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  2. They were modified by the previous owner. Sure will get some photos to you.
  3. And, you’ll have a top end of 147 mph... 😋 Best regards, Steve
  4. Curious about how you modified these. Can you add pics of the mounting points and the underside of the seats?
  5. FS: Butlers 1589 rally map light in very good condition, this is the shorter one. Price 135 euro + shipping.
  6. Genuine e30 sport seats that are modified to sit properly on your existing 2002 stock seat rails. Ride height same as a e21 Recaro seat. Very supportive and in excellent shape. Will come with all necessary brackets etc to bolt right in. $750 plus shipping. As always, I take PayPal [email protected]
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  8. The reason I said take to engine builder is for that very reason, I had a motor that was supposedly rebuilt when I put my car together but since I didn't put motor together I didn't trust it. I took my motor to builder (friend) to double check everything and he found same problem as yours. Previous rebuild used standard main bearings on a .010 ground crankshaft.
  9. There are 02 people in the Albany area for sure. Wish I could help with that. Not to change the subject too much but do you guys know if there's been any talk of an Astoria gathering? Was a good time. Duncan
  10. You get 45 mpg highway, though. According to the Blue Book, the diff ratio changed about 600 cars after mine. So it did change to 3.64 towards the end of euro '72s if the book is correct. Scott
  11. Holy cow! What a lovely looking little thing. Is it just me, or does it look like it might be a few different shades of Inka - on that side-of-the-car shot? I think Les might be correct re the interior. Still, my friend has a '72 Inka car from SoCal, and it is so clean and dry underneath it is ridiculous. If this one is like that one...totally worth it. Scott
  12. 1600ti clone! I just need to hire Gerock to build it for me! I do think he needs something to occupy his time. And this sure would do that. Scott
  13. I bought glass & seals for trap mirrors in 2005 at the BMW Dealer in San Antonio, TX. The quality was so-so at best. The seals barely fit the frame and the glass barely fit the seal. Think the brand was Frees or something like that. At the same time I bought the trap mirror to door seal that didn't even come close to fitting (didn't fit the flag mirror either). Suffice to say, I was not impressed with the so-called BMW OEM parts bought through the Dealer.
  14. Lets see your curve? While you can make adjustments via turning the 123, why would you? Simply type in a more or less aggressive curve into the App. You can verify the curve with a timing light.
  15. If you have the blue book, it has the stock advance curves. I know because I copied one to give to Advanced Distributors when they rebuilt my distributor. You could start with a stock tii curve in other words. And yes, you can impact the timing by twisting the 123, just like a regular distributor, as I understand it. So I believe you will need to reconcile the curve in the 123 and the static timing (amount of twist in the distributor), to understand what timing your engine is really seeing. You can check that with a variable timing light right now, if you have one. You could start your car and retard the timing a bit by turning the 123, and see if it runs better. Just turn it a tiny amount. Edit: If you do have an adjustable timing light, you can have someone rev it up to 3,000 rpm. It should be at about 32 or so degrees of advance. Ultimately, that is what you're after. You could just turn the 123 until you are in that ballpark, as a first step. Then go back to "what is the curve" in there, and all that. Double Edit: I am a novice at most of these car things, but I did buy an adjustable timing light, and learn how to adjust the timing. It is really easy. You do need to paint the marks on the pulleys on the front of the engine to do it, though. That is step one. Scott
  16. bump. Been dragging my feet about trying to sell this project, but it does need to move on to the next caretaker. If you're interested in building a 1600/2002, this will save you months of time in your build process. As a bonus, the car comes with a pint of glasurit 90 line ($$$) in Derby. I bought it to have some touch up done and the remainder will go with the car.
