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  2. Harry Malkas

    FS.Wiper Arms,Silver Or Black. Lots more 02 Parts

    Hi. I will be at the warehouse today and see if we still have a set. Thanks
  3. The thermocouples fed into my ECU thru the CAN hub and I logged the values.
  4. jimk

    320i shift platform

    My install. There is a big rubber mount that fits into the platform and rests on the bracket half. In the pdf diagram, I didn't use pc 16 & 17 (didn't get it from the donor car), just made a bracket from a strap. 320i Shifter Diagram.pdf
  5. same... mine got a little greased up during the install (any recommendations to get it shinny again?)
  6. Thanks for your input. These housings are in worse shape than that. Appears both strut inserts literally disintegrated inside the housings while this car sat for long years. Heavy rust and parts of insert are rusted to the inside tube. Took them to the local restoration shop and they are in the acid bath to remove all the rust. Will try a ball hone to clean them up afterwards but I may have 2 "Swiss cheese" strut housing tubes. Looking to source a couple of used ones in case that happens. Whats interesting is, aside from the doors(moderate rust) I have not found any rust in the body. Rockers,C pillars, shock towers and floors are all good.
  7. coloincaalpine

    Tii VIN Number Thread

    Steve, Hahaha, Yeah it was a good find. Took it on a 3000 mi. road trip last year. BTW Steve, I'm putting 2762643 up FS. it's on Denver C/L now. Thanks for your help on the Alpina find. You were the one that noticed its delivery destination. dq
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  9. NYNick

    Need opinions...'74 tii

    TWO Tii's for $22K? Get thee to the buyer right away! Get that thing on a lift. Rust rust rust. Mechanicals are easy. Rust is the devil in these old cars. Did I mention rust? You could spend that amount easily redoing the car. Believe me, I know. Depending how bad (or good) the second car is, that one could be the bargain of the century.
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  12. Conserv

    Tii VIN Number Thread

    $1,500 for VIN 2761923 in 2002? Oh sh*t! Too bad it’s only a Colorado round taillight tii, with original window sticker...😉😋😯☺️ Best regards, Steve
  13. coloincaalpine

    Tii VIN Number Thread

    Gregtii, I know Carl well. My BMW shop was in Sorrento Valley for many,many years. Quigley Motor Works. Carl and I did a lot of horse trading.I'm in Colorado now. I just think that it was cool that Bill Brecht sold the car new. I found it in Vista, just when the old man was putting the FS sign in the window. Bought it for $1500 in 2002 and , drove it home.All I've done is,freshen up the engine, 5 sp.,and redo front seats. dq
  14. Nice set of trailing arms. These look to have been replacements on the parts car because much of the original black paint is still on them and there is no major rust. Spring perches look great. Come as pictured. $150
  15. wegweiser

    WTB, Linx or Dual 45-40 intake

    First - a few questions. Are you still on the fence between single and dual DCOE carbs? Why? What is your end goal. The two options are VASTLY different, with respect to the finished outcome of your project. Why not the Cannon intakes? Just curious. I've used several different brands over the years and have only had issues with the one piece manifolds inhibiting installation of the top-mount linkage pictured (the only linkage I will install, by the way - as it's reliable, easy to adjust, and stays adjusted for looooong periods of time. ) On the one pc manifolds, the center "bridge" is in the way of the bellcrank levers with this kit. That's my only problem with those. Top mount linkage GREAT and rarely needs re-adjustment. The internal choices you make on your motor will determine which carb set-up is best. If I'm only using one carb, the 38/38 or 40/40 DOWNDRAFT units would be my choice. If I'm going for BLING....I'm going ALL IN and I want FOUR throttle plates! Depending on your build, 40mm DCOEs may yield better results than simply "choking down" a set of 45s. I've used both on the same engine, and the characteristics of throttle response and high rpm performance, even when swapping internal bits to compensate, was dramatic. Some good...some bad...
  16. wegweiser

    My baby loves being rich.

    I love the fact that hotrodding has evolved the way it has. What former WWII bomber pilots were doing with cars in the 50s, using aircraft parts, YOU GUYS are now doing using computers and sensors. That.Is.So.Cool. Much of it is alien and a completely different language to me, but it's fascinating. *goes and hugs the springs inside his distributor*
  17. I think Jaymic and IE have them as well.
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  20. morning gang. just having a few thoughts around the best way to Safely install airride to the rear of my 1600-2. i have some slim rear sleeve bags for the rear which will go in place of the springs. i will mount these "upside down" so that the larger section of the "bag" will sit on the base of the spring (on the trailing arm) and the thinner top of the bag will be against the body (where the spring currently sits) i would like to know the distance or diameter(red line) of the standard spring so i can start to design bag mounts for the top of the bag. also does anyone know if it would be possible to mount something on the trailing arm (yellow line). thanks in advance Laurence
  21. Brandon

    Sunroof Panel

    I know someone needs this....still available.
  22. Brandon

    Three Piece Dash

    ^ Still available.
  23. irdave

    Well - I've reached my last resort on the Bultaco

    That sucks. No fun spending all that time and money and then just selling it, especially when the price doesn't line up with what you've got into it. And often I don't understand Ray either.
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  25. Yes, one of mine was still full of smelly old oil and looked like new, the other took alot of convincing and Pennsyltucky engineering to remove. Afterwards I used a brake cylinder hone on an extension in drill to clean up inside of tube. Also took a dowel rod with a piece of coarse auto body sandpaper (self adhesive sort ) and made a flap wand of sorts and ran that up and down inside, rinsed and like new. Just be sure to put oil back in before your new shock and this wont happen again. Ah good times!! Dave. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  26. My hunch is that since this is a welded pan, the dimensions may shift slightly during welding if the welder does not pay close attention. Perhaps this caused the mating surface of your pan to shift slightly. In my case the pan bolted up, but did not clear the subframe or the motor mount bracket on the passenger side. I like the pan, but had to make accommodations to use it.
  27. I have that pan, and while it bolted up to the block just fine, it did not clear my subframe. Do you have the S14 oil pump pickup? I first ran my S14 with a 2002 oil pan and had to use a 2002 pickup, which did not fit when I converted to the VAC pan. In the attached pic that's the m10 oil pump pickup on the right.
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