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  2. I have a 185/70x13 Toyo tire with about 10k miles on it--the problem is that my '69's front end alignment was off and the tire is quite worn on its outer edge--still has tread--but practically unworn on the other side. Suitable only as a spare, but I hate to pitch it if someone can use it for a spare or to roll a restoration project around (I have a second, even worse worn for that purpose; it's still round and black. And holds air.) It's (they're) here in Dayton--not worth shipping but if someone wants it (them), let me know and we'll figure out a way to get it to you that's either cheap or free... mike
  3. Yesterday (5-23-20) was epic fun all around. We had a huge turnout, wonderful weather (mostly!), great roads and a great group of RGB'ers. We welcomed new members such as Javier Gutierrez and his new-to-him 73 Sahara 2002. There were others that we hadn't seen for a while (John Harvey, Mike McCarthy & Kevin Funk come to mind) and die-hards like Jason, Jake, Scott, Wil, Jonathan, Dirk, Charlie and me. We wish we could do without masks and social distancing, but despite that, we had a great day. We also could do without the downpour afterward, but we did fine regardless. I need a count. How many cars? How many people showed up? So pleased that so many of you were there. Feel free to add photos to this post!!
  4. Dene did the hard work, I just consulted and pitched in when it took 3 or 4 hands to complete a task. mike
  5. The RGB was well represented on the back roads of Greene County yesterday. We met at Mike Self's house and drove to the house of the previous owner of Dene Berman's 2002. Dene and Mike have just recently completed a comprehensive restoration of Dene's 1975 Fjord 2002. The car had been sitting still for more than 20 years. (16+ on the previous owner's driveway and then about 4 years of work by Dene & Mike) It took some rust repair, a respray, new carpet, new upholstery, extensive repairs to the badly cracked dashboard, new tires, new hoses, new gaskets, etc. Anyhow, the previous owner and his wife were amazed to see the restored 2002. It was his primary vehicle when they met in 1980. Both had driven it, but it eventually got set aside and was mostly forgotten. It's come a long way since Mike first gazed upon it, sitting by itself, neglected. Anyhow, we hit the back roads on a clear, cool, sunny Spring day. Very few other cars were on the road, the pavement was dry and we enjoyed the sharp curves and some beautiful scenery. We crossed the Little Miami River eight times, I think. After the drive, we pulled into a park. I got out my cooler and we walked over to the creek and popped open some adult beverages to toast Dene and Mike's success in saving one more 2002 from the crusher. Congratulations!!
  6. Thanks Jim! I'm also looking forward to see all the local 02's. The only ones I've seen in person were the ones I was considering buying during my search (which was only a handful), so it'll be interesting to compare
  7. Welcome to the obsession with 2002s! I am in Kettering (a Dayton suburb). Mike Self lives nearby in Beavercreek, another Dayton suburb. Eager to see your purchase and to have you join our group of 02 owners on a drive.
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    Here's the group photo from Saturday night's gtg at 3840 Robertann Drive:
  9. Hey guys! Recently purchased my first ever 02 and just wanted to introduce myself. I live in Columbus, OH and I'm curious to see if any of you are near me. It would be great to have some local resources as I start to get to know my new car. Thanks in advance!
  10. My name is Jeff Gomon. I am Three things, a 2002 owner, South Central Region VP/National Board Member and lastly, in need of your help. Terry Sayther has approached the Board and requested the formation of a stand alone non-geographical BMW CCA 2002 chapter. This chapter would allow for greater communication of 2002 owners and groups everywhere. To get things started signatures from 250 members are needed for the chapter petition. We are over 1/2 way there and need your help. Further, once the chapter has its charter, we will hold elections for a Board and Area "Governors" in all regions. Follow the link below for more info and sign the petition. Below is Terry's message. Thank you!! ------------------------------------------------------------- "We're working our way toward the 250 signatures we need to form a 2002 Chapter of the BMW CCA, and we are over half way there! But…that was the easy half. We need more that a hundred additional CCA Member signatures to meet the requirement. SO---I'd like all of you to think of additional ways we might get more people to sign up, rejoin the club so that you can sign up, give membership gifts so that your friends can sign up, and spread the word! Go to https://2002sforever.net/sign-the-petition/ and sign up now! We are under-represented on the west coast---somebody get those guys motivated, please If you've been procrastinating---stop that! Sign up today. Do it! Many thanks for those of you out there who have been spreading the word and encouraging friends. We appreciate your efforts! Happy Holidays---Terry Terry Sayther Vintage Bimmers [email protected] Terry Sayther Automotive 512-442-1361
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    I have posted this event on Facebook as well. The venue will be my house this year. Mary and I will provide the Mettwurst, Bratwurst, Knockwurst, sauerkraut balls, potato pancakes, beer, wine, etc. If you have a favorite, then BYOB. If you overdo it somehow, we can put you up for the night. If the weather is nasty later in the evening, likewise, stay overnight. Address: 3840 Robertann Drive, Kettering, OH 45420. Clear your calendars. Come and represent the RGB and all things 2002. See you in January!!
