Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Rsherwood Rsherwood 01/10/2019 Paid 950 for taillights, rear quarter and deck lid. After a lot of coaxing he shipped the lights, 5 weeks later I stil don’t have my decklid or quarter. He promised a week ago to get packaged and shipped and has no vanished with my money nbristow01 nbristow01
gearheadgreg gearheadgreg 01/10/2019 Reasonably priced item in excellent mechanical condition. Working or not, it is going out to be refurbished. Thanks. Tsingtao_1903 Tsingtao_1903
Wgmack Wgmack 01/06/2019 Item as described. Super Fast Shipping! Jbaumshelter Jbaumshelter
Freude am Fahren Freude am Fahren 01/05/2019 Thanks bro! 02tradition 02tradition
cstok3s cstok3s 01/05/2019 Thank you! 02tradition 02tradition
Wgmack Wgmack 01/05/2019 Thanks for your business! 02tradition 02tradition
2double02 2double02 01/05/2019 Thank you sir! A pleasure! 02tradition 02tradition
MKINNA MKINNA 01/05/2019 Thanks x2! 02tradition 02tradition
Steve Tochi Steve Tochi 01/05/2019 Thanks man always a pleasure! 02tradition 02tradition
02crazy 02crazy 01/05/2019 Thanks for the support! 02tradition 02tradition
Mike G Mike G 01/05/2019 Thank you for your purchase! 02tradition 02tradition
Einspritz Einspritz 01/05/2019 Thank you for you purchase! 02tradition 02tradition
Wgmack Wgmack 01/03/2019 Excellent transaction and quick shipping. WVGranat WVGranat
JohnP_02 JohnP_02 12/31/2018 Steering wheel exactly as advertised and shipped quickly. Thanks! jedm3 jedm3
TG2k2 TG2k2 12/31/2018 Just a great guy to work with. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with him. RFord888 RFord888
BK02M5 BK02M5 12/31/2018 Excellent seller, very fast shipping and over and above communications. Thank You! halboyles halboyles
Rsherwood Rsherwood 12/27/2018 Bought sheet metal from a nose area of a donor car. Part arrived well-packaged and in good time. skylund skylund
halboyles halboyles 12/27/2018 Excellent fast transaction. He took care of shipping and sent label. BK02M5 BK02M5
rudyrum rudyrum 12/27/2018 Excellent transaction with quick payment. Responsive messaging. BK02M5 BK02M5
Chris_B Chris_B 12/26/2018 Couldn't ask for a smoother transaction. The IE manifold was exactly as described, and Chris mailed the item right away. I would buy from this seller again, no question. jmr_1602 jmr_1602
71bmr02 71bmr02 12/22/2018 Thanks for the harness. It got here fast. oldskoul oldskoul
BavarianKlasse BavarianKlasse 12/18/2018 Easy to deal with, quick shipping, communicated throughout the entire process. Highly recommend. jturner jturner
Erik D_lux Erik D_lux 12/17/2018 Extremely Rude buyer. After accepting PayPal fees cost on my end, accepting shipping cost on my end. This buyer is accusing me of bad intent for selling a very fair condition mirror. I must add, he was looking at the option of buying a new mirror and was aware of the cost. He knew he was was buying an original fair condition mirror which I provided pictures of before making a deal. Let’s be honest, who likes paying PayPal fees? Which is the reason why I asked friends & family. I ran out of space Rsherwood Rsherwood
Rsherwood Rsherwood 12/17/2018 Told me a mirror was in good shape and its not even usable. Many problems with the mirror. Also asked for friends and family payment. Erik D_lux Erik D_lux
chrismcdowell25 chrismcdowell25 12/16/2018 As described, would buy something from him again. irdave irdave