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  2. Anyone from Dallas going up Thursday, the Houston group will pull through Paris Texas at 11 - 11.30 if you want to join up with us! Lunch at JAXX Burgers
  3. Today instead of prepping our 2002's for MidAm, several members of the Houston 02 caravan volunteered at the BMWCCA Teen Survival event at HPD in Houston. We had a great turn out and 40 more safer teenage drivers on the roads. Next week we hope to be with the MidAm 02'ers in Arkansas. Volunteers Ken, Patrick, JP, Steven, Dennis and Dan
  4. Good thinking Greg. Replaced my spare a couple years ago. Do need to look under the floorboards and see if it still has air in it though
  5. New spare purchased for peace of mind... 🤗. 1 week from today!!
  6. BarneyT

    1974 fjord blue

    Don’t tell the others but this is my favorite 2002, stock except for added five speed...
  7. I would be there in a heartbeat. I have family coming in from Atlanta this weekend. I hope everyone has fun. Have a beer for me. MidAmerica was a blast, as always. '02 people are the best!
  8. Hey guys i've reached out a few times but nothing has lined up, anyone want to get together this weekend or next for cars and coffee? Maybe catalina or blacksmith? I could be convinced burgers and beer would a good idea too.
  9. I think I would like to push it out to early Fall. I haven't been able to do proper route planning yet, and don't want a fiasco. Let's start looking at late Sept/early Oct that doesn't conflict with Terry's Fall drive. J
  10. Little late seeing this post. I agree. Had fun driving up with everyone. Couple nice detours. See everyone soon!
  11. Hey Ed, while being the point man man can be stressful, I feel that my participation is my way of giving back to you guys who support me with the wealth and knowledge I don't have. It is a two way street.
  12. I like to thank Darrin for GPS skilz and kindness for running point throughout the entire trip...that is a hard job to be able to keep everyone pointed in the right direction. I failed to log how many miles I drove, but it was a lot, for sure. The car turned 35,000 miles (since the resto) 25,000 of those are mine and three trips to MidAm. It was very good to run with y'all. Brandon made the comment to me at our last fuel stop how well our group works together and that is very true. I'm glad to be part of the group, for sure. Hopefully, next year we can add a few more folks to the caravan. Thanks again, Darrin. Ed
  13. Le will not join the caravan as he's driving a truck to pick up parts in the DFW area on the way. Been chatting with Barney... had rain all day today on his trip. He lost both wiper arms off his car!! I'm bringing some extras, but if others have some, you might bring them along. I've seen this happen before and had to bring an arm for John's Sputter in the past. As far as I know, it will only be me and Brandon out of Austin. See you in Hearne, Darrin. Ed
  14. Glitch going on with FAQ right now. Your ad was posted in the Texas Group... no worries. Ed
  15. Alright everyone. Are we all set for the AM caravan? What is our headcount in Buffalo at 9:00? Darrin Ed Brandon and Renee JP Steven Le Tran? Anyone else? So many questions....I know.
  16. I see what you did there, Mr. 35mpg.... Yes, I will be topping off at Buffalo. Darrin, we can meet in Hearne about 8:00...now that I know where I'm going this time? I'll text you... Ed
  17. Steven, That is a good idea to meet at the Exxon. Ed will need to fill up, I am sure. The route is a good start and a pretty good mix of two lane rural and fast highway. Darrin
  18. Ed and Darrin. Where are we meeting in Buffalo? The Exxon gas station on the 45 south side seems like the nicest gas station around. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Exxon/@31.448934,-96.077397,21z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x86462021b1691445:0xf1ec316d5c87739b!2sBuffalo,+TX+75831!3b1!8m2!3d31.4637866!4d-96.0580197!3m4!1s0x0:0xdb54c170c45630b7!8m2!3d31.4488513!4d-96.0772895 Meet there 9am and proceed from there on Darrin's route?
  19. Le Tran (2002 Garage Werks in So Cailifornia) will get into Austin on Tuesday, Ed, Terry Sayther, myself and a few others are having lunch with Le on Wednesday. I let Le know that Ed is heading out on Thursday and hooking up with yall H-Town 02rs. Pretty sure Le will head out of the ATX together. Wish I was going...
  20. Okay so JP and I will meet Darrin and Ed in Buffalo at 9am and we will proceed on our own from there. With a lunch break we should get into Eureka Springs by 6pm. Ed you coordinate with any other Austin guys you know of. I'll work with JP on any Houston guys. Dallas appears to be going on their own route.

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