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  2. $27,500.00 End Date: Friday Jul-26-2019 16:16:02 PDT Buy It Now for only: $27,500.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list View the full listing
  3. I can’t help beyond recommending buying one in CA, before you leave, based on my last year of looking until I found something local. I’m in NY, but all of the cars of interest were on the West Coast. (I’ll be the first to say that I overpaid by at least 3K, but it was easier than traveling to find the right car. Of course, a month after I bought mine, they started popping up locally.) Take your time and find the right car, as so many seem to have wound up in that area. I think you’ll do better than you think with $10K. You won’t be going to car shows, but I think you can find a daily driver that needs a lot of TLC, but should be pretty mechanically sound.
  4. My bad, your right. So I bought it as is. No clue on what type of a/c it is. And I failed to mention that I have checked the fuses and they are good. Whenever I turn on the a/c or the heater there is nothing, as if it does not have power to either unit.
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  6. Let's make it more interesting. If you're sitting there with a Mintgrun (or maybe a tii or roundie of some other color) in the garage, and you need a little more of a push to sell, try this. My weekend car is this 2012 335i with 33k miles. Pampered and in extremely good condition. M Sport Package and loaded with everything except backup camera. I will throw this car in as a downpayment, plus cash, to make a deal. Everybody gets a car! Summer is moving quickly. Anyone?
  7. While tii water pumps were not available for some time, I believe they are presently stocked by the usual helpful vendors.
  8. You are being much too vague to receive any meaningful help. Try again. Did it ever work? When did it stop? Are you talking about the /c blower or the heater fan blower? Is it a Behr a/c unit or...? Have you looked at fuses? Can you hear/see the a/c compressor clutch actuate? Etc....
  9. Just depends on how correct/dorky you wanna get. As you know, the 02 community is quite diverse and not comprised just of purists. On the assembly line the wheel wells were shot with the rest of the car but whatever paint wound up on the actual undercarriage was simply overspray. Some well known restorers will cover the entire underside in gravel/rust protector/undercoat (for good reason!) and then paint it semi-matte black to match the front and rear subframe assemblies. Others do that but then paint it body color w/the subframes, etc being semi-matte black as per factory original. Whatever floats your boat! Sent from my LGMP260 using Tapatalk
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  11. Most 76 o2's with AC will have a heater and a separate AC unit housed in the console. Assuming you are asking about a console AC unit, did you check your fuses or for a separate fuse for the Ac unit? Make sure you have power to the switch. Try the simple things first good luck
  12. $19.79 End Date: Monday Aug-19-2019 15:35:54 PDT Buy It Now for only: $19.79 Buy It Now | Add to watch list View the full listing
  13. NOS Orange auxiliary switch could be used for fog lights or whatever. 3-prong, comes with original box. $100+shipping
  14. Hey everybody! I'm in the market for a 2002. I've been lurking on the site for a couple months now and I'm getting ready to pull the trigger. Some requirements: Budget: <$10,000 Manual Drivable condition (likely not in daily-driver condition at this price range) Color: Prefer Inka or Colorado orange, but I'm budgeting for a full paint job so it's not a deal breaker if it's not orange. Prefer roundie, but I would be okay with square Prefer carbed over fuel injected I'll be in LA until the end of the summer, after which I will be moving to Denver. It would be ideal if the car was located within a reasonable driving distance from either of those cities. Feel free to post here or DM me with any info!
  15. blue binder 1 & 2 for what model ? Pierre
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  17. EUR 69,90 Angebotsende: Dienstag Aug-20-2019 0:09:52 CEST Sofort-Kaufen für nur: EUR 69,90 Sofort-Kaufen | Zur Liste der beobachteten Artikel hinzufügen View the full listing
  18. Yes, it can. But it'll still be a sqauretail that's been converted!
  19. Perfect, we’re in saint Augustine so not too far away. Send me your email addy and I’ll get some specs and details sent to you.
  20. Two sensor port water divider from an e21. 59 shipped in conus
  21. I need to make room. Reduced all prices for parts bought in July and August. One set of late model rear black window latches. $60 plus shipping. One set of rear quarter glass. $60 for both left and right plus shipping. Belt trim for rear quarter $40 each plus shipping. Rocker panel covers $100 for both left and right plus shipping. Headlight switch $40 plus shipping. A pair of black wiper arms $80 for both Plus shipping.Roundie taillights $60 each or $100 for left and right.plus shipping. Blue Binders 1 & 2 for El $100 for both plus shipping. Blue Binder for 633 $50 Plus shpping. 2000CS pedal box $300 plus shipping. 02 black headlight grille $40 plus shipping. Wiper motor $50 plus shipping. Lots more.
  22. BMW has offered us crazy discounts on ALL available accessories (mostly for newer cars, but this works!) If you're interested in one of these, I can offer them for $40 each plus a few bucks in shipping. E mail me if you like. [email protected] Paul Wegweiser (the new/old classic parts guy at....) Maximillian Importing Co Mobile: 412 585 2067
  23. Zinz, I finally found that thread after a bit of searching
  24. Thanks, Mike. Exactly as I suspected, and you are correct: the back panel is a long way from being smooth and even. Still, and as always, it is fun to work on an '02 that needs additional love. Larry
  25. Complete lower trim molding set. This set has all the pieces to cover 1972-1976 cars. If you have a roundie, you will be using only six of the 8 pieces. If you have a hip to be square then you use all 8 pieces. Regardless the entire set for $270+shipping L+R complete floor kick panel pieces. In pretty nice shape. Can't remember what year they fit but these are the fattest of them all the years making me think for square tail cars. $75+shipping L+R tail lamp covers for the square tail lamp cars. In excellent crack free shape but one has a coke splatter dried on from the 1990s. Hey, a true piece of history. $50+shipping for both. As always, I take paypal email me [email protected]
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