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  2. It is ON. I meant to post it here sooner. Life gets in the way sometimes. The date: Saturday, SEPTEMBER 21st. This time, it's a one-day event. We will meet at our traditional meeting point, the gas station in Wilder, KY at 0830. We will proceed from there. Lunch will be at the Blue Licks State Park lodge. We will have dinner in Maysville, KY that evening. I have reservations for the night at the Hampton Inn on the AA Highway in Maysville, but I hear that they are now booked solid. There is another option: the nearby Quality Inn has rooms. (Phone: 606-759-5696) Jason is working up a route for us, so get ready to rumble! Next fall, we plan to return to Sabbathsong Farm with the Boatmans. Our 10 year anniversary edition sorta fell through. This should be a fun run nonetheless.
  3. The date is now set: August 3, 2019. FOOD: Burgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, picnic food, etc. BYOB. Soft drinks and water bottles will be on hand. Tire kicking and tale tales will definitely be part of the plan. The address: 3840 Robertann Drive, Kettering, OH 45420. Time: 11:30AM - 1030PM. My phone: 937-479-9794. As an added bonus, I am bringing in our globetrotting RGB friend, Andrew Wilson, all the way from Brunswick, Maine! Let's all welcome him to Ohio properly! I have this gtg listed as an event on the RGB Facebook page. Please indicate whether you're coming, maybe coming or not able to attend for some crazy-ass reason....
  4. For folks coming from Dayton and points north and northeast. We can meet at the KY welcome station/rest stop on I-75/71 just south of Cincinnati and before the two interstates split (same place we met last year). Be there at 9:30 and we'll have plenty of time to reach Lexington by 11 (it's only about 60 or so miles) PM me if you want to join up so I'll know who to look for. cheers mike
  5. Drive safe! Looking forward to catching up next weekend
  6. Nice. But we can’t leave until after Karie has her finale show at uptown arts to end the school year, at 5 on Thursday. Have fun guys! Be safe. See you Friday morning.
  7. Hello RGB'ers and distinguished guests: It's May and that can only mean one thing - everyone frantically tearing their cars apart and rebuilding them for the Vintage. While you're furiously swinging wrenches I've got a caravan route planned so you don't have to. The plan: We need to depart no later than Noon on Thursday 5/16. I plan on arriving at about 11 to grab a quick early lunch and gas up ahead of time. The exit will have a Cracker Barrel, Waffle House, & McDonalds for your dining pleasure.This will be best/only lunch stop so best to plan to arrive with plenty of time before noon. Upon arrival, there is a large parking lot between the McDonalds and Gas station, so lets plan to meet there. Again, I'd recommend planning to arrive by 11am, gas up upon arrival, then park in the big lot and meet up with everyone else for food etc. Where to Meet: We will meet near Lexington, KY, specifically exit 115 KY 922 (Newtown Pike) on I-64 / I-75. 115 is the first exit after 64&75 merge together, but for those of you with GPS you can plug in the McDonald's address to find us -> 1946 Stanton Way, Lexington, KY 40511. Take a left off the exit and you'll see the restaurants on the right side of the street. Also, If anyone is coming from 'points beyond' and leaving earlier in the week & would like to join the caravan, there are several good hotel options off this exit. The Route: >>>>>> https://goo.gl/maps/chXEmer456sNvywj6 <<<<<< We will take I-75 South to Corbin, then US-25E, then I-40 E to Asheville. It's the same route we took last year and was a really nice, easy, scenic drive. The one major change from previous years is that we are eliminating the Corbin stop. Hopefully pressing on and only stopping once will allow us to beat some of the Asheville rush hour traffic. What to do next: 1) Comment below if you're planning on caravaning with us, then shoot me a PM with what car you'll be driving (color/model/etc) and your best contact number. **I will compile a driver contact list and distribute to everyone when we meet in Lexington** 2) Get excited, tell your friends, finish building your car. 3) Pack walkie talkies if you have them - really useful during the caravan & on site on Saturday - there is no cell service. The journey to vintage is half the fun, and last year's caravan was an absolute blast. You do not want to miss out this year. Feel free to PM/Call/Smoke signal me with any questions or concerns.
