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Clutch (pedal) problem- please confirm my diagnosis...


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Stock '73 w/ 4 speed. In stop and go traffic or anticipating a light (IE, clutch in a few seconds early before green), I'll either stall or launch the heck out of the car as I come off the clutch pedal. It's like the engagement point has moved and the clutch is basically dumping. I'm not losing any fluid at all at the reservoir. I can pump the pedal back to normal operation.

I'm guessing the slave cylinder has a bad seal somewhere that's allowing it to slowly retract, and therefore needs to be replaced. Does this sound about right?

I've bled the entire system (brakes and clutch) twice to no avail.

Thanks in advance!

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I'd say it's the clutch master cylinder that's bleeding down. It would bleed back into the reservoir. If it were the slave that is bleeding down it would have to escape and leak externally.

Take a look under the carpet by the clutch pedal, feel the boot of the clutch master to see if it wet from leaking brake fluid anyway, no matter if you don't see any fluid loss yet. Do the same for the boot of the slave cylinder.

If I were you I'd replace BOTH at the same time, especially if you have no history of when they were last replaced.


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