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Its sad - 3k on stroker motor and crank is gone

Squatch Pads

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Gustav will be parked for a while. An unfortunate incident with the rod bearing has left a need to rebuild and replace the bottom end of the motor. It ended up taking out my S14 crank, so now I need to find a replacement. Ah...sad times indeed. He was already to head to a series of shows this month. Oh well.....time to rethink and redesign. Much was learned when tearing down the motor. A need for new pistons because the previous out of business machine shop ordered and bored the block incorrectly. 26 thousands to big of a boar, so pistons are in order. The rods need replaced. One was demolished. Ughhh....and only 3,000 miles.

So as Gustav lie dormant for another winter, we will look back on our short time on the road.

If it weren't for the divorce and getting laid off...things may go together faster.

Thanks for letting me share.

Seriously...need to source a M3 crank. Help?

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are places that can repair the journal by welding and turning down; done properly it'll be as good as new. This is done all the time by industry; we have a shop here in Dayton that's been doing that kind of work for many years; I'm sure you have one in whatever the nearest large city to you is.

It's frustrating to have a recently rebuilt engine go Tango Uniform; I'm going thru that with Ludwig's engine right now--damaged cylinder head and blown head gasket--23k after a complete rebuild.

You'll get it fixed, not to worry.



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Hello Woody,

If your crankshaft has only a damaged rod journal then it can be repaired. The repair by this vendor will be better than new. Contact:

Marine Crankshaft, Santa Ana, Ca ph: 714-549-2388 and speak to David

Website: http://www.marinecrankshaftinc.com

His staff does excellent work.

Hope you are back on the road very soon!

Patman in Tehachapi

PS: I know a little about crankshafts. www.racecranks.com

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Update: Thanks to a fellow board member, I have found a crank. Now I need to find rods. The final determination was that there was a flaw in the rod bearing. The bearing got warm enough the super heat the crank and crack it. Not seeing it yet, not sure where the crack is. The rod itself got stretched. And the other ones were beginning to show signs of stretching. Not really knowing what rods these were because the previous machine shop had gotten them, I need to determine what are good rods to get for a stroked 2.3 motor. The head has got a lot of work in it and I have a 304 cam. Street use and planning on running 10.5:1 compression.

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