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opening up the manifold...


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here is my future manifold for the 32/36. i also cleaned up a bit the ports.

on the ground 3 intake, left is a stock, center is one opened up for a 32/32 and right is my newly opened up for 32/36.

i am slowly getting addicted to the intake growl on tha Automatic 02...just plain fun to smash the throtle...i am used not to the newly found hp...i guess the opened up manifold will help as well. I think the carb will need a larger main 2nd jet ;)




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Guest Anonymous
now when you get TRULY serious, you'll cut it in half,

hog it out until it's no thicker than aluminum foil,

then weld it back together.


heh... racers do that... it seems a bit nuts.


Cut it in half, like a clamshell? Would think it easier to incrementally use a die grinder with measurements along the way.

Once bought a modified M10 intake manifold with a 2 barrel downdraft Hitachi. The underside of the manifold had a smoothed area that was scribed with various numbers and formulae. Took everything apart but never tried it out as a package. Modifications were exacting and represented a lot of meticulous work, making me wonder if it hadn't been an engineering school project by someone at Georgia Tech in the 70's. Parts pile had other things yellow jacket. Manifold had contoured ridges on the mouth of the caburetor side of the carb. But even more interesting was what appeared to be a tiny mound at the base of manifold interior - directly under the carb. That mound was deliberately designed to receive something in the manifold. A member of a race team at Road Atlanta speculated that it held a bearing or a shaft that may have spun an impeller of some sort.

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