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New Seats?

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Went out to look at a set of axles for my FSJ and while walking through the yard a Celica caught my eye. Remembering that a friend was looking for some parts for his AE86 13b project I proceeded to go take a look, and when i looked into the cab the seats reminded me of a set of Corbeau seats so after a little coaxing I convinced the owner to let me take one home to see if it would work in my 2002. I know I know the purists out there will hate it but they looked comfortable with some good bolster so tore one out and brought it home.


The only real issue with the frames are the feet that are riveted on for mounting into the Celica, so removing them and then either building a new mounting system or something to work with the 2002 location shouldn't be too hard. Then it will only be a matter of getting them reupholstered to match the Esty carpet set that will be going into the car.









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