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  2. I think there is a group of us leaving from German Autoworks that Friday morning. I am taking my 02 up on a trailer I think, my dad is going with me and his back probably cant handle that long in the car.
  3. Anybody in the area planning to attend the Vintage up in Asheville this year? I'm planning on going up on Friday and looks like I'll have at least one E30 buddy along too, but as usual, the more the merrier! Also will probably have the wife's Forester as a chase car for any just-in-case mishaps!
  4. I just did this with mine a month or so ago and it was done the same way. Quite possibly one of the smoothest government transactions I've ever had. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  5. Not sure if anyone is still interested but I live in the Gwinnett area, I purchased a '76 02. I had the bill of sale and the t-22 form that the tag office supplied ( of course can be found online). The tag office gave me the local police department number, literally showed up to my home 15 mins later ran my vin asked me to fill out the form so he could just do his portion. Talked for 5 mins and that was it!
  6. How's it going, I'm up in acworth. I haven't registered my 2002 yet because I'm doing a good bit of work to it before I put it on the road but I have registered my 1972 F100 here in GA. I have the original title for the truck and when I went to the tag office to register they said that they do not give titles on cars over 25 years old and they didn't even look at my title. I just simply registered it and did not need any forms at all. My truck was previously titled in GA so maybe yours was from out of state and that's why they needed the extra form maybe? Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks for the responses. I ended up going to the DMV with all my paperwork in order and they were able to calculate the title transfer cost. It ended up being only 100 dollars or so, I'm not sure what they use to calculate as when I look online it gives a totally different value. Either way, I'm happy and got my title. I'll definitely check out the facebook group.
  8. I had both my '73 and '76 titled in Georgia while we lived there. $500, which, I presume, includes the one-off personal property tax, seems like a lot more than I paid for the '73, which I purchased after they moved from annual personal property tax to the one-off upfront payment. If you haven't, I'd recommend you go down to your county DMV and verify the numbers. (The taxable value assigned by DMV to my 42-year-old '73 tii was virtually nothing.) And a title is nice to have! Sure, if you will absolutely own your car until the day you die, and will never move out of Georgia, it's a moot point. But many potential car buyers from outside of Georgia -- and other title-optional states -- cringe when they hear "no title". Regards, Steve
  9. Not sure if you got that title/tag issued sorted - but the T22 is pretty simple. You will need to have the car present for the Officer to see/inspect the VIN plate/etc. You do not need to go to the local station - you can call and ask for the Officer to meet you at your residence or specific location. Depending on the department's call volume, you may need to wait for one to meet you. VIN verification is pretty low on the priority list of calls. Not sure if you've joined the FB group yet, but there's an Atlanta Area BMW 2002 club group page.
  10. Hmm, I'm not entirely sure. Georgia doesn't require a title for 1985 and older cars, but it's never a bad idea to get one. According the the DMV website, that t-22 form is required when you are registering a vehicle without a title. If you already have a title, the process is much easier.
  11. so if I apply for a title, I'll have to pay the title fee, which comes out to about 500$. But since we are title optional, I can do w/o the title and just get it registered which would then require that form. I'll be ready to explain as it has already caused a lot of confusion among my peers.. haha.
  12. I never had to fill out the t-22 form for either of my cars. I can't remember why they have the form on the required list. Maybe if you don't have a title? Just be ready to explain to the office that 2002 is the model, not the year. They're confused every time
  13. I haven't been to Athens yet, but have been wanting to visit. I'll see if I can coordinate my trip Have any of you had experience with the t-22 inspection form? I want to get my tags and it requires this form to be filled out by a law officer. Do I just go to the police station?
  14. I have been to one once while visiting relatives in Athens. Brian doesn't seem to post here too much, look up Vintage Werks. https://www.facebook.com/athenscarsandcoffee/
  15. That would be greatly appreciated. It's 50 a month if you sign up for a year, which I will do. I live in a condo so have limited access to space. I would love to get your help on random thing every now and then and would even come to you. i'll send you a PM
  16. Congrats on your new purchase. I had a '75 for a few years before I traded it in for a Roundie. Is the garage you're talking about OLOBA Rennsport? I have a friend with an E30 who just joined there. I think it's like $100/month and they have air tools and two lifts. I work on my car when I can, but with a young baby at home, it's tough to find time these days. I'd be happy to meet sometime and see if I can give any pointers. I'm no expert, but I've done a bunch of projects on my cars so I may be able to share some knowledge. Garrett
  17. I just got a ' 76. I have been learning a lot about it and just found out about a community garage out in West midtown that gives you access to air tools and a lift, I'm hoping this will make it easier to work on my car compared to my condo. Do you work on your car at all? Any chance you'd be interested in working on them together? Interesting. Maybe I'll try to make it out. Do you attend the events? Any 2002s show?
  18. Brian Kee hosts a great Cars and Coffee in the Athens area. BMW's, Porsche's, VW's and many other classic cars attend.
  19. Hey Mike, glad to hear there's another Atlanta-area 2002 owner. I'm in Grant Park and I own a '73. What year is yours? Garrett
  20. Seems the region is pretty quiet but thought I'd post anyways. I just bought a 2002, I'm pretty new to them and also new to the Atlanta area. Just figured I'd say hey and see if anyone around Atlanta is active. Mike
  21. I know this is a delayed response but I am in Savannah and own a 71 2002. Feel free to PM me. James
  22. A change in work may be relocating me to coastal Georgia. Any 2002 members/activities in the South Carolina/Georgia/No. Florida low country? I anticipate being in the area around July/August and will be trying to figure a way to get my 2002 and an ///M Coupe out there sooner, versus later. Also, recommended mechanics between Savannah and Jacksonville?
  23. Hi, What part of town are you located? I would be possibly interested in the hood, windshield (if good) and rear window moulding (if available). Thanks! Eugene
  24. Looking for someone to admin this group. who will volunteer?
  25. I do. And my apologies for the radio silence. I get busy with little league baseball and work. Any offers out there? No rush. Hoping to help others with their project.

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