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  2. caravan to brisbane?

    Any caravan plans this year?
  3. The weather is starting to be "classic car friendly". Do you guys want to get together sometime soon? Breakfast? Coffee? Sunday evening parking lot gathering? I need inspiration to get my 02 finished.
  4. Here's our future paint booth guys...
  5. This month's Neue Klasse und Kaffee is much closer to Sacramento people and will also be the starting point for the Shamrock Rally. Please, join us!
  6. When I get around to working on the garage I plan on adding some lighting on the walls and painting the walls white. I have a compressor to hook up in the garage next to it and plumb the lines to the painting side, add a regulator, etc. There's not that much work really. Should be usable within a few months, when the weather is better for painting...
  7. Dan, the man, i would love to help you in preperation for helping me/others. Im around roseville everyday. Let me know if you need an extra set of hands!
  8. I just bought some old quirky commercial property in Roseville that has several buildings on it. Part of the property will be my personal fun zone with some garages (that need rebuilding) and a couple other 1-1/2 car garages that are usable now. The cool thing is, one of the garages is setup as a pseudo paint booth with a built in fan and some vents for filters on the doors. It's not a sealed awesome paint booth like you'd imagine, but it will work really well for paint jobs that will need color-sanding anyway, like the ones I do in my garage at home. I'm posting this because I'd like all of you local 02 guys to be able to take advantage of it. If you're painting a few panels or an entire car i can probably help you get it done if you want to "DIY" it. I'm not a professional painter and would never call myself that, but I've probably painted 20 cars over the years from piece parts to whole cars. It's easier that you think. At least the painting part, the prep work is a different story but I'm sure you guys are already aware of that. I've got a lot on my plate that's a higher priority right now but the paint garage won't take much to get it operational. Let me know if you need some help and we'll try to make it happen... Dan Rocklin / Roseville

    That's awesome. Within a few blocks of each other..... very cool. I think we should plan a breakfast some weekend soon...
  10. NEWBIE

    Such a small world I’m off sunset between sunrise and fair oaks. We are a few blocks from each other. We should defiantly connect and see what we’re working on. I been stripping these 1600’s for a few weeks now. It’s always nice to meet another bmw junkie 😊.
  11. NEWBIE

    Well hey, neighbor! I'm off Winding midway between Sunrise and Hazel.
  12. NEWBIE

    I’m located in fair oaks 95628
  13. NEWBIE

    Where are you located?
  14. NEWBIE

    Car 2 donor has a fun filled day tearing her guts out solo style.
  15. NEWBIE

    Car 1
  16. NEWBIE

    I’ll post up some picture this evening I’m currenting in the stripping process for cars number 2.
  17. NEWBIE

    Starting off with 2 cars, welcome aboard the crazy train. Post up some pics to show what you're starting with. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  18. NEWBIE

    Whoooot whoooot. Welcome bud
  19. NEWBIE

  20. NEWBIE

    Hello everyone!!!! i have heard great things about '02 faqs and I'm happy to annouce i have embarked on a journey with not 1 but 2 1068/69 bmw 1600/1600-2. i am going to need all the help i can get haha. As 2 WILL BECOME 1 HAHA.
  21. i'm going to be swapping out a motor on my VW Jetta. Anyone have an engine hoist or possibly an engine stand that is taking up room in their garage? The hoist is my bigger priority right now, the stand would be gravy. Willing to compensate with beer/shop time/etc.
  22. is anyone here planning on going? do you want to drive down there together?