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Pulling the fuel sending unit


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Tried to do it yesterday, (tank still in car), but right at the end, just before it comes fully out of the tank, it catches and binds on the keyway at the top of the tank.

Does it flare out at the bottom? Or should I just pull on it harder?

Don't want to damage the keyway, or cause a spark.

Anyone done this? The car is a 1970.

Thanks for any and all advice.

I have a fuel delivery problem and just trying to find the problem.

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some wiggling and twisting to remove, but it should come out cleanly.

Not to worry about sparking--the sender unit's outer tube is aluminum.

Is the tube tight against the upper flange? If not, the little nut at the bottom is loose and that may be causing you problems.

If it's binding, I wonder if the plastic filter screen at the very bottom of the tube has worked loose an is cocked in its housing...



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