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  2. I’ve never seen that before! My sides were original and never had the bracket, must have been the austerity package😜
  3. Rear lens is cracked. Light is fine so only need the little lens. Should go into an envelope easily!
  4. My .02 cents.. Dont worry about the lawyer thing, they are blowing smoke. No lawyer would touch this , unless they are on a retainer. Those people arent on c- list looking for old cars. This person may wish they were that guy, but they arent. Trust me. He is fluffing up to look like a big ole bear. Just a cub. If he is filing a claim about non delivery, fight him. He didnt pay the remainder, so why would you deliver it. Show them emails/texts, whatever. A agreement would very much help here- however, the reason for non- delivery ( or pickup) isnt from your negligence. Its on him. Make him explain why. I think paypal might understand ( but next time do friends and family or venmo for a deposit! The whole amount is a different deal....) I dont think this sounds scammy, but rather someone that couldnt come up with the rest, and just wants his money back, for his own BS. Unless you are a dealer ( which is a different deal kinda) deposits arent generally refundable- unless its stated specifically that it IS refundable. That being said, i do see alot of ebay ads staring non refundable deposits necessary. I think most of us understand that, but many people do not. Lots of newbies running around the car biz the last few years, whether that be kids, or adults that decide they want to flip cars/bikes/houses/signs, you name it. Anyway, wish you luck. Generally people are good, but like with everything - explaining things that seem to be mutually understood, and getting things in writing is unfortunately where we are at, as a culture and society. But communication and being super clear isnt the end of the world. But is nice when you dont have to, it makes things exhausting.
  5. BTW those are "early" alloys vs. tii alloys, as they were available for all 2002s. Würth had problems with their spray cans (or the head) last decade - don't know if it's been remedied.
  6. Points&condenser, points&condenser, points&condenser. . .
  7. There should also be a support angle to attach the rear right (LHD) (rear left for RHD) to the underside of the dash. Holes outlined to your pic.
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  9. Fletcher


  10. This red rear fog light is sold, thanks
  11. EUR 1,00 (0 Gebote) Angebotsende: Sonntag Jul-12-2020 13:28:09 CEST Jetzt bieten | Zur Liste der beobachteten Artikel hinzufügen View the full listing
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  13. The piece nearest the handbrake will fit between the sides so that it can pick up the bracket mounted to the trans tunnel, so you screws may be a bit high. The rear bracket position can be copied from the old piece, but it’s position needs to be such that the “tabs” which hold the air deflectors sit below the air outlets from the heater box. Ive just made new sides and to be honest by the time the console is pushed under the dash I’d say friction alone would keep mine in, I pushed it in today, no screws and it’s rock solid!! But I will screw the front bracket in. Some pics, old and new. it’s a bit twisted so I will fix tomorrow, but you get the idea.
  14. EUR 99,99 Angebotsende: Mittwoch Aug-5-2020 13:17:31 CEST Sofort-Kaufen für nur: EUR 99,99 Sofort-Kaufen | Zur Liste der beobachteten Artikel hinzufügen View the full listing
  15. rrost

    Air horns

    These are for 45 s
  16. 1975 BMW 2002 ti Sportscar White RWD Manual Turbo On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1975-BMW-2002-ti-Turbo/124226919140?
  17. I'd tell him to pack sand. Call his bluff of legal action. Deposits are refundable only if stated, otherwise, there is no point. sounds like this person has already wasted a considerable amount of your time. Also, paypal can't do shit if it's a car, truck or motorcycle, that is if you did it as a business transaction. Never do friends & family when selling vehicles to strangers. Make seller pay fees.
  18. I'm going to smooth out a few dings/blems in my Tii alloys prior to mounting new tires and will be refinishing just the fronts for now. I've always used Wurth silver in the past but I'm wondering now about this Krylon dull silver mentioned, looks like it may be darker? May be worth buying a can to find out. Can anyone offer a comparison of the two?
  19. 07.04.20 Steve, Hello, my name is Jerry. I live in Kent, Washington. When I was 16, my dad had brought a new 1972 BMW 2002 to the states after his tour in West Germany. The car was purchased in Ansbach. My dad had been the airfield commander at Katterbach in 1971. One of his subordinates bought another BMW from the local dealership; so, the dealer threw in a set of wheels and a Personal Wood steering wheel. They also gave him back the original, which had less than about 1600 miles on it. They sold the car to me in Salem, OR. I think my parents needed to cash out, plus the nearest dealer was in Portland, OR. Then I enlisted and headed back to West Germany. (Without the original steering wheel) with the car. I have that wheel. It has a few scratches from lack of proper handling on my part, but the part looks pretty new, with the horn cap (No logo on cap). If interested, I'll try to post some pics. You can email me at [email protected]
  20. Several years ago there was a rat population boom in our neighborhood. My next door neighbor and I started keeping score, we each did in about 35 rats that year. He just used poison after tiring of messing with traps. I used traps, pellet gun (got 8 of 'em that way), and a bengal cat named Tomba. Tomba was exceptionally good at catching them, but he didn't always dispose of them in the nicest manner - he usually left about half of the rat on the front door mat.
  21. JJ, try posting to facebook as well lots of E24 Groups.
  22. I had to push the shaft back out on mine too, for the same reason. Since I had no idea how long the odometer had been inoperable, I went ahead and reset it to zero. I repaired mine July 9th, 2012 and yesterday it rolled past 30,000 miles. That's 3750 miles per year; or, 10.27 miles per day; or, .43 miles per hour; or, 38 feet per minute; or, 7.6 inches per second. Tom
  23. I did this last week...I used a bench vise and a piece of metal pipe just larger than the bush, about 2 inches long (to form a void into which to push the old bush). I basically use the new bush to push the old one out...when you clamp the new bush in the vise the rubber distorts a bit but springs back when you're done...liberal lubricant then the old sleeve starts to move quite easy. Beware the new bush has orientation arrows...be clear which way is up....
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