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  2. Dave - just joined the group and responded to Doug Morgan explaining I'll be at C&C tomorrow. taking the '72 Tundra. Looking forward to meeting you. Rich. And thanks as I hardly check FB and probably should change my notification settings so I don't miss posts and such.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/groups/363150687052055/ Hi Rich, Most activity takes place on the Chicago 02 facebook page. I'll forward your email to the admin so you receive non facebook notifications. Some members should be at the Winnetka fuelfed event Sunday, I will try to get there with my (almost Fjord) 72 tii, I park on the south entry road. Dave
  4. Recently joined and would like to know what's going on with 02 owners in the Chicago area. Noticed the last Chicago '02 post here on FAQ was over two years ago. Is there a forum elsewhere? Thanks, Rich
  5. 02 group tech session at The Werk Shop this Saturday, 2/11 9-12
  6. Is there a regular calendar of tech sessions? Or is this just a once-in-a-while event? Just moved to Chicago and am looking for 2002 activities!
  7. Don't forget there is a car chow at Autobahn Country Club on May 21 in conjunction with the Windy City BMW HPDE that weekend. We hope to see a number of 02's in the show! For details and to register visit http://savethedate.windycitybmw.com/car-show/
  8. Thanks man, shop is called Region Motors out of Hobart,IN or Hebron,IN keep mixing those up. Lots of mixed feelings from others on that shop (based on reviews)... But really had no issues besides them taking it longer than promised. They kept me updated pretty much every end of the day with pics of what they've done and so on, so I have records exactly what was done to the body from day one, whenever i decide to sell the car (probably not soon lol).
  9. thats a lot of love you are throwing at that car. Looks great. What is the name of the shop?
  10. I'm picking it up tomorrow afternoon, finally... The shop is in Indiana, they mainly do old car restorations, muscle cars and so on. My BMW project was a lot of work, lots of welding, metal work, enormous amounts of surface rust throughout the body, shock tower rust, spare tire well, etc, etc.... I didn't do the inside car paint yet though, just outside so it wasn't full body resto... He are some before/after pics:
  11. how did the body work turnout? what shop did you use?
  12. Hi - I joined recently too. Nobody really monitors this site, all the communication is on Face Book. You should join Facebook group "Chicago '02 group". Good group of people in the club. Everyone's car needs some sort of work, you look like yours will keep you busy
  13. Hi guys, Just wanted to say hi to everyone here. Bought my 74 BMW 2002 in November here in Chicago. Didn't have a clue what I'm getting myself into. Was able to start it up from a long time hibernation. Drove it couple of miles and fell absolutely in love with it. Currently the car is in a shop, for major body work... Turned out it needed much more than I originally thought it will. Lots of metal work and so on... Probably would been better of selling it and buying a better one, but decided to go ahead and try to save it. The car will be out of the body shop possibly sometime next week already. Can't wait to get it back and start learning/working on some of the stuff my self. Definitely interested in meeting others in this group with their '02s in the spring! Also interested in going to those Tech Sessions at "The Werk Shop"! Here are some pics of my '02 before it went to the bodyshop -
  14. Join the Facebook group I think it's called Chicago 02 Also, sell your 02?
  15. The Chicago 02 group will host a tech session at The Werk Shop feb. 20 at 9 am, main topic Is the 02 heater box. All welcome! pm me with questions
  16. Hi All. I have a pair of new, never mounted dark gray 13 x 7 inch VTO wheels. Zero offset, and obviously 4 x 100 bolt pattern. I got them last season and then wound up using some other wheels for vintage racing. They were $765 new including shipping last year. Respectable offers welcome. Thanks, Jeff Ah, I meant that I have a set of four...not just a pair!
  17. Would someone be willing to give me the lowdown on this group? I have a 74 tii and live North of Chicago. Looking for others that I can discuss parts, restoration and advice. I am interested in the Werk Shop meet this coming Saturday...How many are planning on meeting there? Attached is a pic of my ride. Jim M
  18. Available for best offer. Great shape with center caps. Straight and true. No rash. From '74.
  19. Tire Rack Cars and Coffee is tomorrow morning from 7:00am to 10:00am at our HQ (7101 Vorden Pkwy in South Bend In). Lots of great stuff last time. Come out if you are in the area! Aaron
  20. APRIL Sunday 26 April : Fuel Fed's Coffee and Classics in Winnetka MAY Saturday-Sunday 2-3 May: New Glarus Hillclimb. Come out and watch. Sunday 3 - Group Drive - Lake Mills Cars and Coffee, Wis. Saturday 16 - Group Event, with Windy City; Car Show at Autobahn in Joliet Sunday 17 Rise and Drive Sunday 31 Fuel Fed's Coffee & Classics, Winnetka JUNE Sunday 21 - Rise & Drive Tuesday 23, Evening Group Drive - Brew City Cruise "German" Night, Mequon, WI Sunday 28 Fuel Fed's Coffee and Classics, Winnetka JULY Group Meeting TBA Sunday 12 Group Drive - 2nd Annual LSD Rise & Drive, Calumet Fisheries Lunch. Sunday 26 Fuel Fed's Coffee and Classics, Winnetka AUGUST Sunday 2 Rise & Drive - To Soldier Field? Tuesday 11 Evening Group Drive - Brew City Cruise BMW Night, Mequon, WI Sunday 30 Fuel Fed's Coffee & Classics, Winnetka September Rise & Drive, TBA Saturday 12, Ben Thongsai's Secret Policemen's Ball, Westchester, IL Sunday 13, Windy City's BMW Vintage Fest, Vernon Hills, IL Sunday 27 Fuel Fed's Coffee & Classics, Winnetka, IL October Group Meeting TBA Sunday 4 Group Drive, Get Your Kicks On Route 66, Joliet to Pontiac to Starved Rock, - Peter Rise & Drive, TBA Sunday 25 - Fuel Fed's Coffee & Classics
  21. January 24th at 9am, the Chicago '02 Group will be holding a tech session at the Werk Shop in Libertyville. Address: 729 East Park Avenue, Libertyville, IL 60048 (847) 295-3200. Learn what the pro's know about your '02. http://www.thewerkshop.com/
  22. Chicago '02 Group, the Rivertown Gearbusters and anyone else who wants to drive an 2002 to Lafayette, Indiana for some pizza an conversation about our beloved 2002's will be welcome on June 7, 2014. We'll up date this when we know more about the time and place. Your Gonzo.
  23. Keep at it man. You'll find that urban owners sometimes tend to stay "indoors". I have felt the same emotion that you are feeling. Don't let low morale for driving distances, to go driving, "curb" your spirits for the scene in general.

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