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  4. Hi Team I spent today building this relay harness. I got it all finished and did a dry fit in the car using cable ties. I used 12 AWG wire for the headlights. I didn’t realise how bulky the harness would be. Pics below. I will wrap it up like the factory harness once I am happy with it (tomorrow most likely). Regards Raj
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  6. Hi...Are these still available and would you accept $120.00 including shipping for both I need the leading and trailing edges. (You could cut them in half at the center of the arch for easier shipping) See attached... Thanks Dave Caton Eureka, Ca. 95503
  7. As with most manufacturers, It took bmw almost two decades for its designers fo come up with a chassis to meet those early crashworthiness directives from the USHSA without the vestigial bumper hanging off the ends. The Federal rulemaking cycle is a lot shorter than bringing to market an entirely new design to make bumpers disappear. To me the 02 looks it’s best with no bumpers at all (no air dam please). That may be true of many cars of that era. Bumpers were just a necessary evil from a design point of view. As necessary as they were though you gotta say the “tea trays” were a bit much for this lovable little box.
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  9. Thanks ted, but that POR-15 is set like glass, so welding isn't an option at this point. We have good weather coming up, so I'll be doing some KF setting. It runs great, I can get good ranges on the AFR, but I can't get my idle below 1200-1400 no matter what. (It was the same with the previous WUR, so that ain't it. Clamped the air hose, no change. All gaskets are new. ) I'll PM you.
  10. I'm looking for a clean swan neck mirror (2nd version) for my 2002ti - This is the version that mounts in the same spot as the trapezoid mirrors the uses the front screw, not the earlier threaded stud version that sit just behind the leading door edge ahead of the vent window. PM me if you have one - thanks
  11. I live in just outside of Seattle. We race all over the country, have not been back to Lime Rock in many years, usually if we are going to travel that far for a race we tend to go to tracks my customers like better (Watkins Glen, Road America, Road Atlanta, VIR, COTA, mid Ohio). The oil pan baffle is very important on a M10 if you are doing track days or autocrossing. With the engine tilted 30 deg to the right every time you turn to the left it is easy for the oil to run up the side of the block and away from the oil pump pickup. This causes a catastrophic loss of oil pressure ( usually at high engine speeds and under load). There is also the problem under heavy braking the oil sloshes forward and right up the front timing cover. Fortunately this is usually a much shorter loss of pressure and usually you aren’t under load at the same time. With some creative baffling with some trap doors to help control the oil sloshing around in the pan you can keep the oil around the oil pump pickup.
  12. How about that idea - screw it in with finger first to see how far it'll go before resistance and then see from the hole how far it is so when putting in the spring I know how far the seat'll go?
  13. 114TYP


    Thank you for the kind words Steve! However, the interior has been tampered with so I have no clue what the original color actually was. But it is all black currently. I can tell by the stitching that the vinyl is not original, not heat welded.
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  15. Indeed it is. Single barrel Solex is actually pretty simple
  16. Bertone Ragno Spider Model
  17. i wasn't kidding! $115,000,000 asking https://www.redfin.com/CA/Los-Angeles/141-S-Carolwood-Dr-90077/home/8181034
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  20. I did a little advance pod mod today. This was the first one I have come across that did not hold vacuum, so I figured it was sacrificial. There are (at least) two styles of mounting flanges on these pods and this one has the holes in the center of the tabs; but the ones that fit my 021 and 164 distributors have the holes in opposite corners, so I dug out the pattern I made and added two new holes beside the centered ones. I also noticed that the flanges are longer on the ones I use, but the other one was just long enough. The little notch in the pod's shaft acts as the stop, limiting the amount of advance that it adds. I wanted it to give more travel, so I extended it. I nipped the head of a round head screw. (I think it's a 6-32) fed it through from the back side and tacked in in place It still looks normal inside and fairly discrete on the outside. I added a pointer so I could count the turns, to see how much advance it adds. One full rotation equals two degrees on the tester, so four degrees at the crank. That means every quarter turn of the knob adds or subtracts one degree of advance. The adjuster offers ten degrees of travel on the tester, so twenty at the crank. Putting it in the middle gives ten each way. The spring inside the pod keeps tension on it. I could have put a notch in the tab at the end on the screw and avoided the weld, but I got lazy. I've been wanting to do something along these lines for a while now and finally saw a simple-enough solution today. I can't reach that knob from the driver's seat though, so I guess I'm not quite done yet.
  21. yes. One can "weld" an Al soda can, is that thin enough? IIRC I had a mention in a previous post. I'll send you some if you want to try your hand at it. There are You Tube videos on it as well. I may have an idea for making that piece, but need to think on it for a day or two.....
  22. This steering wheel is sold, thanks
  23. here is a nice one, but there are others: https://www.iemotorsport.com/product/oil-pan-baffle-2002/ and you might consider this also: https://www.iemotorsport.com/product/oil-pan-windage-tray-m10/ @preyupy might chime in......
  24. Drove a few hours... shown getting gas off of the Northway
  25. You can leave oem fender and trim flares, you’ll have perfect door gap. I left 2” of metal to gradually blend fiberglass into original fender
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