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  2. No leads, but give Craigslist a look. I’ve met 3-4 guys now that just rent single car lock up garages due to their overzealous car collecting habit.
  3. Just moved here and looking to get my car out of the sun. Anyone have any leads or extra space for a car on the East side of town? Glendale, Burbank Atwater Village area? Long shot but worth asking
  4. Hello all, just picked up a new 74 tii. Would like to bring it to someone experienced with these cars to have it looked over, anyone with any recommendations? TIA
  5. Hey all, @hellayego and I are trying to find a shop/person that can help me repair a driver's side seat rail - needing repair and new stock seat holes drilled, in addition to potentially repairing some rust under the pedal area in my 2002. Located in the LA area, east side (Highland Park, Eagle Rock, Pasadena) preferred, but getting desperate and willing to trek further. Are there any shops or people you recommend? Big thanks, Brian
  6. Hello, Any recommendations for shops in the OC or IE area? I want to take my 02 to a reputable shop. TIA
  7. I just got my 2002 so haven't taken it anywhere yet. The previous owner had taken it to La Jolla Independent. Someone also recommended the Little Car Shop in Spring Valley. Again, haven't been to either, but both came well recommended. -Justin
  8. La Jolla Independent BMW is the place everyone must know Steve
  9. Anyone have any recommendations for shops that service 2002 Tii? in San Diego or north county?
  10. Hi there, I'm hoping someone in the area has a car who's rubber bushings have been replaced with polyurethane that wouldn't mind taking me for a drive. I'm considering this change but the only car I've ever had with full poly ALSO had poly motor and trans mounts (MkII GTI) and it was absolutely horrendous to drive and shook like crazy at idle. I'd like to do rubber engine and trans mounts but poly suspension bushings. I'll come to you and buy you lunch and a couple beers. Thanks!
  11. Hey guys, newly moved back to California - I. took my ugly American bumper off for that sharknose feel in the front - but not sure if its legal in California to drive without bumpers.
  12. I replaced the seals for the side windows and quarter panel glass (everything but rear window and windshield) - it's annoying to get them to fit, but relatively easy to do. I think I bought my seals on eBay, and they worked great. For the quarter panel glass, the windows just pop out when you unscrew the latch in the back, then you position them back in and screw them back in. They really are annoying to get to fit without pinching or gapping, but overall it took me about 2 hours. I can send you some walk-thru photos if you want.
  13. Hey all, I just moved back to Pasadena after 8 LONG years living in Michigan. Stoked to get connected with the local '02s out here! My car is getting the block machined at a place called Meccanica, and I saw a sweet white 02 with the 2002FAQ sticker on the side glass! Just wanted to say hi!
  14. Hello all, Anyone has a good windshield guy to install the door window seals / front quarter window side seal and rear quarter side seal? Thank you
  15. We should start an informal '02 one up. Brouwerij West in San Pedro has plenty of parking and good brews/food trucks. Home — Brouwerij West WWW.BROUWERIJWEST.COM
  16. Anyone else planning on driving north for Legends of the Autobahn and Festorics?
  17. The one most known is probably "Steve's Machine" in Azusa, Many street and Race M10's are always there ABOUT US/CONTACT STEVESMACHINESHOP.US 753 E. ARROW HWY. AZUSA, CA 91702 (626)967-0782 STEVESMACHINESHOP@YAHOO.COM THE CURRENT CREW OF STEVE'S MACHINE SHOP. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: DAVE LUEVANO, BRAD WEBSTER, ERIK NORD, ANDREW GARCIA, COREY HOWARD, & RUSSELL NORD ... From my experience:
  18. La Canada Cars and Coffee usually has a good size group once a month And Commodity "All Makes Welcome" in Long Beach
  19. Malibu Cars and Coffee is good little bit of all L
  20. Hello, I'm new to this club. Currently working on my 1975 1502. Pulled head and will be disassembling to replace rocker shafts and a couple of rocker arms. Need to find a machine shop to do the valves and check the head. Any recommendations for a machine shop in the LA area that is familiar with M10 engines? Thanks
  21. i can vouch for superperformence they worked on my 2002 when i lived a few blocks away a few years ago and didn't have the time to do the work myself
  22. there is a old school bmw meet in mid city last friday of the month in the evening. it's very laid back and has 25-30 cars usually next one is coming up in 3 weeks https://www.r3vlimited.com/board/forum/regional-forums/gatherings-regional-discussion/california/315969-midtown-crossing-meet-last-friday-of-every-other-month
  23. Sup! I’m in the middle of getting my motor refreshed so when I get the car back on the road I’ll hit you up
  24. New to LA and staying near Santa Monica. Wondering if there are any regular classic car or 2002 meet ups in the area? I.e. cars and coffee or 2002 swap meets etc. Thanks in advance!
  25. Right down the street from you in SJC. Hit me up
  • BMW Neue Klasse - a birth of a Sports Sedan

    BMW Neue Klasse - a birth of a Sports Sedan

    Unveiling of the Neue Klasse Unveiled in 1961, BMW 1500 sedan was a revolutionary concept at the outset of the '60s. No tail fins or chrome fountains. Instead, what you got was understated and elegant, in a modern sense, exciting to drive as nearly any sports car, and yet still comfortable for four.   The elegant little sedan was an instant sensation. In the 1500, BMW not only found the long-term solution to its dire business straits but, more importantly, created an entirely new
    History of the BMW 2002 and the 02 Series

    History of the BMW 2002 and the 02 Series

    In 1966, BMW was practically unknown in the US unless you were a touring motorcycle enthusiast or had seen an Isetta given away on a quiz show.  BMW’s sales in the US that year were just 1253 cars.  Then BMW 1600-2 came to America’s shores, tripling US sales to 4564 the following year, boosted by favorable articles in the Buff Books. Car and Driver called it “the best $2500 sedan anywhere.”  Road & Track’s road test was equally enthusiastic.  Then, BMW took a cue from American manufacturers,
    The BMW 2002 Production Run

    The BMW 2002 Production Run

    BMW 02 series are like the original Volkswagen Beetles in one way (besides both being German classic cars)—throughout their long production, they all essentially look alike—at least to the uninitiated:  small, boxy, rear-wheel drive, two-door sedan.  Aficionados know better.   Not only were there three other body styles—none, unfortunately, exported to the US—but there were some significant visual and mechanical changes over their eleven-year production run.   I’ve extracted t

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