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  2. Looks like its in nice shape already David! Sometimes they come apart and never go back together!
  3. Hi all, Seems I am about to add the first NK to the register. The old girl is a 1967 2000TiLux. It is all stock except for the carbs. One of the previous owners swapped the Solex's out with 2 Dellorto DHLA 40s. I currently drive it fairly regularly to Canberra for work but would love to start a restoration, just need to stop driving it. 1440500 1967 Polaris Silver Vic
  4. Having spent a few years restoring 2002 BMW's and also a '69 CS Coupé all of which are now sold, I have accumulated a lot of good secondhand and new spare parts. I would like to list them and advertise them to Melbourne 2002 and CS owners. I this the right forum? I know I have good square tail lights and lots of original clips and special fittings for the 2002, and a wooden-rimmed steering wheel for the CS Coupé. Please advise
  5. Hi All. Last week I shared on facebook my new web page for 2002 carpet kits in Australia. We've been busy since launching it delivering in Australia and soon to NZ. Please feel free to take a look and send through any questions via the web site. 2002carpets WWW.2002CARPETS.COM.AU https://www.2002carpets.com.au/collections/all BMW 2002 carpet kits. From $550-$630. Australian made with simple installation guide for RHD cars. Various colours and options including boot mats.
  6. I would love some Roundie hubcaps in good nick if anyone wants to part with a set. Just want to give them a go to see if I like the look and would gladly return them to you if needed.
  7. Sadly this sub-group doesn't get much love! Victoria spent a large chunk of this year in the most severe lockdowns in the world. Happily, last weekend after restrictions had relaxed, a bunch of us could finally get out and enjoy a drive down and around the Mornington Peninsula - a couple of shots from the day attached.
  8. Hi all, I'm after a manual roundie. Let me know what you've got! Happy to take on a bit of a project. Sydney area preferred! Cheers, Nick
  9. I put this spread-sheet together from the old Register Tom tried to instigate. I wonder if we could attempt an up to date one, maybe use the FB page to get a larger audience? BMW 2002 Register Australia VIN Car Exterior Interior Year Trans- Roundie State Info Comments Colour Colour mission Squarie Rec'd 1550404 2002 Polaris Silver 1968 QLD Apr-14 Project car 1554019 1602 Colorado Orange 1972 Roundie SA Jan-18 weekender 1554554 2002 Golf Yellow 1971 VIC Mar-14 resto/track 1651380 2002 Colorado Orange 1969 Manual VIC Apr-14 nice vehicle 1651632 2002 Granada Red 1971 Roundie VIC Mar-14 ideal for restoration 1656661 2002 Chamonix White Blue 1972 Manual NSW Jun-14 get her back to daily use 1658326 2002 Colorado Orange 1974 Squarie NSW Apr-14 Sunroof car, but more of a parts car 1659614 2002 Maroon Black 1973 Manual Roundie QLD May-20 1667945 2002 Blue 1972 Manual Roundie NSW Jan-15 Needs resto 2520587 2002 Blue 1971 Auto WA Apr-14 daily driver 2521453 2002 Chamonix White 1972 Mar-14 2551026 2002 Polaris Silver 1973 WA Jul-15 M10 2.2L with a "rare" TISA head 2750846 2002tii Chamonix White 1972 VIC Mar-14 Suspension and brake mods, Recaros, S14 2751344 2002tii Golf Yellow 1972 VIC Apr-14 2770159 2002tii Polaris Silver 1973 VIC Mar-14 Rebuilt motor, clean interior 4200440 2002 Black 1973 VIC Mar-14 Suspension and brake mods, Recaros, 4201875 2002 Dark blue 1974 Squarie NSW Oct-14 Off road since 2011 4201875 2002 1974 NSW May-15 Off road since 2011 4270130 2002 Fjord 1973 Manual Mar-14 Full welded cage 4270318 2002 Gold 1974? Auto Squarie QLD Oct-14 non original' style restoration 4270365 2002 Chamonix White 1973 Auto Squarie Mar-14 4270505 2002 Fjord 1974 Auto VIC Apr-14 written off / salvage 4270548 2002 Chamonix White 1974 Auto VIC Mar-14 Was a parts car and engine lives on in #4200440 4270690 2002 Malaga Red 1974 Auto NSW Apr-14 owners project car 4270816 2002 Grey/Green 1974? Squarie QLD Oct-14 water damaged 1602 Agave Green 1971 VIC Mar-14 Currently a restoration project
  10. It has 2 sets of wheels in case you're wondering.
  11. The car is presently in a depot in Melbourne awaiting transport. I guess a couple of weeks before I see it, but I will post some pictures when I finally get a Safety Certificate and Rego.
  12. Look forward to seeing some shots and hearing about your first drive, Steve!
  13. I am looking specifically for a White BMW 2002 manual roundie in very good condition and will obviously pay accordingly. If at anytime anyone has such a car they might be selling I would love to hear from them. Thanks and kind regards. Steve.
  14. Bummer about the 'not-so-rust-free-02' Martin! There is a NZ owners group on Facebook which you might have some luck with for local parts: https://www.facebook.com/groups/243815559768403/
  15. Hi guys, This is my first ever post on the forum, however I've been using this forum for the last two years to work through a 2002 restoration. I have hit a road block, as my bonnet is full of bog, due to bad repairs and warping from previous sandblasting. The only way I can fix the bonnet is to fill it with bog again (which I don't want to do as it's still a bad bonnet). So here is the long shot,but is there anyone who has a solid rust free bonnet that is happy to ship to Auckland, New Zealand. I would make payment by PayPal (I am so conscious of scammers). Thanks, Martin Nobbs (Owner of a rust free 02, which was actually all rust)
  16. Will be great to meet you! I'm trying to make sure my car will be ready but i'm away for the 3 weeks before the event overseas . Regardless, i'll be there in an 02 of some sort! I coordinate an '02 Register' for Victoria mailing list (along with the 2002 Owners, Australia Facebook group). If you would like me to add you onto the mailing list - flick me your email (usually just email about 02 drives, parts for sale, group buys, that kind of thing) Love to see some pics of your progress! Tom
  17. Hi Tom, How are you? The car is currently in a workshop to get the floor panels replaced. Unfortunately i cant bring the 02 to the German Auto Show, However i will be attending the event.
  18. Hey Mint - how is the restoration coming along of your car? I've pulled together a few 02ers who will be going to the German Auto Show (August 25) so if you're about, let me know mate I recently found out that W&N do flat rate shipping so that might help with keeping the cost down on your parts (eg. the floors) - unfortunately GST is now under $1k i think ... bit annoying! Tom
  19. Thanks for the heads up Tom ,can't help with wheels or block, but will try to take some pics of parts available over the next couple of days and post. You guys may be able to help identify a couple I have.
  20. G'day there! Karl Anderson on the 2002 Owners Australia Facebook group will definitely have something in his stash. He would be within driving distance (outskirts of Brissy i think) Let me know if you have any BBS wheels or an S14 block sitting about Tom
  21. Hello all I have a couple of 2002 project cars and am chasing a couple of pieces of sheet metal from a body. In particular the piece of metal attached to firewall that comes up to the Bonnet seal. Secondly the piece from radiator support to nosecone. Does anyone know of any bodies in wrecking yards in Qld? The firewall piece is my main concern, 11the other nosecone piece I can probably fabricate a similar piece if I can not find one, but the firewall piece is well beyond my ability to fabricate. Also I have a ton of parts if anyone is in need of anything both standard parts or modification pieces, it would be great to hear, I see there has not been a lot of activity on this thread lately. I am on sunny coast in qld
  22. Hi Tom, I got the engine running again but the interior needs redo, i also found out that there are some rust at the driver’s footwell and i need to replace the whole wiring system. Mint
  23. That is a very sad sight! What kind of work are you looking at having done to the car to bring her back - full paint and mechanical go over? I can recommend separate places but not a one stop shop sadly... Tom
  24. HI Team, Recently purchased a flooded 2002tii, any recommend workshop for restoration in Melbourne, Vic? thanks, Mint
  25. sorry i didnt see this! ended up fixing the cracks and recoating my existing wheel as i figured most of the factory ones will be cracked anyway.
  • BMW Neue Klasse - a birth of a Sports Sedan

