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    Yeah, we have the same goals, and are in about the same price range. I don't have any rust issues, just some minor body work. Was told can save $$ if you disassemble your 02 at home, windows, trim, lights, etc. I told one shop all I want is a concourse quality respray for a driver's quality price. Everyone is skeptical of TJ but don't think anyones has been disappointed. Where are you located? I will PM you with shops I've spoken to and, so as to put any negative or unreliable information out on the information superhighway.
  3. Decent Body Shop

    Steve, Yeah, I've looked around and I ranged from 5k and even up to 25k. And you're right, its what you pay is what you get kinda deal. I probably go with the mid "work body and paint" that is like 8k-10k just because that's my budget and also I am not restoring a "showcar" I just want a decent good looking driver. Tj is also an option but I am not sure how that deal works and im kinda skeptical about it, bring the car out of the states. What you think? Regards. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
  4. Decent Body Shop

    Adrian, I've also checked around FAQ and made a few calls for a good body/paint shop...sort of get what you pay for is what I've learned. I'm going to take it by a few shops and let you know what I come up with. Tijuana is sounding more and more appealing. Steve
  5. Hi everyone, do you guys know any decent body shop for our 02s? i need some rust repair on my 71. thanks!