Receiver Date Comment Sender  
bluebmw bluebmw 01/29/2019 Riley is a great buyer. Nice guy too! Paid right away, which is always appreciated, especially for a big ticket item that was in high demand. Lengrep Lengrep
RFord888 RFord888 01/29/2019 Fast payment thanks! 02tradition 02tradition
Lengrep Lengrep 01/29/2019 Everything you could ask for in a seller - excellent ad with detailed photos, fast and friendly communication, and he even delivered the parts when they wouldn't fit in my own car. A proper enthusiast and standup guy. Buy with confidence! bluebmw bluebmw
Steve Tochi Steve Tochi 01/27/2019 Thanks! tlapham tlapham
Artboakrill Artboakrill 01/27/2019 Instant payment thank you!!! 02tradition 02tradition
Jblue Jblue 01/26/2019 It is quite unfortunate that Brian Baker has been misleading many persons and asking them to pay by Zelle and then falling out of contact...not responding, blocking numbers...fraudulent actiivity..I have paid $640 for goods not received....i have been chasing him for 2 months for my goods...It is shameful to see he is doing this to others as I have had communications with many. AirDoc AirDoc
nt7110 nt7110 01/25/2019 My Door buffers arrvied today uai uai
NYTransplant NYTransplant 01/25/2019 Thanks buddy! 02tradition 02tradition
Boston2002 Boston2002 01/24/2019 Nice Coco mats as described, good communication. 03to02 03to02
02MANYBIMMERS 02MANYBIMMERS 01/24/2019 Excellent buyer with great communication and prompt payment. 2double02 2double02
Jblue Jblue 01/19/2019 I would not normally make such a claim but 4 weeks have passed with no info on a $325 part that was purchased and claimed to have been shipped. Jblue has made no contact after repeated attempts on my part to do so. He has been on the classified site as recently as 24 hours ago and refuses to answer messages. He is a con man, wants you to use Zelle, stay away Mike A Mike A
2002#2 2002#2 01/19/2019 Thank you sir! 02tradition 02tradition
2k2tii 2k2tii 01/18/2019 Great experience and accurately described, shipped quickly too! HBChris HBChris
02tradition 02tradition 01/11/2019 Great transaction and really quick shipment. Excellent community member. 2double02 2double02
Hudo's 1st 02 Hudo's 1st 02 01/11/2019 Had a terrific interaction and transaction with Doug. Will remain friends in this community and I highly recommend him. 2double02 2double02
VWJake VWJake 01/11/2019 Perfect buyer 02tradition 02tradition
2double02 2double02 01/11/2019 I just through out that I was looking for a needle ona speedometer and I got a fast response. 2double02 offered up a used speedometer he had laying down. Worked out a very generous price and 3 days later I had it in my hand. Plus exchange a few words about our cars. I am very appreciative Hudo's 1st 02 Hudo's 1st 02
Rsherwood Rsherwood 01/10/2019 Paid 950 for taillights, rear quarter and deck lid. After a lot of coaxing he shipped the lights, 5 weeks later I stil don’t have my decklid or quarter. He promised a week ago to get packaged and shipped and has no vanished with my money nbristow01 nbristow01
gearheadgreg gearheadgreg 01/10/2019 Reasonably priced item in excellent mechanical condition. Working or not, it is going out to be refurbished. Thanks. Tsingtao_1903 Tsingtao_1903
Wgmack Wgmack 01/06/2019 Item as described. Super Fast Shipping! Jbaumshelter Jbaumshelter
Freude am Fahren Freude am Fahren 01/05/2019 Thanks bro! 02tradition 02tradition
cstok3s cstok3s 01/05/2019 Thank you! 02tradition 02tradition
Wgmack Wgmack 01/05/2019 Thanks for your business! 02tradition 02tradition
2double02 2double02 01/05/2019 Thank you sir! A pleasure! 02tradition 02tradition
MKINNA MKINNA 01/05/2019 Thanks x2! 02tradition 02tradition