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  2. BarneyT

    75 Verona Red Baur

  3. Would be great if some o2's came show is on the 29th of April last day for tickets is 28th . 4/29/2023 10:00 AM to 04/29/2023 02:00 PM registration website PPC Car Show 2023 PRESERVATIONPARKCITIES.TICKETSPICE.COM Get Tickets for PPC Car Show 2023. Ticket sales close April 28th 2023. location Burleson Park (3000 University Blvd)
  4. Great event today with the BMWCCA-Houston group…. benefit for Arms Wide Adoption Service…. Houston '02 Gruppe - The Asylum - Lindrel Thompson WWW.LFTPHOTOGRAPHY.COM Dec 10th, 2022 joint event of Houston '02 Gruppe and Houston Chapter BMWCCA, benefiting Arms Wide Adoption Service!
  5. BarneyT

    BAUR 1974 fjord blue

    Don’t tell the others but this is my favorite 2002, stock except for added five speed...
  6. Hi, Got a chance to drive my '02 yesterday. First time really "driving" an '02 so not sure if the brake feel is normal. Feels underpowered compared to my e30s. Wondering if someone local wants to meet up so we can drive each other's '02 to compare notes
  7. O2berfest weekend in Fredericksburg is right around the corner! Terry Sayther will be heading out this weekend and plotting our drive route. Shaping up to be another well attended 02berfest with 02rs from Austin, Houston and DFW planning on partaking! Earlier email sent by Terry (subject to adjustments) How exciting! We’re going to do it again November 4,5,6 2022—Friday, Saturday, and Sunday—at the Peach Tree Inn in Fredericksburg TX We’ll be driving back roads to Fredericksburg, leaving the Vintage Bimmers/Terry Sayther Automotive shop in south Austin about 12.30 on Friday and arriving in Fred a couple hours later. We’ll relax around the courtyard Friday afternoon, have some supper at your favorite local restaurants, and then relax around the courtyard some more. Saturday morning we’ll start early with breakfast at the Airport Cafe followed by a big hill country drive over fantastic roads. We’ll return to the Peach Tree in the afternoon for more socializing and a pizza dinner together [if you choose] in the evening. Sunday morning will be our final breakfast together before we drive home. It’s a simple event, but we haven’t seen everybody for a couple years, so it ought to be a great time. Hope you’ll join us! Make reservations now at the Peach Tree Inn, or choose another hotel if you like. See you soon—Terry Sayther
  8. Was wondering if anyone in the Dallas area wanted to do a Christmas / New years event like a drive out to see some sights around that time in our 02's , and had some ideas to do so ? Just a thought .
  9. M4202, Are you linked up with any of the other 2002rs in the Dallas/Ft Worth area?
  10. Hi guys I take my 02 to this great meet at Meteor burger at 1608 E Belt Line Rd Richardson Texas .( its every Wednesday , please check there facebook (https://www.facebook.com/meteorhamburgersrichardsontx/) to see if there any changes ) Would be great to have other 02's at this meet have a good day. Time is from 6pm to 9pm (sorry if this post was bad its my first time posting on a forum)
  11. Houston '02 Gruppe Beer Run - Jun 2022 - Lindrel Thompson WWW.LFTPHOTOGRAPHY.COM Trip to No Label Brewing Company, Katy, TX... 93 degrees so everyone got a cooling system test!
  12. Great meet-up today... thanks everyone who helped organize this and participated!! https://www.lftphotography.com/MotorSports/Houston02GruppeDec2020/Houston-02-Gruppe-Houston-BMWCCA/
  13. Thank you Lindrel for posting the cool pictures on that hot day JP
  14. John Rosalda (JR) Motorsports, recently one of our Houston 02 Gruppe members installed a JR M10. Drop me a PM if you like to join fellow Houston 02 enthusiasts JP
  15. Lewis at Munich Motorwerke (713) 977-9672 https://maps.app.goo.gl/kha5yPpiFTwcME1C9
  16. I’m newly back in Houston and looking for recommendations for a mechanic(s) for my ‘74 2002. I’m in the Clear Lake area— it would be great if there was someone in the area but the likelihood seems slim. tia
  17. Hot and humid in Houston but we got some of the group out!! https://www.lftphotography.com/MotorSports/Houston02GruppeDec2020/Houston-02-Gruppe-CC-Aug-2021/
  18. Thanks for sharing your pics! Hopefully we can have another Houston / Austin meet up soon. Greg
  19. Wow! Thanks for the link. Those are some beautiful vehicles.
  20. Welcome Frank! Great group here and our super Austin friends… https://www.lftphotography.com/MotorSports/Houston02GruppeDec2020/Houston-02-Gruppe-CC-Dec-2020/
  21. Lots of resources within the Houston 02rs to help you gain that confidence!
  22. Thanks for responding to my post. I've seen some of the chatter from the Austin group and after gaining some confidence in my '02 will get to one of your C&Cs.
  • BMW Neue Klasse - a birth of a Sports Sedan

    BMW Neue Klasse - a birth of a Sports Sedan

    Unveiling of the Neue Klasse Unveiled in 1961, BMW 1500 sedan was a revolutionary concept at the outset of the '60s. No tail fins or chrome fountains. Instead, what you got was understated and elegant, in a modern sense, exciting to drive as nearly any sports car, and yet still comfortable for four.   The elegant little sedan was an instant sensation. In the 1500, BMW not only found the long-term solution to its dire business straits but, more importantly, created an entirely new
    History of the BMW 2002 and the 02 Series

    History of the BMW 2002 and the 02 Series

    In 1966, BMW was practically unknown in the US unless you were a touring motorcycle enthusiast or had seen an Isetta given away on a quiz show.  BMW’s sales in the US that year were just 1253 cars.  Then BMW 1600-2 came to America’s shores, tripling US sales to 4564 the following year, boosted by favorable articles in the Buff Books. Car and Driver called it “the best $2500 sedan anywhere.”  Road & Track’s road test was equally enthusiastic.  Then, BMW took a cue from American manufacturers,
    The BMW 2002 Production Run

    The BMW 2002 Production Run

    BMW 02 series are like the original Volkswagen Beetles in one way (besides both being German classic cars)—throughout their long production, they all essentially look alike—at least to the uninitiated:  small, boxy, rear-wheel drive, two-door sedan.  Aficionados know better.   Not only were there three other body styles—none, unfortunately, exported to the US—but there were some significant visual and mechanical changes over their eleven-year production run.   I’ve extracted t

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