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    1976 Chamonix

    Did you ever decide on whether or not you were going to sell your 2002? Thanks Mike
  3. And that would make me happy! 😀 Best regards, Steve
  4. I have a set of front and back seats for a 1975 ( these are a different style than 69 ) The fronts are black and have all the plastic covers. The backs are navy but can be dyed or vinyl painted black $450 for all you pick up in San Diego
  5. Search like this: https://www.bmw2002faq.com: s14
  6. Except for a short header, that is exacty the set up I have on my Chamonix 2002. Much peppier than my stock (32/36) Polaris.
  7. If there were any S14s left.... I don't know why but this search engine never seems to return the right stuff when I use it. I oddly get more relevant BMW2002faq results when I use the actual google database...... strange but true. I'll look again.
  8. A very practical and easily street motor prescription is: 9.5 :1 Compression 292 cam 38/38 with port matched manifold Long tube header Balanced Spec toleranced May produce 150 hp depending on the quality of the work Most likely it will be a little less on a dyno I believe there are dyno results out there if you search
  9. Last weekend we replaced the rear sway bar, shocks and coils. Brakes are next.I
  10. S14 block can run larger pistons, I'm running 94.5mm. The standard M10 block is safe around 90mm
  11. NH Speedometer will ask you to move the car x number of feet and count the cable rotations. I did this, and the serviced silver dollar speedo is within 1mph of GPS every time I check it. 4.10 diff and 15" 19/50's, not that it matters.... BTW hodge, the odo is gear-driven, while the speedo relies on spinning magnets Cheers,
  12. The front sway bars, struts and springs are done thanks to my friend Mike. Still need to install new tiered ends and front sway bar.
  13. Just brought home a 1973 2002Tii for my son who just turned 16. It currently runs and is completely rust free so we are just going to start by bolting on new suspension parts, rebuild brakes and chase down any electrical issues before body and paint.
  14. Today
  15. 30 years go, BMW built a 1350 hp engine for Formula 1 cars based on the m10 block... (well you did ask what they were capable of...)
  16. Not surprising. The S14 was based in the M10. Its why its one of the easiest swaps. For a m10 with a cam exhaust and sidedrafts you are looking at 140-150hp. There are TONS of horsepower threads with dynos and engine specs. Use the search forum. You are not the first around here to ask about hp for the m10.
  17. My used radiator had a small leak at the solder joint of the upper tank and the return tube. The guy I got it from offered to replace it, but I asked if he knew if it was fixable first. He shared a video of someone on youtube fixing the exact same issue using solder... it was soldered in originally, as well. I was able to re-solder it successfully and so far it's holding up. In the mean time, I set to figuring out why my engine would bog down when facing up hill. To the best of my understanding this can only happen when the float bowl has too much fuel in it and it "spills over" at an incline. So I lowered the float level a decent amount. After starting up the car to heat it up and test my solder, I found that the choke was much more effective when dead cold and the car ran smoother when cold and choked for the first minute. That was cool to see that improvement and makes some sense. It seems like maybe due to my float being too high, when choked I was drawing in far too much fuel. After warming the car up I readjusted the idle and mixture since the float level effects that. Got it running quite smooth and I am happy with it. Tomorrow I will see how it does on a hill. Hoping I improved that. Also curious as to why my float level was not agreeing with my carb when set at "spec", but it seems like lowering it was a good choice so far. After a few drives I will know more.
  18. What is your carb set up? And how, exactly, does the S14 block differ from the M10 block? Kind of surprising that an E12 hed will fit on both.
  19. Okay, I know this is a long shot, but I am hoping someone out there can help. I need a replacement drip rail trim for drivers side for my '73 tii that is about to be re-sprayed. I already have the passenger side, but would like to replace both. I'm hoping to find an NOS or NIB piece, but will be happy with a used one in perfect or near perfect condition. If anyone has one they are willing to part with, or knows someone who does, please contact me. Thanks, Crash
  20. $2,500.00 (0 Bids) End Date: Monday May-27-2019 19:01:31 PDT Bid now | Add to watch list View the full listing
  21. Excellent!!!! Thank you! I'm sure many of us will be looking at this now. I will get them into a graph format this evening and post it up.
  22. Sorry Just tried it by not selecting file format. Here you go, cast aside the chains of proprietary file format into free-roaming CSV files. sniper_0033.csvsniper_0034.csvsniper_0035.csv
  23. Can we get a pic of the inside of the tuna can?
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