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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Phi Phi 01/28/2022 Fast payment and a good communication. 2002iii 2002iii
2002iii 2002iii 01/28/2022 Fast shipping and fair price. Phi Phi
shermanmartinez shermanmartinez 01/26/2022 Sherman always seems to come through with high quality used parts whenever I need them, selling them for a fair price and shipping them out quickly. I keep coming back to him when I'm having trouble finding something and more often than not, he'll have it. AlfaBMWGuy AlfaBMWGuy
doober2002 doober2002 01/21/2022 Thank you! Package received today. Fast shipment! michaelbend michaelbend
jcsteuber1 jcsteuber1 01/20/2022 great communication, fast pay, A+++ doober2002 doober2002
BigIsland BigIsland 01/20/2022 Preston has my money for the grill set and is not shipping per the paypal agreement. Preston has not replied for one week now since he received my money which paypal has on hold until he ships. Since Wednesday when I purchased the items via paypal (not friends and family because he is neither) have several emails, texts and comms through bmw2002faq mail. Last seen on the site this Sunday. Paypal buyer protection feature will help me here but I would like to resolve the issue instead. Markster Markster
tahoedon tahoedon 01/19/2022 Although the block and stuff was free, Don offered me some stuff I was happy to receive in trade. Thanks Don, good luck with your project. tech71 tech71
xrockoutx xrockoutx 01/18/2022 Thanks for the euro signals and shipping them with extra insurance. jsarsona jsarsona
davidhayes davidhayes 01/18/2022 Thanks for the headlight switch! jsarsona jsarsona
pierre02ti pierre02ti 01/18/2022 Thank you very much! 02tradition 02tradition
michaelbend michaelbend 01/17/2022 Great communication, fast pay, A+++ doober2002 doober2002
stellom stellom 01/17/2022 great communication, fast pay, A++++ doober2002 doober2002
Brandon Brandon 01/17/2022 Great seller, fast shipping, well packaged. Thanks Pat. doober2002 doober2002
ifayeoh ifayeoh 01/15/2022 Great transaction - thanks, Frank. kbmb02 kbmb02
02tradition 02tradition 01/14/2022 Good communication. Easy transaction. enoz05 enoz05
enoz05 enoz05 01/14/2022 Fog lights are very nice!!! 02tradition 02tradition
02tradition 02tradition 01/13/2022 Super quick shipping and great price Pdxguy Pdxguy
02tradition 02tradition 01/12/2022 Easy to deal with, parts as described, fast shipping, and packaged right. Fastcrs Fastcrs
Pdxguy Pdxguy 01/11/2022 Excellent buyer. Thank you!!! 02tradition 02tradition
clashcity74 clashcity74 01/10/2022 Good communication. Easy transaction. enoz05 enoz05
02tradition 02tradition 01/10/2022 Good communication, fast payment. Thanks! enoz05 enoz05
02tradition 02tradition 01/10/2022 Quick easy transaction. Great buyer! enoz05 enoz05
gprotto gprotto 01/10/2022 Truly great to work with. Very transparent seller and product arrived as advertised. Phi Phi
02tradition 02tradition 01/10/2022 Great packaging and fast shipping. Phi Phi
gprotto gprotto 01/10/2022 Tha ks for the parts!!! Excellent pricing 02tradition 02tradition
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