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  1. What's new in this club
  2. I have four steel BMW wheels. they have the BMW center caps. 13 inches. if interested, call me. 281-750-1016 randall
  3. https://www.wallothnesch.com/en/fahrzeugelektrik/bmw-1502-2002-turbo/katalogbild-61-18.html https://www.rogerstii.com/bmw-2002-chrome-windshield-wiper-arm/
  4. you guys are batting 1000! thanks. next question...where to find windshield wiper arms? will a 3000 series arm work on my 71 2002? thanks, again. Randall '84
  5. Bluntech sells complete shifter bushing rebuild kits
  6. thank you for the source for the boot gasketing. do you have a source for the bushings for the shifter? thanks.
  7. You can get all the rubber you need from these sources https://www.blunttech.com/ https://www.wallothnesch.com/en/
  8. I'm looking for a good source for the Rubber for the bonnet, boot, doors, ect for a 2002. Any sources? Randall
  9. Hello,anyone sell trunk lock with key?
  10. Can anyone recommend a paint and body shop in the Houston area for installing fender flares? I want to use the sheet metal flares. I live in Galveston and would like someone who's closes to me. I had one shop appraise me at roughly $3,500, seems a lil high to me, but I absolutely have no mechanical back ground to judge. Thanks in advance.
  11. My name is Jeff Gomon. I am Three things, a 2002 owner, South Central Region VP/National Board Member and lastly, in need of your help. Terry Sayther has approached the Board and requested the formation of a stand alone non-geographical BMW CCA 2002 chapter. This chapter would allow for greater communication of 2002 owners and groups everywhere. To get things started signatures from 250 members are needed for the chapter petition. We are over 1/2 way there and need your help. Further, once the chapter has its charter, we will hold elections for a Board and Area "Governors" in all regions. Follow the link below for more info and sign the petition. Below is Terry's message. Thank you!! ------------------------------------------------------------- "We're working our way toward the 250 signatures we need to form a 2002 Chapter of the BMW CCA, and we are over half way there! But…that was the easy half. We need more that a hundred additional CCA Member signatures to meet the requirement. SO---I'd like all of you to think of additional ways we might get more people to sign up, rejoin the club so that you can sign up, give membership gifts so that your friends can sign up, and spread the word! Go to https://2002sforever.net/sign-the-petition/ and sign up now! We are under-represented on the west coast---somebody get those guys motivated, please If you've been procrastinating---stop that! Sign up today. Do it! Many thanks for those of you out there who have been spreading the word and encouraging friends. We appreciate your efforts! Happy Holidays---Terry Terry Sayther Vintage Bimmers terndeb@saytherauto.com Terry Sayther Automotive 512-442-1361
  12. Wow, your car looks great - hard to beat a California car for a clean body. When you say the engine is "blown" - are we talking low\no compression or what? Maybe best to hold those answers until I get you added to the WhatApp chat where more people can respond - there's one guy in the group (Rudy) that has 6-7 02s (and 7 e30 M3s, and more) so there's a wealth of knowledge there. WhatsApp works off of phone numbers, send me your for me to be able to get you added. I need to do brakes on mine as well - I think I'm going to go for Ireland Engineering's stainless steel lines, $90 for the set and they're DOT approved. You might want to check with Terry Sather in Austin for your rebuild, he's the 02 whisperer closest to us.
  13. Here is a picture of my new project. It needs a brake refresh and the engine needs to be rebuilt to get it on the road. Thanks for the WhatsApp offer and I will gladly take you up on it. Any assistance and guidance from Fellow 02 enthusiast in the Houston area would be most helpful.
  14. Hi Bruce - Congratulations on finding your 02! I about have finished completely dismembering my parts car. As it turns out, while the engine is a '69 block when looking at it closer it turned out to have a '74 e12 head on it, and even better, the distributor was actually the right one for my '74 tii. I'm in the process of mothballing the engine, hopefully I don't need it any time soon, but my plans are to hold on to it. I do have belt trim pieces but not a full set. Any time you're up in the NW Houston area you're more than welcome to stop by, it would be nice to meet. There's a WhatsApp group of Houston 02 owners - let me know if you'd like to be a part of it and I'll ask the owner of the group to add you. Here's a picture of my "keeper". Barrett
  15. Barrett, I recently purchased a 1976 02 “barn find” from California. It is relatively rust free but needs brake work and the engine is blown. I was thinking about just replacing the engine w another engine and wanted to see if; 1) your 69’ engine is available?, and 2) does it operate well? Also, I may be interested in some trim work. I live in Kingwood but would love to see your ‘02 projects. Thanks, Bruce
  16. I do have some things that I won't be needing - anything in particular that you're looking for?
  17. Barrett, Do you still have parts available? Thanks, Bruce
  18. Anyone from Dallas going up Thursday, the Houston group will pull through Paris Texas at 11 - 11.30 if you want to join up with us! Lunch at JAXX Burgers
  19. Today instead of prepping our 2002's for MidAm, several members of the Houston 02 caravan volunteered at the BMWCCA Teen Survival event at HPD in Houston. We had a great turn out and 40 more safer teenage drivers on the roads. Next week we hope to be with the MidAm 02'ers in Arkansas. Volunteers Ken, Patrick, JP, Steven, Dennis and Dan
  20. Good thinking Greg. Replaced my spare a couple years ago. Do need to look under the floorboards and see if it still has air in it though
  21. New spare purchased for peace of mind... ?. 1 week from today!!
  22. BarneyT

    BAUR 1974 fjord blue

    Don’t tell the others but this is my favorite 2002, stock except for added five speed...
  23. We have a caravan leaving from Austin on Wednesday morning around 930 spending the night in Arkadelphia, Arkansas Wednesday night driving thur the middle of Arkansas and two national forest arriving in Eureka Springs around 2 o’clock on Thursday...Looks like six cars right now, contact me if you’re interested in meeting us somewhere along the way
  24. I am in Dallas and so wish I could road trip to that meet!

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