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  2. https://www.2002parts.com/ This company is in San Diego good luck on your project
  3. anyone have a decent set of front seats? also looking for a chrome trim set and front and back bmw badges la or san diego area? thanks!
  4. http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-technical-forum/931915-coffee-cars-pelican-november-12th-2016-a.html It would be really cool if there were a cadre of 02s rolling into this event at around 0645 so we could park all together side by side....represent SoCal 2002s!
  5. great job if you participated,looked like 50 plus 02s
  6. I highly recommend World Class Restorations in Riverside. Very experienced with and knowledgeable about 2002's. Their work is spectacular. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hey Everyone, I wanted to start looking into the fun rust repair needed on my 2002. Non-structrual but cosmetic. I am looking for a shop in Los Angeles possibly familiar with 2002 rust repair or cars of the era. I am not looking to get a full body respray at the time of the repair. I am looking for the rust repair first and foremost then entertaining the respray. I included photos for reference. Firs the front nose is the worst, the drivers side rear wheel well and the tail gate. Can anyone recommend a shop I should looking into? Thanks!
  8. Ohhh 29 Stumps. I remember doing exercises out there when I was corpsman. Sorry I can't help you with your question. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. SoCal Owners - So I'll be moving to 29 Palms over the summer. Was wondering if there were any fellow '02ers out there in the 29/Palm Springs area, and it looked like this group was the closest (didn't see a "middle of the desert" group haha).
  10. I need a mechanic, not a shop for it will be too costly, who works from home or during the weekend, so I can drop my '72 2002 for lots of minor work so at the end I can have it painted. Body is in great condition and zero rust for what I can tell. My wife keeps telling me to get rid of "your junk of a car" but was my first car when I bought it in college in 1978 and is the last thing I want to loose, besides my wife . I am sure that many of you in here have been in the same spot. I am in Westwood near Ucla but willing to have the car tow in the valley or another location outside the busy pricey areas of LA. TIA!
  11. Sure, we should meet up. I've got mine waiting for seat mounts right now. Send me a PM, I'm free on the weekend.
  12. I'm in Redlands if you wanna come check mine out. Just started the strip down of her.
  13. So sorry to read this! Please add your VIN and any distinguishing characteristics of the car so we can be on the lookout.
  14. Just brought my car back into the city for one week and its gone. Keep your eyes peeled. If you see a heap of malaga body panels or a fresh motor for sale let me know. She's a 1970 with a bunch of rust and bent chrome, so not a whole lot of value in her but she's worth a whole lot to me. I'm sure that she wont pop up for a couple of months if ever. But its worth putting the word out. vin # 1670148. No really defining go fast parts but the motor is rebuilt repainted. Don't have the vin for the block unfortunately. Car has a bad quality repaint of the original malaga color. Rusted though rocker on passenger side. CH (Switzerland) sticker on the back window. Newish black and white coco check floor mats. Kenwood stereo. Mismatch black vinyl seats. Rust through on the spare well. Blue plate on the back (726APW), round import plate on the front. SHOEI Lawson graphics helmet in the trunk.
  15. I've got the next week off. I'll take you up on your offer and head out your way to see Ireland Engineering if you're available. What day works well and what's your drink of choice? No '02 for me just yet, tough market. Still looking
  16. Sorry to hear that, I get paranoid as hell about parking where someone can just hitch up and pull it away. I live in Los Feliz and its a busy area, lots of prying eyes.
  17. I'll take you up on that soon, maybe after the holidays. Definitely would love to see IE. Maybe I'll even have one by then
  18. If you want to make the trip up the 210 to Irwindale during business hours, I would be happy to show you a couple. (even happier if you brought coffee).
  19. Monday, November 30th 7:30pm In-n-Out 24001 Avenida De La Carlota Laguna Hills, CA 92653 Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1535923103365352 "Like" our Facebook page... https://www.facebook.com/ShakesnBrakes Follow and repost on Instagram! @shakesnbrakes #shakesnbrakes Please pick up your trash!
  20. I'm in valley village, ca. currently looking for a local paint and body shop in the area. I have sum rust I want to get fixed and paint my engine bay. any recommendations?
  21. I'm in the market for a 2002, always liked them, but now scared of massive bodywork and rust repair from buying the "wrong one". Maybe I'm a bit gun-shy but cant afford to spend good money on a car and then look at double the money on hidden rust repair or interior repair etc. I'm a parts changer shadetree mechanic and enjoy wrenching but love driving even more. Interested in doing suspension and engine refresh myself. Miata and then E30 are familiar to me. If you're in the area and have a spare bit of time to show me your 2002 I'll buy the coffee and talk cars. I'm in Redlands, CA
  22. Crap thats scary man I live in the same area... Good looking out.
  23. My Car was on the street in the orthodox Jew neighborhood off of La Brea and 3rd. Suffered some major damage to the vent window frame on the passenger side. Also had the ignition drilled out. Looks like I got lucky that they didn't finish the job. Just a warning to others in the Los Angeles area. My car is not at all restored or nice looking. Its a daily driver with rust and a bad paint job. Keep your cars safe. I'm taking mine out of LA all together.

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