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Fuel Cell Opinions Wanted


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Hey everybody. I recently removed my fuel tank from the car to do some welding in the trunk and to my dismay I discovered it has a leak around 25% of it's seam. I can't say I'm terribly surprised, and it does help to explain the strong fuel smell I had on the drive home.

So now it seems I've come to a crossroads in my project. I could just drain the tank and pick up the POR-15 tank sealer kit for $75 and refurb my old tank, which I've heard should work well it's just a pain in the rear end and takes a decent amount of time to do correctly. My other option it seems would be to just get a fuel cell from jegs or summit racing and drop it in the trunk while I'm already back there fixing the spare tire well etc. I've been planning to put one in at some point from the safety/longetivity standpoint of the car, I just hadn't really expected to do it quite yet.

After some quick searching I kinda like this option (http://www.summitracing.com/parts/RCI-2172A/) mostly because of it's very shallow depth. This would let me keep it up off the ground while not taking up the entire trunk. I will still be using the car for regular driving and maybe a few autox's for the near future, so trunk space is something I would like to retain to an extent. I'm not to concerned with gutting the trunk and fabing up a new frame to support it.

I do have a few questions for anyone that might be able to help:

1. Right now my car is running off of the stock mechanical fuel pump. If I just run a fuel line from the mech. pump to the tank's pick up will it function just like the stock tank? I don't really want to just to an electric pump since the mechanical one is working fine for me right now.

2. Since the tank is fairly shallow and doesn't have any foam or baffles inside it do you think fuel starvation could become a problem in spirited driving? Would a deeper tank be better in that regard?

I also know that I would need to get a different fuel level gauge, but that's not a big deal.

Thanks in advance!

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California bretheren--they don't rust out there (the tanks, not the bretheren)--or hardly do. Betcha someone on the board has one they'll part with.

With a replacement tank, you know it'll fit, the fuel pickup & sender unit will work properly, the trunk will be sealed, and you won't have to do a lot of engineering/jury rigging.



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A 30 x 17 x 7" seventeen gallon fuel cell is huge. Why so big? At 6 lbs/gallon that is a lot of weight, even when half full. If you are concerned about handling it should be mounted as low as possible. If the RCI cell has no internal foam then the sloshing of the gas will affect handing for as well. Even with duck feet in both corners it will likely suck air unless you do a dual pump system. A friend of mine runs a 9 gallon ATL fuel cell in the space where the stock tank goes. I run a 12 gallon ATL with the black box (spring door surge box), mounted in the center flush with the bottom of the diff. Buy a used stock tank and save your $$ for now.


Fred '74tii


Brand RCI Racing

Manufacturer's Part Number 2172A

Part Type Fuel Cells

Product Line RCI Aluminum Fuel Cells

Summit Racing Part Number RCI-2172A

UPC 798663217209

Capacity 17 gallons

Fuel Cell Color Natural

Fuel Cell Material Aluminum

Foam No

Sending Unit Included Yes

Sender Ohm Range 0 ohms empty, 90 ohms full

Length (in) 30.000 in.

Width (in) 17.000 in.

Height (in) 7.000 in.

Outlet Fitting Quantity One

Outlet Fitting Size -8 AN

Vent Fitting Size -8 AN

Return Fitting Size -8 AN

Sump No

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