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  1. What's new in this club
  2. I'm in KCMO. I don't see much activity around KC, either.
  3. Is it possible to PM Keith's contact information? I understand he attends the MidAmerica02 but it represents a scheduling conflict this year.
  4. Keith Kreeger is alive and well. He attends the Mid America 02 fest on a regular basis.
  5. An email to webmaster@my2002tii.com was bounced. I am trying to network with a local 2002 group for hands on experience and learned that the owner of my2002tii.com was in the KCMO area. However with the bounced email inquiry, I'm wondering if I've reached a dead end. May I receive some help from this forum to locate a local resource? Thanks!
  6. Anyone have their 2' out yet? Mines going into the shop for some needed work and maintenance. Let me know. Instead of cars and coffee, how bout 2's and dubes. Let me know as the first fatties of the driving season is being rolled. Russtafarian
  7. Hi Everyone- I'm the KC area and am looking for car that is a little less of a project than my current '76. Pickings are slim around here! Have my eye on a '75 for sale in the Detroit area. Is there someone who might be willing to check it out for me? I'd certainly be willing to pay you for your time. Thanks in advance! https://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/cto/6007286204.html Eric
  8. It's going to be warm this weekend and I'm getting antsy to get the '02 out of storage. I'm in Ann Arbor. Looking forward to some Spring Cars and Coffee meetups
  9. I'm in Royal Oak as well. Haven't made it out to any of the Cars and Coffee events, thought they stopped. I've been wanting to go to Cars, Coffee, and Karts at Kart to Kart, first Sunday of every month, but have yet to make it out there.
  10. just moved to Farmington Hills.
  11. I'll be at St. Johns Saturday for the Concours d'LeMons and Cars and Coffee so feel free to come by and say hey. (I'll be parked in the Concours d'LeMons...). More Information: http://www.concoursusa.org/ Cars and coffee http://www.concoursdlemons.com/index.php/concours-dlemons-michigan-2016/ Concours d'LeMons
  12. I guess the photo is not the most politically correct, but Otis was a bad dog that day. Never been out to the Cars & Coffee.
  13. That comment is hilarious considering your profile photo. LOL. next time You ever go to Cars & Coffee at Pastieners?
  14. Not this weekend. We are sitting two grandchildren and two dogs.
  15. Hey is anyone heading to the M1 Concours Cars and Coffee this Saturday? ...I'll be there.
  16. Hey! I'm in Royal Oak. Anyone else do to Cars n Coffee on Saturday's at Pasteiners?

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