    BMW Neue Klasse - a birth of a Sports Sedan

    Unveiling of the Neue Klasse Unveiled in 1961, BMW 1500 sedan was a revolutionary concept at the outset of the '60s. No tail fins or chrome fountains. Instead, what you got was understated and elegant, in a modern sense, exciting to drive as nearly any sports car, and yet still comfortable for four.   The elegant little sedan was an instant sensation. In the 1500, BMW not only found the long-term solution to its dire business straits but, more importantly, created an entirely new
    History of the BMW 2002 and the 02 Series

    History of the BMW 2002 and the 02 Series

    In 1966, BMW was practically unknown in the US unless you were a touring motorcycle enthusiast or had seen an Isetta given away on a quiz show.  BMW’s sales in the US that year were just 1253 cars.  Then BMW 1600-2 came to America’s shores, tripling US sales to 4564 the following year, boosted by favorable articles in the Buff Books. Car and Driver called it “the best $2500 sedan anywhere.”  Road & Track’s road test was equally enthusiastic.  Then, BMW took a cue from American manufacturers,
    The BMW 2002 Production Run

    The BMW 2002 Production Run

    BMW 02 series are like the original Volkswagen Beetles in one way (besides both being German classic cars)—throughout their long production, they all essentially look alike—at least to the uninitiated:  small, boxy, rear-wheel drive, two-door sedan.  Aficionados know better.   Not only were there three other body styles—none, unfortunately, exported to the US—but there were some significant visual and mechanical changes over their eleven-year production run.   I’ve extracted t

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