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  2. Lots of engine parts still available. Block, 121 cylinder head, crank, rods, pistons, oil pump, oil pan, upper timing chain cover, valve cover, Tii mechanical advance distributor, etc. I also have parts from about six or seven other 2002 engines in stock. Let me know what you need.
  3. Scratch it with a screwdriver and see if it flakes off.. not normal with the rod nuts. Rod bolts and only rod caps the same color. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  5. with track and trace the shipping is 28 usd to most states. Let me know. If you are not interested, its Rennsportguys.
  6. Thanks all- will give them a ring.
  7. Richard - you're also missing the plastic bit that fits on the striker (the claw bit in the middle of your pic).
  8. Hi Richard, I've just responded back to you via email. Nung
  9. nice part OR My free and easy solution do what I did last week after my pedal went to the floor. Bust out the grinder! Open up the flange on each side so it actually 'bites'. I also added a small 'relief cut' at the bottom to allow more both arms more movement... Plus I used a bigger/stronger nut and bolt to clamp it. Granted I still had a decent amount of teeth left AND I filed those teeth sharper that gap is way to narrow from the factory so even if mine wasn't slipping i'd open it up so you can a decent clamp/bite (before it starts slipping and tearing up the teeth on the shaft) Mine is extremely tight now. The bigger bolt/nut allowed me tighten it alot more than the OE bolt/nut BUT that IS a nice part I think you can avoid adding that if you mod the existing arm for more bite 1st pic installed pic 2 shows one side ground down...and one side before I ground it to show how much i had to grind the damn thing
  10. those are larry'... plus they are rusty.... bin 'em or take them back to your master 2002 mechanic
  11. Thanks for all the advice - much appreciated! i’ll research further. The guy that recommissioned the car is very knowledgable regarding the 2002 so there was a valid reason why he fitted those collared versions to my alloys - that’s what concerns me - he knew what he was doing! I’ll check the holes for enlargement, but I don’t think they are? I’ll also call the mechanic to check. All very intriguing!
  12. What a conundrum for this Spongebob Squaretail(R) Baur with Mahle Bottle Top Alloys in the UK! Conserv to the rescue... 36 13 1 113 132
  13. OK, so I've been stripping apart my parts car "tetanus", it's a '76 with the block from a '69 in it (with a '75 e12 head and a tii dizzy) - so a bit of a hodgepodge. Completely rusted beyond any hope of salvage, compression on one cylinder was low, so I wasn't surprised with what I saw when I pulled the head. This is after hitting it with some engine cleaner to get some of the carbon off, it had a lot more build up on it. I had the local boy scouts over for a "how cars work" and decided to have them pull the oil pan so they understood how a crankshaft and connecting rods work (I've busily been trying to finish off the rest of the "corpse" and free up my garage again) - and was surprised to to see this: To my eyes that looks pretty new. Anyone know how to decode the casting marks or have seen a "golden" crank and rods like this before? I'll admit to being a novice to all things 2002, so if this is nothing out of the ordinary feel free to make fun of me Given the condition of the pistons the only thing I can figure is that the block was swapped long before the bottom end work was done.
  14. Hi. Can I get a pair of these from you? How do I contact you? These will be for my 2000coupe. Thanks, Richard.
  15. Annnd she's up on Craigslist (for now)! Shes up for $900 obo. Hopefully I can get her outta my hands. If not, I'll see you guys on the market here. Thank you all again. (These are only appetizer pictures, the rest are on the post)
  16. I think this tube only came out on the later cars, early E9's used the same thing, although they were for a 6 cyl but easy to cut down to 4 Try the E9 site, they come up there as well once in a while Thanks, Rick
  17. That's really know! That's the one setup, I'm obviously not as well versed on. Thank you for the edumacation.
  18. As far as Canada went ( I worked at that dealership for a few years before moving on , wouldn't pay enough ) was the last privately owned dist in the world. The dealership started out as both a Mazda and BMW dealer and then dropped Mazda and went wholly BMW. The same family owned the dealership and the dist. The distribution center was a ways from the dealer( across town to the southern part of the city at the south end of Granville St. on SW Marine drive. After a while the western dist bought out the east ( not sure who ran it before that ) Pretty good deal for them, having the premier dealership in the west as well as the parts and car dist making money at both ends. The family went on to also open another dealership in Richmond, BC Each of the son's were the general managers of the dealerships. One is still alive, unfortunately the one son ( the one that I worked for ) passed away a few years ago. He was a pretty good guy for a GM. Heino and Jochim Neumann BMW then stepped in and bought the dist out as they did not want any private dist anymore Was at the dist building a few times, picking up cars or parts once in a while. My memory sucks for actual dates but talking about this makes me want to go out to the Richmond dealership and sit down with the one son , Jochim, and see if he could remember some more info and dates I think that most of this happened in the late 70's Thanks, Rick
  19. No need to apologize, in my opinion, for wanting a return on your effort and time investment. Keep it / save it / cut it up for parts. Enjoy. -KB
  20. And I think it was you, Chris, who stepped me through that! But those emails are archived... somewhere! Cheers!
  21. Cleaning out my storage unit and I found another one of these. I have no use for it. Getrag 240.0.0132.90 pulled from an early E30 318i with the M10 motor. I'm an E21 / E30 guy. I pulled this transmission thinking it would be a spare for my E21 but this is the shorter 2 piece 5-speed, not the usual 3 piece and the one my E21 has. I believe this came on the last year of the E21s (1983) and was used for the E30's that came with an M10. It does not have the speedo output. Local pickup only please. San Jose, California 95118
  22. I used the 78 e21 single line caliper which uses stock 02 rotors, no hubs need to be changed unless you go to vented rotors. This was on my early 69 with the single line master. Scroll down in the link.
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