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halboyles halboyles 02/28/2019 I ordered the kit and looks awesome, and I certainly would have put a lot time and energy trying to configure my own. I want to be Hal Boyles when I grow up! Steve Tochi Steve Tochi
2k2tii 2k2tii 02/28/2019 Smooth transaction and good communication. Recommended seller. SamAdams SamAdams
Dionk Dionk 02/27/2019 Very fast transaction and shipping. Always a pleasure to work with. halboyles halboyles
2k2tii 2k2tii 02/27/2019 Just as expected. Always a pleasure dealing with a respectable supplier. king2887 king2887
halboyles halboyles 02/25/2019 Great product, delivered promptly to international address! I can't wait for the E9 version! Swiss 2002Tii Swiss 2002Tii
2k2tii 2k2tii 02/25/2019 Great transaction for my purchase of a rare to find tii waterpump . Thanks ranjag ranjag
halboyles halboyles 02/25/2019 Quality product, good value, shipped promptly 73tiiDavidPA 73tiiDavidPA
2k2tii 2k2tii 02/25/2019 Prompt communications and well-packaged delivery. A beautiful piece of machining! Swiss 2002Tii Swiss 2002Tii
dasfrogger dasfrogger 02/25/2019 Quick payment, great communication. A+! 2k2tii 2k2tii
2k2tii 2k2tii 02/25/2019 Easy to deal with - thanks for the trim dasfrogger dasfrogger
Rsherwood Rsherwood 02/24/2019 great transaction. He even delivered the parts to me himself. will buy from again!. excellent communication Thank you Rsherwood! Edsta74 Edsta74
BK02M5 BK02M5 02/24/2019 Excellent transaction. Battery tray arrived quickly and was packed well. would buy from again!. Edsta74 Edsta74
2k2tii 2k2tii 02/22/2019 Connor was fair and fast with immediate shipment. Thanks! Steve Tochi Steve Tochi
jakem20 jakem20 02/22/2019 Fast payment 02tradition 02tradition
Chris Wrona Chris Wrona 02/22/2019 Easy transaction fast payment 02tradition 02tradition
Marco tii Marco tii 02/21/2019 Fast payment, great buyer, looking forward to doing business with you again! fourtii fourtii
68BMW02 68BMW02 02/20/2019 Sent $500 via PayPal for a grill set and never received it. Seller kept saying they were boxed and ready to go and he would ship soon but never did. 02revival 02revival
mbb mbb 02/18/2019 Mike was polite and quick to pay. Very easy to work with. Bebe Bebe
cdbeemin cdbeemin 02/17/2019 I just received the doors from this "clean out"......arrived in pristine condition, super packing job of what we all know is a pain in butt job. Shipped via Greyhound Freight coast to coast, no problems. Thanks for the doors!! Tin Shack Tin Shack
fourtii fourtii 02/17/2019 Great price, the item was shipped promptly and well packaged! Thank you! Marco tii Marco tii
2k2tii 2k2tii 02/17/2019 Excellent communication, shipped immediately, exactly as advertised zane2002tii zane2002tii
halboyles halboyles 02/17/2019 Detailed pictures, fast communication, and very fast shipping. I'll do business with Hal any day! mmbingo mmbingo
2k2tii 2k2tii 02/17/2019 Taillights were exactly as described and shipped promptly. RonfromIN RonfromIN
2k2tii 2k2tii 02/17/2019 Good quality parts and fast shipping. rcf 72 rcf 72
2k2tii 2k2tii 02/17/2019 A pleasure to deal with! Conserv Conserv