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  2. I haven't been to the Folsom Cars and Coffee since they moved it to El Dorado Hills and didn't know about the Carmichael location. Rocklin has one the second Saturday of every months and get a good turn out. I also don't have any classics roadworthy right now. Oops.
  3. Quite a few actually! Folsom Cars and Coffee happens every Saturday in El Dorado Hills, probably the closest event to you. EuroSunday is the last Sunday of every Month, and Carmichael Cars and Coffee happens every Sunday and is growing into a big deal. Let me know if you plan to attend any of them and I'll stop by and say hi.
  4. Hey locals, I’m new to area. Do you guys ever have local cars and coffee in the Sac area?
  5. Driving the car around in the Sacramento heat was causing the temp to run higher than it should. Since it only has a temp range on the gauge and not actual numbers to reference, it normally runs at around 12:00 on the gauge and got up to around 1:00 while sitting still. The radiator was suspect and air flow for sure, so I decided to change to an aluminum radiator and add a pusher fan. The radiator is a Champion and fits great, and it was only $180. The fan is from a Toyota but I'm not sure which one since I just found a broken fan assembly and took the motor and blade off. Used two strut tower "washers" from another car and mounted the motor directly to the radiator, then used a temp sensor in the radiator bung. The fan turns on or off with the sensor and off when the ignition is turned off.
  6. Feel free to post. No need to send me one
  7. Hello fellow Sacramento 02 owners. Quick introduction. I may seem new for my username, but I've been a long time enthusiast and lurker on the forum. (just being honest😅) Thanks to my dad, username Dang, I've been around BMW's nearly my whole life. I'm a full time Graphic Designer with many hobbies that follow behind. Which leads to the topic of this thread. 2002 hats. I recently designed and made a limited amount of hats and wanted to share to the Sacramento locals. It's something small I've started and I hope to share my creations and merchandise with everyone. The hat's are $30 which includes shipping. I can always meet in person and sell the hat at $20. Just as long as you drive your 2002! 😃 Hat's can be purchased at https://mgraves-design.myshopify.com/ Thanks for reading! -Matt Moderator: I'll send you a hat if this thread is okay to post 🙏
  8. Okay, I've gotten far enough with the car that I'm ready to start on the air suspension. I have no idea what I'm doing so I'm hoping for the best...
  9. I repainted the headlight grilles with Krylon Dull Aluminum but added a two-part clear coat to help protect it. Worked good.
  10. Cleaned up the kidney grille a little better. Here's photos of when I got the car and now. Pounding out the dents and working the aluminum, sanding and polishing took some time but wasn't all that hard to do.
  11. I use a local guy here in Roseville for typical late model salvage rebuilds, usually painting a portion of a car, three or four panels, etc. They do good work, nice paint booth, but I'm not sure if they'd want to disassemble/reassemble a 50 year old car with all of its issues. You also need to consider that most of these guys take pride in their work so to ask them to just do a "decent" job when they usually do very nice work isn't realistic. If you can send me some good photos of your car I'll see what I can do. BTW, interesting timing on your part. I have a '73 Golf tii that I'm going to repaint the top surfaces soon (hood, top, trunk lid). I'm using single stage paint.
  12. At this point I just want to find a reputable shop and see some of their work to find a middle ground. I am not looking for re-sale value, but I was hoping for a windows out/trim removed type of a job and I'm not doing ANY work myself. I wouldnt have ANY idea what I was doing. I don't see the value of painting inside the engine (even though it was scoped in my original 13K quote) as I dont care about resale and I'm painting into Golf despite the original color. Is it reasonable to find someone to paint for ~5K if I just want it to look good and not to make it 'perfect'? Right now I'm just looking at shops and it's hard enough finding shops that do complete paint work.
  13. What exactly are you planning on paying for? Are you doing any of the work, tear down, assembly, etc., or do you want the shop to do most of the work? Engine compartment, trunk, door jams I assume? Just a shell? The price can vary quite a bit.
  14. Looking for a shop that will do a complete paint job in/near Sac (I live in Tahoe). Trying to avoid Bay Area prices where I was quoted $13K. Thanks!
  15. Wheels are turning out pretty good. Still need to clean up the bolts and put them together permanently.
  16. Painting wheel centers and sanding/polishing some aluminum trim...
  17. Barrels are done. Now I need to prep all the parts I'm going to paint silver. Wheel centers, grilles...
  18. I usually only leave for lunch but if you want to stop by the shop any day except Wednesday after 5:00 I'll be there. Now that the E3 is running I'm going to move the tii in the "work" garage...
  19. Looks great! Stopped by your yard the other day and your guys said you had stepped out, sorry I missed you. Love to circle back and check out your ride in person. 🍻 Rich
  20. I got a set of used Weber 32/36's, took them apart and they looked really good and clean so I just put them on as-is. The motor runs WAY better than it did with the stock Zenith's. I drove the car around last weekend and I think it only needs some minor adjustments. Man it feels good to finally have the car running decent.
  21. Also managed to de-chrome the hood grilles. The chrome was peeling off in spots and one grille was broken so I've decided to paint all the grilles on the car and the wheel centers the same color. I used "Chlorinating liquid" with 10% Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach) mixed about 50/50 with water. Soaked for about three days, brushed off the goo and replaced the solution, then soaked for three more days. Turned out good and with a little prep will be ready for paint.
  22. It took a little while to get my 32/36 Webers and had to source some linkage parts so I haven't had much to show lately. This will be a cruiser car so the 32/36's should work fine. In the meantime I decided to start polishing the Style 5 wheels that are going on the car. I started out hand sanding but it's so much work I say, "screw that!" and built a wheel lathe to help. I used a spindle/hub off of a '15 320i and rigged up a bracket to hold a drill motor. I've gotten one wheel almost done and the lathe works better than expected.
  23. Frank's is good, no doubt ... German Motors further down on Folsom Boulevard is really good ... but my pick is Angelo's even further down Folsom Boulevard, right past Sunrise. Funny how we have all these excellent repair shops on Folsom Boulevard. Angelo's technicians (Mike, Gus) have a true love for our cars.
  24. The E3 is getting really close to being on the road so I've moved the next project down to the shop. '73 tii in Golf/Black.
  25. Great color Dan! Hope all is well! Got the ‘70 running for the first time since I’ve brought him home and maybe first time in about 12 years to my understanding. Now it’s up on stands so I can wrestle around with the pedal box and bleed the clutch and brakes. Also found a set of Recaro Ergomed’s that need some refurb’n before they get mounted in the ‘69. Super comfortable. Happy holidays!

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