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  2. 2002 faq is a great site . Have purchased parts from Montreal, to Florida . All positive transactions and great people .
  3. Just want to reach out to fellow Canadian owners . Hello from Northern Ontario . I am starting to purchase parts and having my engine rebuild for my 2002 .
  4. Just curious what came of this. Was the ‘72 sold? Thanks in advance!
  5. There's 10's of us! Maybe. Love the colour
  6. I recently bought a Inka that was originally Verona. It was painted poorly a few years back. Currently waiting for the OEM Turbo spoiler, H&R Springs, Recaros, IE Front Air Dam and a few other parts to come in. Planning on having the hood and engine bay painted. Refreshing the motor once it is pulled along with a few other things I'm in Mississauga, Ontario!
  7. I have a Sahara with no flares that runs rich... West of Toronto, probably not me then!
  8. Yesterday while getting gas at the local Co-op I struck up a conversation with a kid who said he had "a car exactly like..." mine. A few minutes later he showed me a pic on his phone of his dad's'72 Inka '02 that looked pretty close to immaculate, and is just a few miles down the road. But they only drive it in summer, unfortunately.
  9. I spotted you while I was walking to my friend's place. You are the first 02 I spotted since I moved back home. Hopefully, soon we can arrange a meeting at a C&C event. Please reach out if you need any help with your car; I am happy to do so. Regards
  10. I am about to post about "67Bimmer" spotted while I was walking to my friends place.
  11. I am so sorry that I am so late in my reply I will contact you shortly. There is a great community here I am sure that someone will be able to aid you further.
  12. Far and few between. I’m In Sudbury and most likely the only 2002 here . Like to know if there are others close by.
  13. We're all driving our cars before the snow? I would like to know the same... I'm out in Guelph and there's a few of us around but would love to see more ppl on here too
  14. Today September 26th i saw a green BMW 02 on 4th ave st Catharines. I was driving the opposite direction. Like to know if he is local.
  15. Hi - pics here- not sure why they don't show- you can text/call me at 604 418 0195 with questions Dianne
  16. Hey I just found this of Facebook Marketplace. In case anybody needs new front or rear suspension mounts. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/858714575059213/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post
  17. posted in BC/Lower mainland club July 19-pics there Hello Everyone- a newbie here- I have a treasure...a 1972 BMW 2002 tii round tail light. A dear friend passed away and left his cars(also a 1987 BMW 3 series white convertible and a 1997 3 series black coupe) to me to sell, with all $$ going to cancer research. If only I could keep them... many a fun ride in all of them...the 2002 has not been driven or started in approx a year, but it ran beautifully and am sure it would be easy to start-a jump and a tweak. Standard of course.The owner always loved to work on it, and has made many mods. Was originally orange but silver when he bought it 2011? The car has been parked in an underground parkade for many years. Lots of parts + tools avail. File with repair + parts details + handbook. Am in East Vancouver, can show it anytime. Any interest out there ? thanks!
  18. I am trying to get my hands on the Harbor Freight Vulcan 205, but considering the state of the border I would consider using a freight forwarder. Does anybody have any experience with one? Regards
  19. Hey there big guy. I didn't see your response. Sadly Yes I am in the T. I miss Vancouver it is a great town. I am in Toronto and struggling to scrape the time together to work on the car. Vancouver is definitely more friendly to older bmw's that is for sure. My favorite fab person is there as well. I am trying to get my hands on a Tig so I can start some fab work in the fall. I am hoping to get the RX8 transmission installed. Just knocking around what I do for a rear diff. I am throwing around the idea of dropping in a E30 diff without the support of 02 Underground. I we will see, but between cutting the arches and getting a transmission stuffed in it, I think my hands will be full.
  20. Mike....say it is not so....have you moved to the centre of the universe?
  21. I have sold my E30 to a fellow in Montreal recently who is not tuned into the local enthusiasts. He would like to get some work done on the car once it arrives, nothing major just some suspension upgrades essentially. We are hoping that someone might be able to forward recommendations on a reputable shop or mechanic. Please PM if you know anyone that could help him out. Much appreciated. Regards....Mike
  22. As the title says, Im putting a feeler out there for my euro 1974 bmw 1802 Golf yellow, in great shape, imported from germany in the 80's, and proof with it. Car runs and drives, daily driver, have put alot into general maintenance, rebuild carbs and so on. The body is in decent shape, very solid overall, but has a few things to be dealt with. I will provide all details, repair bills history pictures and so on to those who are interested. Im looking in the high teens
  23. Why is the Canadian membership so silent ? Is anyone building a car , selling parts ? Trying to help another Canadian member? I don’t get it ? Kijiji has 2 project cars on their site and nothing here . I met one person in need of body panels and a body man in the GTA. Is this the way we Help each other? Sad

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