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  2. Mpower5266

    Nothing like a fresh wash and wax!

    Looks great!
  3. Yes, a conservative estimate to rebuild a door is about $2k AUD, that’s strip, remove skin, repair door frame, refit skin, paint and refit. saying that, when I looked at prices at W$N last year the door plus shipping to Aus was $2.5k Aus. Mad prices, I think I need to do a few welding classes!!
  4. This is amazing. I love the 2000cs, maybe even more than a 3.0cs.
  5. Tiistick

    Shift knob

    All good pistons are sold though. Pp please I will send tomorrow am Thank you
  6. Hernan

    Shift knob

    I’ll tale it. I want your forged pistons too, pls see the private message I sent you. Best, H
  7. I just love to bask in the shininess after a thorough cleaning up like this!
  8. Well, the first two carbs I got both had this issue. This second shipment, only one of them does. Not sure if they're the same two carbs...
  9. Drosselhebel

    M20 Triple weber build x2

    Oh wow, Taiga? Looks fantastic so far. *edit - missed the earlier paint post. oops.
  10. wegweiser

    Freebee While They Last 1-Per

    Since next month will be the first time I'm finally going to MidAmerica, am I yet worthy? Thank you! These are great!
  11. Then I think Tom (‘76mintgrun’02) is your man! As an aside, the 5” rims are “ti/tii rims”, much rarer and more valuable than the 4 1/2” versions. Good answer! So I’m curious: (a.) how wide?, and (b.) do you intend to run the OEM full wheel covers, the early “dog dish” hubcaps, or neither? I ask partly because my idea of a “wildly restomodded” tii would have factory steel rims widened to 5 1/2”, OEM wheel covers, and everyone whispering, “Did he or didn’t he (widen those rims)?” 😯🤫😉There would be no other deviations from stock....😋 Regards, Steve
  12. Lucky for you to have a door. I am looking in Europe. There were some US BMW dealers that had new doors for $575US but no more. Should have could have but didn't. I got a quote on using skins but parts labor etc cost double the price of a new door. Painful
  13. coloincaalpine

    Freebee While They Last 1-Per

    Hahaha! Big response to the stickers. Make sure you send your address's. I'm leaving Thur a.m. for the indy Cars at COTA in Austin.. I will mail out the stickers when I return next week. dq
  14. Do you mean that you received two sets of DCOEs with the same problem?! Sounds like the QA line in Madrid might need to lay off the Rioja at lunch.
  15. Today
  16. Interested in this, I have one new door and the other is nla with a bit of rust in the usual places, someone hit and run my bad door last week, lucky in one way as at least I have the door, but they also managed to mangle the wheel arch! I think this will be the way to go if BMW don’t start making new panels again soon. i wonder when someone will start making replacement after market panels like other brands have.
  17. fastbmw201

    Valve Cover PewterWare Mug

    This is the second PewterWare mug produced for the 02 crowd. I only made a few. Thanks to everyone that bought my grill mug. Let me know how many you want. $35 each, plus $9 shipping for up to 5 mugs. You can check out my website at If you are interested in the grill mug, I am making another batch that will be ready in a few weeks. Cheers
  18. Freude am Fahren

    2002 grill

    Good value
  19. eBay

    Märklin - BMW 2002 - REPLICA

    EUR 25,95 Angebotsende: Freitag Apr-19-2019 20:59:39 CEST Sofort-Kaufen für nur: EUR 25,95 Sofort-Kaufen | Zur Liste der beobachteten Artikel hinzufügen View the full listing
  20. The 5 speed is the only serious, non-stock modification I've done to the car; so, I had to modify the driveshaft. The factory 2000CS two piece driveshaft has a completely separate section with a splined slip-joint onto the front half just behind the center bearing. The original shaft has the Guibo at the rear, and is bolted to the back of the transmission with a steel plate attached to a u-joint. For the Getrag 245 swap, the front u-joint is replaced with the 3 bolt flange from a 320i driveshaft and the tube was shortened to match the length needed from the back of the 245 (plus Guibo) to the center bearing. So, to your point, yes, I have an old-style NK Guibo at the rear, and a new 6 bolt Guibo on the front. ...should make things pretty smooth. But it's twice the Guibos to fail It's all good, I'm sure it will run just fine. Ed
  21. Einspritz

    m2 died while driving...

    Here: Tii OE pump: 0-580-364-002 superceded to 0-580-254-985 > 103 Liter / hr. @ 5 Bar / 72 psi the FAQ common replacement (universal by Bosch) 0-580-464-032 110 Liter / Hr. @ 3 Bar / 43.5 psi The S14 OE pump 0-580-464-070 130-195 Liter / Hr. @ 300 Kpa / 43.5 psi, , <6.5 Amp
  22. Wire wheel'd and cleaned up the starter and Stahl header left over from my donor e21 to put on the 2002. My starter barely has a enough power to turn the car over so I'm hoping the e21 starter will be an upgrade. Sprayed the starter black and the header with flat aluminum ceramic header paint. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  23. Hey Faq - I am trying replace these center wheel caps or find a generic cap in the same dimensions that I can stick a roundel on - and curious if any of you know what the make of these wheels are and where I can go to find some caps? Googling the serial number didn't seem to come up with anything similar. Someone on the faq previously told me he thought my wheels were from American Racing but I am not entirely sure.
  24. EUR 1,00 (0 Gebote) Angebotsende: Samstag Mär-30-2019 19:50:37 CET Jetzt bieten | Zur Liste der beobachteten Artikel hinzufügen View the full listing
  25. Ian

    m2 died while driving...

    My tii pump is pretty old, so it was probably from the dealer. Good point about the wiring. I ran new thicker wires to the 318 pre-pump and tii pump when I installed my S14 in order to minimize voltage drop.
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