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Neue Klasse and Kaffee is a monthly gathering of BMW Neue Klasse and other Vintage Cars in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. Los Gatos events are on the third Saturday of every month. All fun cars and people are welcome!   June 19th event will include a drive that will take us through some fun roads East of Highway 17. Total driving time is about 3 hours with a possible lunch stop for about 45 minutes. If you have more time, there will be an additional stop after the drive. We will gather downtown Los Gatos in Parking Lot 3 behind Loma Coffee Bar. We believe the Coffee Bar will be closed, so 2002FAQ will provide coffee.   2002 FAQ will be on-site from 8am to 10:00am. The drive will start around 10:30am   Under current circumstances, we would ask you to be respectful to others: Properly worn asks are required at all times you are not in your car. Please, stay 6 feet away from people.  
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