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  2. Working on the nose of the car now. In the past I've had good luck using a roller to add texture to rockers and nose valances so I decided to try it again on this car (yeah I know they have spray texture). All I had was a foam roller, and as it turned out it added a very mild texture compared to using the polyester rollers that are thicker and "grab" the paint more to create a "thicker" look. I'm using a two-part polyester primer surfacer so it's really hard once it sets up. I may go back over it with a thicker roller, not sure yet. I had a little extra paint left over so I went over some areas that need to block sanded. I think using a foam roller to cover bare metal after welding or sander would work well and be easy. Here's a few pics..
  3. Painted the top side of the hood and decklid this weekend. Wet sanded the decklid and did one pass with cutting compound. I'll finish the rest on the car.
  4. Dan, I’m next for a rough spray! Holy smokes dude, gonna look great! 🍻
  5. Painted the underside of the hood and decklid. I need to get more paint for the rest of the car and want it to be all the same "mix".
  6. More patching.... Almost done with sheet metal work. I'll glaze this before finish sanding and the hood is almost ready for paint.
  7. Since a lot of the car is taken apart I've decided to keep going on the body and paint until I'm done. The suspension will be last now. I did my first ever metal patch on the quarter panel and I'm actually okay with it. I'm not super proud but I think it was work good over the years to come. I did realize I should've cut a little lower in the metal since it was a little thin and blew through in that area. Still have a ways to go on this quarter panel but the rest of the car is almost ready for paint. In the first photo, that part that looks like rust is actually the seam sealer that was put in from the trunk side. All that got cleaned out before welding and it's probably the reason it rusted in that area in the first place. The wheel arch to the right of the photo has been welded and is solid. The "pin holes" are low spots between welds.
  8. Making a pass at the body work to "rough it out" I guess. Hammer and dolly, filler, power sanding with 80 grit and some primer. I'll come back to the final body work when I'm ready to paint and do it all at the same time. I got the suspension pieces out and will start figuring out the adapters for the struts first. Should be fun...
  9. Starting some body work. I suck at it. The photos make it look better than it is but I'll be patient and keep trying...
  10. Huge milestone over the weekend. I moved the car out of the garage and back in under it's own power! It's been at least 25 years since the last time it was driven. I need to bleed the brakes and clutch a little more before driving it on the street. Oh yeah, and I need to find the damn license plate. 🙂
  11. Regular caulking for the sealer and those are the torx head flat bolts that come on later BMW's used to secure headlights, fenders, etc. and they use the clip style nut on the sheet metal side. I walk through the yard occasionally and fill my pockets full of Metric nuts, bolts, grommets, fasteners... Always needed.
  12. Looks great Dan! What did you use to secure the plate steel on with? Are those black rivets? And what sealant from tank to body? Rich
  13. Filler plate done and tank installed. Engine is getting its fuel from the tank now! Yee haa! Back to brake and clutch hydraulics...
  14. Got the driveshaft in with an M5 guibo and new center bearing. Next is making a filler plate for the newer fuel tank. The later version of E3 tanks are taller but not as wide so it leaves a gap in the floor. A flat plate with some mounting holes should do the trick.
  15. When struggling with getting the motor to run good. First it popped and hesitated really badly so I went through the systems to check for obvious problems. I had all new plugs, wires, cap, etc. on the ignition side so I concentrated on my carbs. I had them on my coupe for years and when I swapped Webers on the coupe I put the Zeniths on the shelf. I bolted them on and the motor ran like crap. Did a smoke test and found leaks where I'd taken the choke assemblies off, years ago, but I created my own problem by doing it. Plugged those and now the motor ran with a bad misfire but didn't pop anymore. Hours later after taking the carbs apart several times, messing with timing over and over, we discovered that TWO of the new Bosch spark plugs were bad. Damn! Wasted time, but now it's fixed so I can move on...
  16. Garage doors and siding is now done, except for paint which I'll do later. Finally back to working on the E3!
  17. Yes, last summer. I pushed this car in the garage right afterwards but I have to look at this thread to figure out when. LOL
  18. Looking good! Did you sell the pickup? Rich
  19. It's been a minute! The kitchen work has been done for a while waiting for backsplash tile to arrive from Italy. Not very good timing there, but they say it's suppose to be here soon so I can finish it up. In the meantime, I managed to install a roll up door for the paint garage along with a man door so I can lock the roll ups from the inside now. Putting siding up now and will paint soon. Also managed to get the M30B35 3.5L long block in the car last night with the help of my son. Back to assembling everything AGAIN! Sure is getting easier the more I do it. LOL
  20. I'm sure there is '02 content and pictures. Come get em. I'd like to get these gone soon. I live 2 miles from the capitol, by Gunther's ice cream.
  21. 1/18/20 8am-11am MARKET 5-ONE-5 Welcome to the third monthly Sacramento Neue Klasse and Kaffee. An event open to all Vintage cars! The gathering will take place from 8am to 11am at 915 R Street, Sacramento, CA Neue Klasse and Kaffee is a monthly gathering of BMW Neue Klasse and other Vintage cars. Sacramento event wil take place on the third Sunday of the month. http://neueklasseundkaffee.com
  22. until

    This even is every third Sunday. Next one is Jan. 19th.
  23. until
    Neue Klasse und Kaffee is a monthly gathering of vintage cars of all makes and models in the Sacramento and Bay Area. Sacramento Gathering will be held on the third Sunday of every month.The gathering will take place from 8am to 11am at Market 5-one-5 at 915 R Street, Sacramento, CA BMW 2002 FAQ will be there from 8am to 11am http://neueklasseundkaffee.com
  24. Well, I haven't made any updates lately because I've been consumed with a kitchen remodel/update. I have used the paint garage though. 🙂 New cabinet doors and drawers, custom range hood...

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