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Pressure plate-to-flywheel question


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So this seems like kind of a stupid question (in my head), but my manual planted a seed of doubt (to conventional wisdom) and I thought I'd check in before proceeding.

The question: Do you use a traditional star tightening pattern for the pressure plate to flywheel bolts? The reason I ask is that the manual says to tighten them "one after the other" and I'm not sure if that means I'm supposed to be tightening in a circle... I know that defies common sense, but I wanted to make sure there's not some special method to avoid warping the plate (other than to tighten all the bolts evenly).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Actually, I bet what they're trying to convey is to put one turn on each bolt, move

on to the next, and work your way around until it's snug.

Idea being to coax it down squarely, rather than tightening one side and

cocking it at an angle on the alignment pegs....


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