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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Looking for a open diff.....has to be 3.91 anyone?
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking for a shop around Long Beach who can press in a new CSB and balance my driveshaft. I will take the driveshaft out myself and drop it off at the shop. I forget if the U-joints can/should be refreshed on these.
  4. anyone going to cars and coffee in La Canada this Sat? off the 2 and 210 freeway at the movie theater
  5. https://www.2002parts.com/ This company is in San Diego good luck on your project
  6. If you’re closer to the Valley, Marc Norris, the owner of Bavarian Workshop in West Hills, is outstanding for classic BMW’s.
  7. Meccanica BMW in Los Angeles, close to the Pasadena freeway moises and his workers are very knowledgable on 02's and newer BMWS. Very honest and they do awesome work. They work on all 4 of my cars 3-02's and my 11' 328i give them a try, you won't be disappointed
  8. Hopefully you got an answer to this question?! Not sure why this is such an unused forum for the large population of 2002 enthusiasts...
  9. I saw this nice Tii at dinner in Thousand Oaks last night. Who’s is it?
  10. anyone have a decent set of front seats? also looking for a chrome trim set and front and back bmw badges la or san diego area? thanks!
  11. Hey guys! Im trying to make a caravan to go up to bimmerfest for all of us guys that can't keep up with the big dogs that goes 80mph plus on the freeway. I have a little group together that wants to drive up with us so far and stick together as much as we can. Me personally, drive 65mph tops because of my 4.44 diff. planning to get tons of driving shots and stuff on the way. Thinking of meeting at the esco westfield mall. Everyone need to be there at 6am in front of sears and red robin and then leaving at 6:30am up to the fontana motor speedway! Any bmws are welcome! invite all your friends and we can try to make it a big group!! let me know for any question! cheers
  12. Hello Everyone, New to this Forum and would like to see if anyone has any good recommendations on SOCAL repair shops around Los Angeles. Any info would be great thanks!
  13. Yeah, we have the same goals, and are in about the same price range. I don't have any rust issues, just some minor body work. Was told can save $$ if you disassemble your 02 at home, windows, trim, lights, etc. I told one shop all I want is a concourse quality respray for a driver's quality price. Everyone is skeptical of TJ but don't think anyones has been disappointed. Where are you located? I will PM you with shops I've spoken to and, so as to put any negative or unreliable information out on the information superhighway.
  14. Steve, Yeah, I've looked around and I ranged from 5k and even up to 25k. And you're right, its what you pay is what you get kinda deal. I probably go with the mid "work body and paint" that is like 8k-10k just because that's my budget and also I am not restoring a "showcar" I just want a decent good looking driver. Tj is also an option but I am not sure how that deal works and im kinda skeptical about it, bring the car out of the states. What you think? Regards. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
  15. Adrian, I've also checked around FAQ and made a few calls for a good body/paint shop...sort of get what you pay for is what I've learned. I'm going to take it by a few shops and let you know what I come up with. Tijuana is sounding more and more appealing. Steve
  16. Hi everyone, do you guys know any decent body shop for our 02s? i need some rust repair on my 71. thanks!
  17. Jim, sorry I misread your signature and mistook Oscar for a Buick, tell him I'm sorry
  18. Alekhine, If I get the car this Saturday, I might go for a inaugural drive and coffee this Sunday with another 02er. Let me know if you want to drive over to the South Bay and join us. Only downside is car is in Ontario, sort of hard to find that special friend who will drive me out on a Saturday morning. Steve
  19. Hey Jim, I jokingly told him midstream last week I decided to do a color change to Schwartz. Well the planets aligned a little bit for us timing wise, as when I arrived, he drove it in straight to the lift, rather than sitting for the customary few weeks so caught him at a good time. We had this in the plans for over a month, and he had pre-ordered parts knowing what it would we be doing cooling system, ignition, seals, etc. Once we agreed to what to sort, I told him I'll pick it up next week..he later told me he took that as a personal challenge. He has hoarded many parts and has bins and bins full of plated and rebuilt parts. They seemed to work on the car every night until 9-10 pm, as evidenced by the continuous text messages and pics you will get when working with him. Got lucky as brakes were good, driveline was already rebuilt, and car was really solid and dry. The big time saver, I decided not to respray the engine bay, which was just way too many hours/dollars. Something I may regret. He's driving it over next few days and fine tuning, I'm picking it up this Saturday, so 2 weeks to finish. Makes the costs less painful with the expediency of the work, rather than a long drawn out drain on the bank account. I see you have a Buick Rivi, love that body style. My Uncle has a solid Buick 70' GSX Stage 1 in his garage, been trying to buy that car off him for 20 years but he's stubborn and starting to lose his faculties a bit.
  20. So you're saying Le did all that work in ONE week? And he changed the car into a Malaga 73 at the same time😉??
  21. Good to hear that your car is getting some TLC. Let’s figure out a time to link up and get some mileage in on the “new to you” car.

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