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Winter is coming

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Well my engine status is still unknown, the machinist's shop has been closed, his telephone number goes right to voicemail every time which means that my plan of getting this car on the road before the snow falls wont happen. After coming to this realization these past few weeks I decided that over the coming winter I will complete the suspension rehabs, get the engine bay prepped for an engine and hopefully get the interior completed. Really only care about getting a drive train back in the car, right now but if there is time why not.


This last week, with the help of my friend and his torch, was able to get the struts out of the housings and remove the bolts holding the pesky CV joint that wouldn't let go. While working on cleaning up the threads on the strut housing he started talking about changing over to coilers, and although I had no intention of going that route it looks like that might part of the winter projects. He is a drifter who runs two AE86's, one with a Honda S200 engine and one with a tweaked Rotary pushing 400 horses, both of which run coil overs, and once he explained a few things to me it makes a lot of sense. 


Guess this is the last time these strut housings will look like this. Got to research short stroke coilovers and find out what works best in the BMW world.


Wish me luck






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