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  2. Hi Tom, How are you? The car is currently in a workshop to get the floor panels replaced. Unfortunately i cant bring the 02 to the German Auto Show, However i will be attending the event.
  3. Hey Mint - how is the restoration coming along of your car? I've pulled together a few 02ers who will be going to the German Auto Show (August 25) so if you're about, let me know mate I recently found out that W&N do flat rate shipping so that might help with keeping the cost down on your parts (eg. the floors) - unfortunately GST is now under $1k i think ... bit annoying! Tom
  4. Thanks for the heads up Tom ,can't help with wheels or block, but will try to take some pics of parts available over the next couple of days and post. You guys may be able to help identify a couple I have.
  5. G'day there! Karl Anderson on the 2002 Owners Australia Facebook group will definitely have something in his stash. He would be within driving distance (outskirts of Brissy i think) Let me know if you have any BBS wheels or an S14 block sitting about Tom
  6. Hello all I have a couple of 2002 project cars and am chasing a couple of pieces of sheet metal from a body. In particular the piece of metal attached to firewall that comes up to the Bonnet seal. Secondly the piece from radiator support to nosecone. Does anyone know of any bodies in wrecking yards in Qld? The firewall piece is my main concern, 11the other nosecone piece I can probably fabricate a similar piece if I can not find one, but the firewall piece is well beyond my ability to fabricate. Also I have a ton of parts if anyone is in need of anything both standard parts or modification pieces, it would be great to hear, I see there has not been a lot of activity on this thread lately. I am on sunny coast in qld
  7. HI Team, Recently purchased a flooded 2002tii, any recommend workshop for restoration in Melbourne, Vic? thanks, Mint
  8. WHEELS WANTED - Looking for a set of stock steel wheels for a 72 2002
  9. Blackwood. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Big project. Started in December 2016. Bare metal restoration. Located in SA. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. WTB - looking for a boot lid for a '68 2002. I have one but it is quite rippled but still rust free. Any spare straight rust free ones out there? big ask I know.
  12. Here here! I think you'll find there are a lot of lurkers who frequent 02Faq as its such a brilliant resource, but most tend to actually post over on the 2002 Owners Australia group on Facebook. Both are great resources!
  13. This group needs to be more active. One good and argumentative reason is that we use RHD cars and most faq fellows from USA have no experience with RHD setup, tricks, hacks, specific parts, alternative parts, local suppliers and so on. We need to share our experience and solution here so everyone from Australia & NZ can benefit or do the same.
  14. I am looking for a spare 2 litre engine, complete with ancillaries ideally but certainly a 'long block' of head and block. Condition is not so important as I want to rebuild it but ideally nothing too 'explosive' or catastrophic to have happened to it. I could also be interested in any gearboxes or diffs you may have cluttering up your place - just to make the trip worthwhile. Location? Of course, Adelaide would be fantastic but I could manage a trip over to Vic or NSW. QLD and WA may be a bit far unless you are giving away free original turbo motors. In which case, I am on my way! Price? Let me know what you want, I will pay whatever's reasonable. Let's see what you have and thanks for reading.
  15. Hi there I'm new at this thread stuff so forgive me if I get something wrong ... Long story (hopefully) short ... I've owned a 2002 since 1980 - and just last week purchased my 4th (1974 inka) to replace my 3rd (1973 fjord blue) which is being retired due to a bit too much rust and a recent bad idling diagnosed as head gasket (or worse) in nr4 cylinder and consider not worth spending any more $ on. So.... I'm after a few parts - eg LH door and a set of original 13" rims to go on the orange one ... and there will be a lot of good usable bits off the blue one in due course ... I'm in Sydney - lower north shore any ideas / advice / contacts etc would be appreciated not sure if I should leave email address or phone nr here - so I guess I check this thread every now and then for potential replies? thanks and best regards Pete G
  16. Hello Guys, I'm doing some research about Pure Performance Motorsports in Melbourne. https://www.pureperformancemotorsport.com/index.php/bmw-m10-e12-e21-e28-e30-2-6-2-7l-98mm-stroker-kit.html I have talked to Thomas Faska (Director) via email. He tells me that it is safe to use a 2.6L stroker kit in an M10 block. The block must be from a 1602 -2002 M10 not an E30 M10. The older M10s are stout enough for the mod. He also claims he has Sonic Tested the early blocks. The clearance (slight) will have to be made at the bottom of the bore to prevent rotation problems. He recommended a 93mm stroker kit w/ 3x ring piston design which will give you 2.6L He gave me a contact named "Pip" at [email protected] who says he has built several racing engines using the kit. My question is: Has anyone heard of/know anything about this product? Good or bad I'd like to know.
  17. Vin - 2551026 Year - 1973 Colour - Polaris Silver State - Western Australia Comments - Bilstein suspension, Whiteline sway bars, IE bushings, 5 speed, built M10 2.2L with a "rare" TISA head.
  18. Hi All, New member and first post, to pick everyone's brains on repair costs. I'm Sydney based, and in the market for a 2002. There's a silver 2002 tii on car sales that notes rust in sills and sold with new replacement sills. Any ideas on how much it would cost to replace the sills? Ball park numbers I know, as very tough to estimate. I just want to know if it's $1k region or $3k, or more! Very grateful for any assistance, and perhaps recommendations on good repairers/restorers. Thanks all, Craig
  19. I am looking for a good RHD dash for 2002. Mine is badly cracked. Richard Sunshine Coast Qld 0497 251 337
  20. Hello peeps on the thread, I am re-emerging into the wide world of 02 after a long hiatus.. Seems I might have that 'fear of finishing' thing going on. The beige 1969 02 ti spec has been lurking in the garage for years now, half restored. Not sure what, how or why but I'm feeling it's time to get the ball rolling again! SO... Body resto is done and I'm about ready to lay on paint and need help, either with choosing a resto shop that owners have had good experience with, or help painting the car myself (still keen on the idea). I'm in Melbourne, so local sprayers would be a help. When the car is back together I'll be hunting down some retro red pin stripe tyres (BF Goodrich maybe) to fit period 13in alloys, so anyone in the know for good Oz suppliers, your suggestions are welcomed. After that an LSD will finish off the driveline. My use will be about 60% street, 40% highway. Reccomendations on drive ratios and places to source the unit are welcomed. Car is running high comp ti spec motor with E21 5-speed overdrive box. Reccomendations of workshops with good knowledge of 02 running gear in Melbourne are appreciated too. I've been off the scene for around 7 years now so I imagine things have changed. My old favorite, Pedders in Hawthorne are gone now. Man did those rally guys know what they were doing! Car has camber/castor kits front & rear and a bunch of other suspension mods so need someone who knows what they're doing for the final setup. Motor will need tuning but I'm sorted for that. Interior needs doing but am sorted for that too (unless you have some great period low-back racing buckets!) Hoping to have it all done by end of year, so any help is appreciated. My number is 0412187910. Thanks! Chris ps: I'll post pics of resto etc if someone can tell me how to do it!
  21. I am looking for a good steering gearbox of cause right-hand drive and also e12 block exhaust manifold
  22. VIN looks like 1657245 from the included photo
  23. On ebay located in Sydney 1972 2002 Vin: 1667945 Manual Needs resto - some damage on the front clip but has sunroof! Looks like a decent rest candidate

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