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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
02tradition 02tradition 01/10/2022 Quick easy transaction. Great buyer! enoz05 enoz05
gprotto gprotto 01/10/2022 Truly great to work with. Very transparent seller and product arrived as advertised. Phi Phi
02tradition 02tradition 01/10/2022 Great packaging and fast shipping. Phi Phi
gprotto gprotto 01/10/2022 Tha ks for the parts!!! Excellent pricing 02tradition 02tradition
MrTurner MrTurner 01/10/2022 Excellent buyer very prompt payment! 02tradition 02tradition
serg1359 serg1359 01/10/2022 Bought way more than he came for. Excellent Buyer! 02tradition 02tradition
Fastcrs Fastcrs 01/10/2022 Excellent buyer your business is much appreciated! 02tradition 02tradition
02tradition 02tradition 01/09/2022 Prompt payment and excellent communication. Quick and easy. Great buyer. Perfect transaction! enoz05 enoz05
enoz05 enoz05 01/09/2022 Great parts! Thanks you!!! I’ll be back again! 02tradition 02tradition
enoz05 enoz05 01/09/2022 I dont know how or where he gets them but his parts are the cleanest! 02tradition 02tradition
enoz05 enoz05 01/09/2022 Arrived lightning fast from EU and in perfect condition. Packaged really well. Worth the money! 02tradition 02tradition
ketchup ketchup 01/06/2022 Prompt payment and excellent communication. jibarnes jibarnes
gprotto gprotto 12/31/2021 Very honest seller. Communicates and provides transparent photos. Phi Phi
Phi Phi 12/30/2021 Thanks for your business 02tradition 02tradition
bavariaboy bavariaboy 12/29/2021 Quick and easy. Great buyer. Perfect transaction! artbo artbo
artbo artbo 12/29/2021 A seamless, successful transaction. Latches were better than described. Christmas bling for Lilli. bavariaboy bavariaboy
Jesse Jesse 12/28/2021 Thank you for your business!!! 02tradition 02tradition
02tradition 02tradition 12/27/2021 Excellent seller, and high quality parts!! Jesse Jesse
doober2002 doober2002 12/27/2021 Thanks for a nice transaction, see you around the forum. tech71 tech71
tech71 tech71 12/27/2021 great transaction, nice packaging, thanks Pat. doober2002 doober2002
Jesse Jesse 12/27/2021 a deal is not a deal anymore..... too difficult to send a money order or check nowadays also. doober2002 doober2002
doober2002 doober2002 12/24/2021 Wonderful to do business with despite transaction not working out! Jesse Jesse
doober2002 doober2002 11/30/2021 Great seller Couldn't be happier rstclark rstclark
NJL NJL 11/27/2021 great communication, fast payment, A++++ doober2002 doober2002
rstclark rstclark 11/26/2021 great buyer, communication, fast payment, A+++++ doober2002 doober2002
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