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Looking at an ITB 2002 race car...anyone in New England ?


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crap, that's the car I wanted to buy when I started racing.

Pertinent qustions- roll cage tubing material? (is it DOM?)

Engine condition? Engine legality (if he says it's legal, you can repeat that with a straight face!)

Wheels? Extra wheels?

Rust? (because an ITB cage can't completely support the suspension)

That would have been a find 8 years ago. In this market, I suspect it'll

take a while to sell.

Super cheap way to get started- add an accusump and some baffling

and it'll run forever!


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appears well sorted and in good shape, toby's q's apply.

on thing i would address after purchase is the roll cage mounting plates. too small! not much surface area on sheet metal. should be enlarged to class maximums including tying them into the rocker sills.

if i was smart i would sell my e36 race car and run an ITB 2002. much cheaper!!!

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Thanks for the replies guys. It does seem like pretty solid car, I've gotten some details from the seller, and I just emailed him asking for some more info based partly on your replies.

From the pics, it looks like the cage is a bolt-in cage that was welded in- I've asked him for the specs on it, and to confirm that it is DOM.

Joel- it would be great if you could look at it, but I certainly don't expect you to drive that far to do so (unless you just really wanted to.....).

I was kind of hoping someone would come up with a bunch of reasons to NOT buy the car....... but I appreciate the honest opinions.


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Well, I bought it. WOOT!!!!!!

Still need to get it from CT to NC- currently shopping for someone to haul it. I would go get it myself, but I don't have the time, and I think I can get it hauled pretty cheaply.

I'll post up once it gets here, hopefully in the next 2-4 weeks.

(anyone headed from New England down this way with an empty trailer?? Let me know!!!)


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