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  2. Who's going to MidAmerica '02 Fest?

    Congratulations Steven. See you next year with your new copilot.
  3. Who's going to MidAmerica '02 Fest?

    Will miss this one guys due to my wedding. Everyone be safe!
  4. Who's going to MidAmerica '02 Fest?

    After a text discussion with the famous JP Lips, the two of us decided to meet in Madisonville at 8:00 am Thursday morning. No location decided. I am going to suggest Buc-ee’s right off I-45. Clean bathrooms and cheap gas. Obviously, anyone is welcome to join us in the two car caravan.
  5. South Texas

    This car, almost two years ago. I think he was planning to paint it red? Ed
  6. South Texas

    I'll have to be very vigilant down here next to the gulf. POR15 is certainly a good recommendation for sure. How long ago did you sell the '75 to the guy in Port Isabel? I've never seen it out on the road.
  7. I know many of us who have made the trip are texting one another, but for those who may be looking to join the crowd... 10 days out...do we have a plan yet? I hear that some folks want to make a leisurely drive of it and leave on Wednesday. The haul in one day typically has us arrive just after dark and it can make for a long day.... I enjoy the drive through east Texas and avoid IH35, but 35 is faster... Thoughts? Ed
  8. South Texas

    South Padre... 2002s love the beach and salty air Make POR15 your best friend I sold a '75 to a guy in Port Isabel... I'll see if I can find his email address. Ed
  9. South Texas

    Thank you David. I'm looking forward to participating in as many meets as life will allow.
  10. South Texas

    Glad to see you made it here as well, Todd!
  11. South Texas

    As much fun as that would have been Ed, life circumstances would have prevented that run. Maybe one day I'll figure out how to make that one happen. I live down on South Padre Island.
  12. South Texas

    Should have kept it together another few weeks to join the caravan to MidAmerica02Fest ! That Baur has made the trip several times. Where are you located, Todd ? Ed Z Cedar Park, Texas
  13. South Texas

    Thank you Jean. The guys have been kind enough to send me regular photo updates on their progress. Since you had the chance to drop by Terry's, you know it will be a while before she is back on the road. I look forward to seeing you and your Targa one of these days in the future.
  14. South Texas

    Welcome to the group. Was in Terry’s shop last week and they were working hard on your Targa Anytime you go South of Austin towards Houston, let us know
  15. South Texas

    Thank you Greg. I'll get some good ones posted up before long. Todd
  16. South Texas

    Welcome aboard! Be sure to post pics on occasion. Greg Resa
  17. South Texas

    Well, I've officially rejoined the 02 community after having sold my first 02 some twenty years ago. I knew when I parted ways with my first 02 that the day would come that I would own another. What I didn't know at the time, was that it would take twenty years before owning another. Some friends here that recently moved to Texas introduced me to Terry Sayther. Terry was kind enough to transfer ownership over to me to one of his favorite cars. Those that know Terry have seen his '74 2002 Baur Targa. The next time you see her she will look a little different. I am hoping to be able to free up some time in October so that I might join you all for 02berfest. Until then, I appreciate being a part of the community.
  18. New to Texas

    Thanks Josh. I ordered a similar one from Amazon, a little cheaper. Looks to be identical bar. Once I receive will find time to work on it. After reading multiple posts on the subject, I feel a little more confident now. I was spoiled when I built the car because my friend had a hoist. And excellent tip on the gauge ground. Will look at that.
  19. New to Texas

    To replace motor mounts, Harbor Freight sells an engine support bar for $75 that'll lift and hold the engine while you swap mounts. I've also done it with a home-built 2X4 contraption that approximated the Harbor Freight tool. Either way, it's pretty easy one person job and probably accomplished in an hour or so, if you know what you're doing. On the gas gauge, start by working on grounds. Five minutes cleaning up the instrument cluster grounds might fix it, as both the fuel and temp gauges are particularly sensitive to bad grounds. Some even run new, separate grounds for these gauges.
  20. New to Texas

    you have 3 weeks....LOTS of time to prep it. Motor mounts are not terribly difficult, even by yourself. Ed
  21. New to Texas

    Thank you for the very Texan welcome. Unfortunately MID America is out of reach. The laundry list of items just keeps getting longer. Seriously, who drives a car for 6 years only puts 800 miles on it and has this many things wrong with it? I think sitting is harder on these than track days. Anway, I am anxious to meet up with others. The good news is I solved my shift linkage issue with the help of Ireland. Now onto replacing the motor mounts. The previous IE poly’s come apart due to age. IE replaced under warranty. My struggle is how to replace by myself. Then after that I should be able to get in a shake down drive. Although I need to figure out why the gas gauge is not working. Thinking P.O. had shop replace fuel pump and something is wonky with the sending unit. Currently this is the state.
  22. Good deal, Josh. Hope we see you in Eureka. There's been 50 cars for the last few years, I can't imagine this even getting smaller. You'll see the gamut... rusty, smoking survivors to high-end S14 rockets; and everything in between. Ed
  23. Who's going to MidAmerica '02 Fest?

    Thanks all. I kinda expected to be a "lone ranger" in my drive to and fro, given that I wasn't going to participate in the Friday activities. It sounds like there'll be a decent turn-out for this event, and hopefully worth the drive. Here's hoping my schedule aligns so I can make it. BTW, for those who don't know me, I've had an '02 since '95. I used to live in Houston, and was pretty active with the '02 folks there in the late '90s and early 2000s. I then moved to Dallas, and started a group here. About the same time Ed Fens stopped doing the TX '02 Fest, I bought my first house and had kids and, well, you know how that goes. . . I don't recognize any of your names, but I might recognize your cars if they're from the area. If I make it, I'll introduce myself.
  24. Who's going to MidAmerica '02 Fest?

    I am leaving College Station Thursday morning. Hopefully meet up with others on their way north.
  25. I know there is a group leaving Dallas, they only pinged me yesterday with this same question. No plans have been firmed up, but the Austin group has met up with the Houston and Dallas group for the last several years on the drive up on Thursday. I'd expect 6-10 cars out of Texas, perhas more this year as the Austin group has grown a good bit. If you only plan to drive up on Saturday, you could be a lone ranger... Ed Z Austin area...
  26. I am driving from Houston