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Voltage Regulator Workaround?

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With about 40 miles left in a 600 mile trip I noticed a sulfur smell, assumed it was a combustion issue and decided to deal with when the drive was finished. Well, as the subject of this post might have betrayed, opening the hood revealed a cooked battery. I'd replaced a 4+ year old battery a few days before the trip out which, I figure, must have been wrecked by whatever killed the newer battery.

I replaced the alternator two years ago with one of those 80 amp BNR remans off of ebay. It has a built-in regulator and so I rewired, per their instructions, to bypass the stock external regulator when I installed it.

Since I'm out visiting family and don't have access to my multimeter, and the car doesn't want to turn over anyway, I haven't been able to get an output voltage off the alternator.

I know that it's possible that bad grounding, or possibly some sort of short could have cooked the battery, but the most probable-sounding culprit is the voltage regulator.

So, if any of the electrical experts on the forum would care to chime in, my questions are:

Are there tests to distinguish between a bad voltage regulator and bad grounding, given the symptoms, without having the car running?

If the regulator is the problem (internal regulator on the bnr reman alternator) is there a way to just re-attach an external regulator while leaving the faulty internal regulator in place?



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