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  2. I'm doing a kitchen remodel right now so I'm down to about two hours a week spent on the E3. Managed to pull the motor out last night and will be swapping a few things onto the M30B35 that's going in.
  3. Okay, well, it's alive but I gambled with a head that I was told was good and it's worse than the one I took off. A friend has a M30B35 long block that tested good so it looks like I'm yanking this one out and doing a swap. I have the motor disassembled and ready to go. It gets a lot easier when you do it THREE TIMES! I'm a Bozo.
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    Neue Klasse und Kaffee is a monthly gathering of vintage cars of all makes and models in the Sacramento and Bay Area. Sacramento Gathering will be held on the third Sunday of every month.The gathering will take place from 8am to 11am at Market 5-one-5 at 915 R Street, Sacramento, CA BMW 2002 FAQ will be there from 8am to 11am http://neueklasseundkaffee.com
  5. 1st NK&K Sacramento meet! With great success of Neue Klasse and Kaffee in SF Bay Area we are happy to bring this event to Sacramento, CA. Welcome to the first monthly Sacramento Neue Klasse and Kaffee. An even open to all Vintage cars! The gathering will take place from 8am to 11am at 915 R Street, Sacramento, CA Neue Klasse and Kaffee is a monthly gathering of BMW Neue Klasse and other Vintage cars. http://neueklasseundkaffee.com https://www.facebook.com/events/1771711443135812/?ti=icl
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    With great success of Neue Klasse and Kaffee in SF Bay Area we are happy to bring this event to Sacramento, CA.Welcome to the first monthly Sacramento Neue Klasse and Kaffee. An even open to all Vintage cars!The gathering will take place from 8am to 11am at Market 5-one-5 at 915 R Street, Sacramento, CANeue Klasse and Kaffee is a monthly gathering of BMW Neue Klasse and other Vintage cars.http://neueklasseundkaffee.com
  7. It's alive again! No coolant in the system yet so I only ran it for a few seconds just to make sure all the wiring was correct. Still a big milestone. Now I have to fix the fuel tank so I can get this thing running.
  8. Getting really close. Clutch and brake hydraulics done and only have the ignition system left on the motor. I do still need to repair/restore the fuel tank, which I started a LONG time ago.
  9. Hah! I know, it can be easy to start pull extra stuff that doesn't have an immediate need. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  10. I just pulled rear calipers and the fuel pump assy. Thought about pulling to motor or the head and intake but I had a moment of clarity and decided not to.
  11. Yup, wednesday. That was a csi! I was surprised to see 2 sharks at the same time. What did you get? Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  12. I was just there on Saturday pulling parts off of an '81 633. Must've shown up this week..
  13. Just showed up at the anchor cordova pick n pull a few days ago. Motor looks complete, head looks clean. PO did lots of upgrades to car, so maybe this is a good donor motor.
  14. More progress. Got the head on and will keep pluggin' away at assembly...
  15. Decided to paint the engine compartment since I had so much of it torn down. Been spending the last couple weeks cleaning and prepping and got around to painting tonight. Started by hand painting the hard to get to areas and then used a touch-up gun for painting. Came out good, now I feel like I'm moving back in the right direction again. Oh yeah, painted my son's S2000 also. He's finishing up the bumpers and still needs to polish it.
  16. Update on the E3... The gas tank has taken a back seat to some other issues although it's still soaking in vinegar and getting pretty clean. I swapped the carbs to a set of good stock Zeniths and got the engine running. It sounds good as far as no major noises goes but I couldn't get it to run very smoothly. Did a compression test and found one cylinder at 75psi and the one next to it at 127psi. The rest were 150-160. I pulled the head off and the gasket looks fine with no sign of a problem around #5 and clean up around #5 on the head and didn't see anything obvious. Now I have to decide whether I want to invest in getting this head checked out or move on to a different engine. If the head is good I'd need to tear into the block and I'm just not motivated to do that. More to come...
  17. Started working on the fuel system first. I have some Zenith carbs off of my coupe that are good so I'll swap those out to save time, but as I started checking out the fuel tank I found it full of old gas/crud and the top side rusted through. It looks like it's isolated to that one area but I'll clean up the tank and if that's the case I'll try to fix it.
  18. 2 birds with one stone. Awesome! Hopefully it works out.
  19. That would be awesome. I live in Elk Grove but I would make that trip no problem to talk to a fellow enthusiast. I want to see what it is I’m really about to get into lol. I understand it isn’t for the faint of heart but I’m ready for the challenge. Let me know. If it happens to be next week I’ll drive over in the M3 I’m about to trade in (Thursday) to make this all happen. Thanks Mer
  20. Welcome! I need to get over and meet DanG and may be a good time to see two cars at the same time. DanG, what time-ish are you at your garage? I’d love to swing by and meet you and check out your garage and projects! Otto is local roadworthy and I’m only a few minutes away. Weekends are good too. Cheers, Rich
  21. It's official, I've moved on to the next project. I buy salvage for a living and came across this donated '69 2800 4psd. I spent a lot of time looking over the photos and decided it was a good car. Once I saw it in person it turned out being very solid and original. Last registered in '94 so all the systems have to be gone through...
  22. Welcome! You'll find that this local forum doesn't get much use but from time to time we'll use it to connect. I'm in Roseville/Rocklin and don't have a roadworthy 2002 right now but I do have a rusty piece of crap '74 tii if you want to check it out. Let me know, I'm at my garage in Roseville most every night.
  23. Hello, i just joined the forum and i am a bonafide bimmer junkie. With that said i have yet to purchase a 2002. i currently own a 98 E36 323is and a E90 M3. I absolutely love both vehicles but in order to add a 2002 to the stable i will be parting ways with the M3...very hard decision. With that said i have been scouring many sites and the internet in general in order to get as much info as i can prior to purchasing a vehicle. You can only get so much info while surfing the web, a lot can be learned hands on. With that being said, being local to the area i thought i'd reach out to see if anyone is open to talking shop and viewing a car in person. I'd love to get your take on engine options, suspension upgrades, body shops, the whole nine yards. but most importantly i'd like to view 2002's in any stage of the process in person to have a better idea of what i'm getting myself into! I'm taking the plunge regardless, something about the 02's that i cant escape, but it'd be nice to talk to those who have been there done that prior to. i used to have a 65 C-10 3 on the tree but never a european classic. anyways i'll check back on occasion. thanks Mercaptn
  24. Yeah, I would've remembered that car.

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