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  2. Hi mate - are you after a factory roundie wheel or more of a Nardi or Momo wheel? PS: love to see your car - always good to see a new one from Oz!
  3. Simeon, thanks for the offer, got a set of nice original wheels from another member here. now looking for a steering wheel as mine is fairly cracked, does anyone have anyting suitable for the 1972 roundie?
  4. Vin: 1554019 Year: 1972 Model: 1602 Location: SA Comments: Recent purchase, currently mid-way through trying to replace the clutch. Should be an easy job but it's clearly got other ideas. Keen to talk to anyone who may be able to help. It's the wife's car, and once we've got this bloody clutch sorted, it'll be her weekender
  5. A long wondered question by many enthusiasts is - How many of the '02 series vehicles still actually remain in Australia today? Rust and accidents may have claimed a fair few, but there are still numerous owners out there. The US based 2002 Registry does a good job of tracking them down, but its very hard to find the Australian cars on the list. Lets try and track down as many as we can 'down under', whether this be yours, a vehicle you've seen for sale, a mates car, a car thats gone to 'a better place', etc Simply post up: Vin number Year Colour State Attach a picture (or link from a host like Photobucket) Any other comments / modifications etc.
  6. A thread to post any Australia based parts you have for sale or are wanting to buy, as sometimes the local parts can be lost in the sea of US parts within the 2002Faq Market. Play by the rules 1 - Only post For Sale or Wanted To Buy parts / cars here that are yours or are on behalf of a friend (no random eBay ads) 2 - No chit chat within the thread - Contact the seller/buyer via email or PM directly otherwise this thread will clog up with off topic content 3 - Post a price (or link to eBay etc where price is visable) 4 - Of course still post within the 2002Faq Market too!