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The New Diagnosis on the Crane XR700 (on a '76)


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OK folks, I think I've determined my issue (Have i said this before?). I followed to the T the Crane troubleshooting guide that came with my ign. 10 years ago and this is what I found...

1. Pulled the coil wire at the distr. and taped it about 1/8 inch away from ground to see a spark jump and cranked. Nothing (already knew this, but)

2. ran a test light from - coil, grounded the high tension wire from the center of the coil (taped it to body where other grounds were) and cranked... Test light DID NOT PULSE, but remained solid ON. Because it did not pulse, Crane says move on to the module and optical trigger (and connections)

3. Checked all connections, cleaned, etc. Looks good.

4. Disconnected the black, white & gray wires at the molex plug leading from module to distrib./trigger. (**grey wire connects to clear wire on optical trigger).

5. Repositioned high tension center coil wire to 1/8" from ground to see spark jump, then turned ignition on (not turning car over, just 'on'). I then took a thick wire and on the molex coming from the module, jumped the white wire to the grey (or clear, as Crane says) and tapped it quickly, breaking connection. This is supposed to emulate the trigger firing while bypassing the trigger.

AND GUESS WHAT... at first ... nothing. THEN ONE SPARK!! Then nothing. I got maybe 3 sparks in 2 minutes of jiggling the jumped wire. they say use a screwdriver, but same difference, eh? Apparently, this is to confirm that there is a problem with the module. If it would have fired consistently, the problem would be with the trigger.

So Mike, about that module sitting on your shelf, hehe... I'll be confirming all this with a Crane tech tomorrow hopefully. Or it's back to points I go. Could have saved a lot of time, but I so wanted to chase this down and keep the elec. ign. It's great not to set your timing in 10 years, but not that big a hassle I guess, compared to getting stranded and never knowing if it will start.

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