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halboyles halboyles 02/19/2023 Current purchase: Fan Compression Ring, Locking Plates, and Mounting Bolts. All purchases I have made from Hal at 2002s Only were shipped promptly, received in good order, high quality, priced reasonably, and able to be installed as advertised. 2002#3 2002#3
HobieDog HobieDog 02/16/2023 Great price, great part, fast shipper. Pleasure to work with. jp5Touring jp5Touring
pierre02ti pierre02ti 02/13/2023 Super fast shipping from the great white north. Parts in good condition. A+ RichenFamous RichenFamous
zeedub567 zeedub567 02/11/2023 Asked the seller for pricing twice, he never gave it to me. Some of the parts he pictured that I was interested in were not priced which is why I asked for pricing. He then proceeded to purchase shipping materials before giving me a price for the parts. He finally decided to tell me what he wanted for the parts but I decided that shipping costs would be too costly so I decided to walk away. He thinks I should pay him $70 for boxes that he bought to ship the parts. I dont think so! ingramlee ingramlee
ingramlee ingramlee 02/11/2023 Customer knew the advertised price. Then bailed after I went through a bunch of trouble to get a quote. Would not reimburse me for packaging materials. zeedub567 zeedub567
Harry Malkas Harry Malkas 02/10/2023 I was concerned about the condition of the distributor I wanted to buy so he offered to send 2 for the same price. Shipped the parts fast even before I paid. I'd buy from him again. 1lostcause 1lostcause
jp5Touring jp5Touring 02/10/2023 Fast payment and great communication. Happy to be able to help a fellow enthusiast with their project! HobieDog HobieDog
goodkarmech goodkarmech 02/03/2023 Excellent communication, and quick to shipment. I have bought items in the past and would continue. Thank you. Matt Schnellvintage Schnellvintage
SlowAndBroken SlowAndBroken 02/03/2023 Excellent reproduction covers, a real life saver for those missing any of these NLA parts. SlowAndBroken is a pleasure to deal with, too. Thanks!! M320IS M320IS
punchsponge punchsponge 01/31/2023 Wanted me to deliver to his friend who was living in a campground 200 miles from my location, wasn't sure he could afford the price, Didn't like shipping cost, ect ect Flamingo 5 Flamingo 5
Flamingo 5 Flamingo 5 01/31/2023 Quoted me a price on some wheels via DM, posted a Classified ad for the same wheels for $400 more after I had agreed to buy, played games and effectively backed out of a deal with me once he learned he could get more. Went back on his word in a deceptive, circumspect way. At least that's my perspective. In the interest of objectivity, I'm happy to supply the time stamped DM conversation to be compared with the Classified ad for anyone who would like to judge for themselves. punchsponge punchsponge
RichenFamous RichenFamous 01/28/2023 Good communication and fast payment. 2002iii 2002iii
2002iii 2002iii 01/28/2023 Great price on Recaro slider handle, quick shipping!! RichenFamous RichenFamous
davidhayes davidhayes 01/22/2023 Arrived as promised!! Markster Markster
bavariaboy bavariaboy 01/21/2023 Great communication and a pleasure to deal with. bergie33 bergie33
Charles in PA Charles in PA 01/21/2023 Great buyer. Perfect transaction. Glad I could help with some trunk material for an 02 with interesting history! artbo artbo
pierre02ti pierre02ti 01/17/2023 Bought hardware that goes on the underside of the drivers side trunk board. Great communication from start to finish. Excellent transaction Thanks Pierre Charles in PA Charles in PA
artbo artbo 01/17/2023 I bought 5 pieces of OEM "elephant skin" vinyl to cover a new set of trunk boards and new vinyl protective flanking strips along the shock towers and back of trunk floor. The material was in pristine condition, quickly shipping, and the price was reasonable. Lots of communication as well. Awesome seller. Charles in PA Charles in PA
Scott77 Scott77 01/13/2023 SCAMMER JWT JWT
Scott77 Scott77 01/11/2023 SCAMMER!!! JohnP_02 JohnP_02
stephers stephers 01/07/2023 excellent transaction mr-blazer mr-blazer
flagoworld flagoworld 12/31/2022 Just bought two of these. They are perfect replacements for the OE parts. Seller was quick, responsive, and provided exactly what was promised. PapaG PapaG
Maris01 Maris01 12/24/2022 SCAMMER!!! JohnP_02 JohnP_02
Swift02 Swift02 12/19/2022 I bought a set of steelie wheels and they arrived in great condition for a fair price. A+ seller. Kaikane40 Kaikane40
enoz05 enoz05 12/17/2022 I bought a radio from Enoz05 and it was perfect. A++ seller. Kaikane40 Kaikane40
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