was sold a couple weeks ago.

The rain left the '02 clean and washing it while keeping it outdoors seemed silly.




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Well done…

I hope to have my ’76 back together this weekend and the local car show, classed 1967 and newer stock… A least you had a German class to enter in… Out here it’s all about V-8’s… The event is Nickel Dickel Day here in Waconia… Next summer I’ll be out a bit more and hope to cross paths with you…

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There are several others you left out too.

Hey, I'm up for a gathering, maybe a Saturday this fall before the snow flies, say in Prescott or Hudson. Heck, it could even be at the Moose Saloon on Hwy. 13 in Mendota - Good Food, Cigar-friendly, large prkg lot, easy access, etc.

Let's hear from the rest of you guys and see if we can make it happen? Maybe start our own little '02 Fest!


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Moving my daughter the 2nd/3rd, out of town on the weekend of the 15th, the other weekends work for me... Early, afternoon, either works for me...

BTW I did get the car together... Was parked between a 79 Buick and a 70 Chevy, BIG iron... My car looked like a pedal car next to them... Geez, Detroit had a "who can design and build the longest rear quarter panel” contest back in the 60’s/70’s… The Buick’s rear quarter was 7 ½’ long…

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