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Calling Coilover experts


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This is SOT since the car is a Toyota MR2 SC but I'm sure the process is the same regardless of the car. My son is putting together a budget coilover setup front and back for his DD/autocross car. It seems as though the spring are too short although the ride height is about right. If jacked up or presumably on rebound ( hasn't driven yet) the spring unseats. I think the answer is a tender or helper spring but I also think that will make the ride height too high even with adjustment. The question is how do you make a reasonable first estimate on spring selection with so many variables: spring length, spring rate, tender/no tender.

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It's actually kind of a pain in the butt.

That's why we all use the threaded collar adjusters.

You should know the corner weights of the car,

so from that, you can figure how much the spring will compress-

corner weight x suspension rate= weight on spring

weight on spring/rate of spring= how much it will compress.

Then you discover you need some easy way to measure where

the car WAS, and what the springs in it WERE, and thus the

posterior discomfort.

Practically speaking it's usually a 'try it and see' with the first set of

springs. You use that as your baseline, and then when you make changes,

you just adjust the collars accordingly.

At least, that's how I do it.



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It would take quite an expert to tell the right sprigs without testing. So like Toby says, try with some, then you can do some calculation and try another ones,... Helps if you can make a deal with local shop so that you can test fit and change them without charge.

The problem you expect is not rare. Shocks like Bilstein and Koni can be rebuilt and the rebound length can be limited internally. Many people don't care if the spring can become loose as it can rarely happen during driving but I would find it disturbing at least.


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