  12. Another great time--even if Ludwig developed a drippy cooling system the night before. But driving my "1991 2002" (318is) was just as much fun. Thanks to Jim Denker and Jason Gipson for setting things up. mike
  13. I was there in spirit, always have a great time with the RGBers!
  14. Thanks to all of you who attended: Charlie Grafton, Dirk Rasmussen, Michele Rasmussen, Jake Metz, Liz Metz, Mike Self, Peter Schoppelry, Ben Younce, Rowan Younce, Walter Ingram, Jonathan Tinker, Sarah Farthing and Speed Racer himself, Jason Gipson.
  15. It is ON. I meant to post it here sooner. Life gets in the way sometimes. The date: Saturday, SEPTEMBER 21st. This time, it's a one-day event. We will meet at our traditional meeting point, the gas station in Wilder, KY at 0830. We will proceed from there. Lunch will be at the Blue Licks State Park lodge. We will have dinner in Maysville, KY that evening. I have reservations for the night at the Hampton Inn on the AA Highway in Maysville, but I hear that they are now booked solid. There is another option: the nearby Quality Inn has rooms. (Phone: 606-759-5696) Jason is working up a route for us, so get ready to rumble! Next fall, we plan to return to Sabbathsong Farm with the Boatmans. Our 10 year anniversary edition sorta fell through. This should be a fun run nonetheless.
  16. The date is now set: August 3, 2019. FOOD: Burgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, picnic food, etc. BYOB. Soft drinks and water bottles will be on hand. Tire kicking and tale tales will definitely be part of the plan. The address: 3840 Robertann Drive, Kettering, OH 45420. Time: 11:30AM - 1030PM. My phone: 937-479-9794. As an added bonus, I am bringing in our globetrotting RGB friend, Andrew Wilson, all the way from Brunswick, Maine! Let's all welcome him to Ohio properly! I have this gtg listed as an event on the RGB Facebook page. Please indicate whether you're coming, maybe coming or not able to attend for some crazy-ass reason....
  17. For folks coming from Dayton and points north and northeast. We can meet at the KY welcome station/rest stop on I-75/71 just south of Cincinnati and before the two interstates split (same place we met last year). Be there at 9:30 and we'll have plenty of time to reach Lexington by 11 (it's only about 60 or so miles) PM me if you want to join up so I'll know who to look for. cheers mike
  18. Drive safe! Looking forward to catching up next weekend
  19. Nice. But we can’t leave until after Karie has her finale show at uptown arts to end the school year, at 5 on Thursday. Have fun guys! Be safe. See you Friday morning.
  20. Hello RGB'ers and distinguished guests: It's May and that can only mean one thing - everyone frantically tearing their cars apart and rebuilding them for the Vintage. While you're furiously swinging wrenches I've got a caravan route planned so you don't have to. The plan: We need to depart no later than Noon on Thursday 5/16. I plan on arriving at about 11 to grab a quick early lunch and gas up ahead of time. The exit will have a Cracker Barrel, Waffle House, & McDonalds for your dining pleasure.This will be best/only lunch stop so best to plan to arrive with plenty of time before noon. Upon arrival, there is a large parking lot between the McDonalds and Gas station, so lets plan to meet there. Again, I'd recommend planning to arrive by 11am, gas up upon arrival, then park in the big lot and meet up with everyone else for food etc. Where to Meet: We will meet near Lexington, KY, specifically exit 115 KY 922 (Newtown Pike) on I-64 / I-75. 115 is the first exit after 64&75 merge together, but for those of you with GPS you can plug in the McDonald's address to find us -> 1946 Stanton Way, Lexington, KY 40511. Take a left off the exit and you'll see the restaurants on the right side of the street. Also, If anyone is coming from 'points beyond' and leaving earlier in the week & would like to join the caravan, there are several good hotel options off this exit. The Route: >>>>>> https://goo.gl/maps/chXEmer456sNvywj6 <<<<<< We will take I-75 South to Corbin, then US-25E, then I-40 E to Asheville. It's the same route we took last year and was a really nice, easy, scenic drive. The one major change from previous years is that we are eliminating the Corbin stop. Hopefully pressing on and only stopping once will allow us to beat some of the Asheville rush hour traffic. What to do next: 1) Comment below if you're planning on caravaning with us, then shoot me a PM with what car you'll be driving (color/model/etc) and your best contact number. **I will compile a driver contact list and distribute to everyone when we meet in Lexington** 2) Get excited, tell your friends, finish building your car. 3) Pack walkie talkies if you have them - really useful during the caravan & on site on Saturday - there is no cell service. The journey to vintage is half the fun, and last year's caravan was an absolute blast. You do not want to miss out this year. Feel free to PM/Call/Smoke signal me with any questions or concerns.
  21. We had a smaller turnout this year, but nonetheless, a very lively, fun evening at the Troll Pub. Thanks to those of you who ventured out. Perhaps we can return to Kreimer's Bier Haus next year, if they can manage to remain sans smoke/fire/destruction.
  22. FYI the Troll Pub is located in the building that once housed the Courier Car Company. They built automobiles there in the early 20th century; the company went under with the failure of US Motors, an unsuccessful challenger to General Motors. Mike
  23. Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Obviously, we are not holding the dinner on January 19th after all, in light of the very recent fire at KBH. I have moved the date and the location to March 16th at the Troll Pub and Wheelhouse in Dayton, Ohio. I've reserved their private party room, so if there's no fire and no snowstorm, we should be just fine. See you there!

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