  17. Hey Nick, I got a contact near me already but I'll keep your guy in mind as a Plan "B", thx! - Rich
  18. You know how I feel about my guy in Bedford Hills, NY. Happy to help you out if you need it. He's about 5 miles from my house. Call or text if you want info. Nick
  19. Neat, very cool to see another guy go for it. You are taking inspiration from Patrick at Midnight Motorsports and the work he did on @Teelinger's car. Certainly a very clean way to do 3-point rear harnesses. I like how you used the through-bolt to anchor the reel to the bracket. It is on my shortlist on things to make and offer to the community (see the comment on the blog), have had it drawn up for a while now.... just the dang covid-life getting in the way. I intend to forgo the C-pillar mount and use the belt stand-off's (as used on the E30 sedans).
  20. Haha tempting! And I may yet get there... Yes, I already have a kill switch but a good feature. I'm hoping it's as easy as finding a few screen shots of settings that will get my car to a better place... does that exist somewhere?
  21. The thing that you are holding onto plugs into the thermostat used to control the a/c. Using a modern fan controller and thermostat is your best option. If you want to have it so the heater and a/c are mutually exclusive you can do that with a simple relay. I used the following Thermostat https://www.ebay.ca/itm/12V-Car-AC-Thermostat-switch-Adjustable-electronic-temperature-control/282151624591?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 This is like the one I have. You want something that can handle about 10-15 amps, because the behr a/c fan seems to want to draw a about 7 or 8 amps. You also want one that has a separate knob, there isn't a lot of depth to mount anything. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/12V-24V-36V-48V-60V-1200W-20A-PWM-FAN-Controller-DC-Motor-Speed-Control/333593998974?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item4dabc0767e:g:1~EAAOSwu19etbWu&amdata=enc%3AAQAFAAACcBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%2Fn%2BzU5L90Z278x5ickkCrLl8erj3ATP5raQxjc%2F%2B%2BZyK4%2Fki8hEJZCFs3xQRnMQwxEzvhf5sqYY2gp3IJ8bBI0mHsPpuPzwUE2wzBGJXie9oWuwZRNaOLMEzUqRqB9PjB3TAM9%2FjJm0TT0msDTQX%2B96arlSnN%2FGUQvBaHIj6jYetF99Y3uUlEtpV59F6pOoUP2Q9KTe8I3M5mYrrntetu9%2F7a8YzY2QkscabQBMeKHIgOR8Il2xFhn%2BGyvr0yvAtZ1kAb3C1gwpm4pI%2B23Y%2FRfv4sNtSGi4q04BkT3UJBujjzLJS3ifjbFWiwg2fTrnK6JQ2gTPfiyM47qhAZ09szg%2F%2B%2BrGW9LuK9DDgbinX8EBQCk7nGAsAimPIEBmDfwxPqjavlNexTqcwCn4vm%2B5RNT9PReXHq4kktX9zq5HuBOy4JdG0Kmho7z3Rjyrtr6asDMSHydvmGlFiCsoYWmJAr0Xr%2BKjMNTehhSZgKOB8Sw2Z8W3ntHtmBtjRi6DDNgCnKTsEQ%2B1TzWWzMvZXVMU4%2FsOe3j%2F7jS537jAP058LRnqpmZBnKIZRHjt7cYAQ%2ByNMf5B4Ev5%2BIyLk0RTZwl4WchUnnSs2zIxVYxc27KvxCxl%2Bur2Na57JIKXJq9n32Kt9a1Pm06CulzPPFgxSOOuQyzfkFwt69EXy7SULX6RVE0%2FZyp3y3QMOycQ6E1YkwbnQZzpU%2FZ5NsrWN2PEChW7Q2XhxZb9PfohK%2FDyOYyzE6tbj%2FevdraSGLuF887WLeECfDE6dKNw6zWVCbjrFE%2B39dh9yw9nI0bcpmInNVAudQ%3D%3D|cksum%3A333593998974390a53d798ae42de990ebe4e8dbb8b16|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2334524
  22. Hmm, I have the autoflug covers, but they don't seem to fit if the rear glass is in place prior to trying to install the covers. Your solution is very clean, mine is a little half baked but I did not want to cut the original parcel shelf. Is the plate above the enclosure the original stiffener? Was it necessary to install the enclosures at an angle to get proper angles for the belts not to rub? Andrew
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