  8. We had a smaller turnout this year, but nonetheless, a very lively, fun evening at the Troll Pub. Thanks to those of you who ventured out. Perhaps we can return to Kreimer's Bier Haus next year, if they can manage to remain sans smoke/fire/destruction.
  9. FYI the Troll Pub is located in the building that once housed the Courier Car Company. They built automobiles there in the early 20th century; the company went under with the failure of US Motors, an unsuccessful challenger to General Motors. Mike
  10. Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Obviously, we are not holding the dinner on January 19th after all, in light of the very recent fire at KBH. I have moved the date and the location to March 16th at the Troll Pub and Wheelhouse in Dayton, Ohio. I've reserved their private party room, so if there's no fire and no snowstorm, we should be just fine. See you there!
  11. I have confirmed the date: January 19, 2019. Kreimer's Bier Haus, 6052 State Route 128, Cleves, OH, 45002. We will again be using their lower level party room and ordering from their menu, rather than having a buffet. Time: 6:30 - 10:30 PM. Please let me know if you are going to attend. I'd like to give Erin their banquet manager a decent headcount. Thanks! See you there!
  12. Jim/Gang, What time and which particular petrol station in Wilder on the 21st? Larry Gray PS: Jim, Excellent job on the Trappist brews. Most folks forget the Achel. You got 'em all! PPS: One can never have too many putters, guitars, '02's, or Belgian beers.
  13. I will need to postpone this trip. I have to work the September 8th weekend.....
  14. A date has been set! We will be returning to Sabbath Song Farm in Brooksville, KY on Friday, September 21st. We will have a two-night stay at the lovely B&B owned and operated by our wonderful friends, Wes and Carolyn Boatman. We will meet up on Friday afternoon at our customary gas station in Wilder, KY for a brisk drive to the farm. The featured Jason-led drive will take place on Saturday the 22nd. As always, this event will feature fantastic back roads driving, great food, adult beverages, laughter by the fire and maybe some expensive bourbon uncorked throughout my trunk once again! BTW, many of us who are heading north on Sunday like to take the ferry across the Ohio River so that we can drive the back roads on our way home. So, fill up the gas tank, check the tires, top off the oil, clean the windshield, tighten some nuts and bolts and plan to be there!
  15. Guys: I am planning on making a weekend trip to the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville. It features a very large collection of microcars and other automotive oddities. I enjoyed seeing the museum in 2006 with my son, Alec. I'd like to share that experience with you all. I'd like to leave Dayton on Friday, (Sept. 7th) stay Friday and Saturday nights (Sept. 8th) in Nashville and return Sunday morning.(Sept. 9th) If you want to join me, let me know either here or on my Facebook updates regarding this road trip.
  16. Dang! That was nine years ago! Time flies when you're having fun...and most of the folks pictured still have 2002s... mike
  17. Yep! I was planning on making a post at the beginning of the month, but May really snuck up on me. The plan will be identical to last year. Meet at the McDonalds outside lexington then hit the road. We will probably avoid the stop in corbin unless anyone absolutley needs it en route. I'll post up ASAP, maybe here in a few minutes if i can get everything put together.
  18. Is anyone (like Jake) organizing a caravan to Asheville and Vintage this year? In the past we've met at Lexington on I-75, then headed down to Corbin KY, gotten of I-75 and proceeded via US 25E (much more scenic) through a corner of VA and then on into NC. Departure date would be Thursday 17 May. mike
  19. until
    This will be a very casual event; no headcount is needed. Just show up and join me in the outdoor biergarten at KBH. Kreimer's Bier Haus is located at: 6052 State Route 128, Cleves, OH. Our Off-Season GTG there was a great success, so now we need to experience the ambiance along the river with beer steins in hand.

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