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  2. Great meet-up today... thanks everyone who helped organize this and participated!! https://www.lftphotography.com/MotorSports/Houston02GruppeDec2020/Houston-02-Gruppe-Houston-BMWCCA/
  3. Thank you Lindrel for posting the cool pictures on that hot day JP
  4. John Rosalda (JR) Motorsports, recently one of our Houston 02 Gruppe members installed a JR M10. Drop me a PM if you like to join fellow Houston 02 enthusiasts JP
  5. Lewis at Munich Motorwerke (713) 977-9672 https://maps.app.goo.gl/kha5yPpiFTwcME1C9
  6. I’m newly back in Houston and looking for recommendations for a mechanic(s) for my ‘74 2002. I’m in the Clear Lake area— it would be great if there was someone in the area but the likelihood seems slim. tia
  7. Hot and humid in Houston but we got some of the group out!! https://www.lftphotography.com/MotorSports/Houston02GruppeDec2020/Houston-02-Gruppe-CC-Aug-2021/
  8. Thanks for sharing your pics! Hopefully we can have another Houston / Austin meet up soon. Greg
  9. Wow! Thanks for the link. Those are some beautiful vehicles.
  10. Welcome Frank! Great group here and our super Austin friends… https://www.lftphotography.com/MotorSports/Houston02GruppeDec2020/Houston-02-Gruppe-CC-Dec-2020/
  11. Lots of resources within the Houston 02rs to help you gain that confidence!
  12. Thanks for responding to my post. I've seen some of the chatter from the Austin group and after gaining some confidence in my '02 will get to one of your C&Cs.
  13. Glad you reached out! Definitely not a lot of traffic here on the Texas faq page. There is group in Houston with lots of 02 knowledge. Communication is via WhatsApp. I see Steven reached out to you. He’s a super guy and will get you connected. We have a good number of 02s in Austin and have a monthly C&C on the 3rd Saturday morning of each month.
  14. I just became a 2002 owner ('75 Malaga) and thought I'd try to connect up with some 02 owners in Houston. Pretty quiet here in the Texas Discussion Group. If anyone is on here - how big is the Houston '02 community? Do you guys use another forum for chats and info sharing?
  15. BarneyT

    BAUR 1974 fjord blue

    Don’t tell the others but this is my favorite 2002, stock except for added five speed...
  16. I am looking for used wiper arms and blades for a 1971 2002. also a pair of rear reflectors. if you have a set, call me at 281-750-1016. thanks, randall
  17. I have four steel BMW wheels. they have the BMW center caps. 13 inches. if interested, call me. 281-750-1016 randall
  18. https://www.wallothnesch.com/en/fahrzeugelektrik/bmw-1502-2002-turbo/katalogbild-61-18.html https://www.rogerstii.com/bmw-2002-chrome-windshield-wiper-arm/
  19. you guys are batting 1000! thanks. next question...where to find windshield wiper arms? will a 3000 series arm work on my 71 2002? thanks, again. Randall '84
  20. Bluntech sells complete shifter bushing rebuild kits
  21. thank you for the source for the boot gasketing. do you have a source for the bushings for the shifter? thanks.
  22. You can get all the rubber you need from these sources https://www.blunttech.com/ https://www.wallothnesch.com/en/
  23. I'm looking for a good source for the Rubber for the bonnet, boot, doors, ect for a 2002. Any sources? Randall
  24. Hello,anyone sell trunk lock with key?

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