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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
RoundieAJ RoundieAJ 05/02/2019 Great talking 02's with you, thanks! LB72 LB72
2k2tii 2k2tii 04/30/2019 Clock in great condition and attention great. Searfred Searfred
2k2tii 2k2tii 04/30/2019 Good sevice, communication and product. Thank you Searfred Searfred
ohgodno ohgodno 04/26/2019 Book arrived in condition as described, excellent communication. Timely shipping. highly recommend. Schnellvintage Schnellvintage
2k2tii 2k2tii 04/15/2019 Fantastic seller! Good communication and fast shipping 2002newb 2002newb
Scottjeffrey Scottjeffrey 04/15/2019 Buying from Scott was a seamless transaction well done. He put much labor, attention, and conscientiousness into the shipping process (even FaceTime with me) to make sure all went well. 2002#3 2002#3
2k2tii 2k2tii 04/15/2019 The ti air boots were just as described and arrived soon after payment. Excellent communication from 2k2tii Dosmil2 Dosmil2
goodkarmech goodkarmech 04/15/2019 Pleasure to work with. Fair prices, safely packaged, and quick shipping. Thanks! skylund skylund
Tiistick Tiistick 04/14/2019 Nice product, packed well, arrived quickly. TVeye TVeye
dyelightning dyelightning 04/14/2019 Thanks TVeye TVeye
2k2tii 2k2tii 04/14/2019 As described, arrived quickly. TVeye TVeye
mich02 mich02 04/13/2019 Cleared Seb Seb
2000mkoop 2000mkoop 04/06/2019 Set of 14” steelies/tires /hub caps as described. Quick shipping and good communication. Highly recommended. Thanks Eric! 03to02 03to02
Harry Malkas Harry Malkas 04/03/2019 The part I received was unusable, it was not as described. It had a broken piece and very dirty. Unfortunately I have reached out to the the seller on 4 occasions, with no response, after the sale. I am sure we can work this out with an exchange or refund but no response at all is ever a good feeling. frached frached
'76mintgrün'02 '76mintgrün'02 04/03/2019 Easy deal just as described! Spyke Spyke
mich02 mich02 04/01/2019 Euro license plate holder as described. Fast shipping from the Netherlands. Thanks Mitch! 03to02 03to02
2k2tii 2k2tii 04/01/2019 Great communication and item is perfect, thanks! fastricky fastricky
Steve Tochi Steve Tochi 03/30/2019 Part was shipped quickly!! KwikFiVo KwikFiVo
Harry Malkas Harry Malkas 03/28/2019 Very clean parts, shipped like lightning. A+ by me mateomateo mateomateo
Tiistick Tiistick 03/28/2019 Good seller - excellent communication and the part was better than expected. \\\Mink \\\Mink
ray_ ray_ 03/26/2019 Fast delivery, safely packed, exactly as described, great price, and easy communication. Thanks! skylund skylund
RFord888 RFord888 03/26/2019 What an amazing person to deal with. A repeat customer and a friend. Superb experience every transaction. resra resra
cagedbunny cagedbunny 03/26/2019 Excellent person to deal with. Very understanding and generous enough to add paypal fee without a request. Then goes out of his way to leave me a feedback. Looking forward to dealing with you again. resra resra
bb711- bb711- 03/25/2019 Great with communication! Bryanpt Bryanpt
Tiistick Tiistick 03/25/2019 Fast delivery. Shipped next day. Exactly as described. oldguy oldguy

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