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Some progress.....

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I've finally started making some progress.  I've managed to rebuild the front struts with new tubes.  The ones that came with the car were mangled.  As in one strut insert crammed into an older one.  Any way, new bearings 320i vented rotors and 320i calipers.  I also threw a fresh lick of paint on everything.


A fun discovery, one strut doesn't match the others.  Other fun discovery the car had 3 lowering springs and one normal.  I was under the assumption it was the mangled strut sticking that was causing the wonky ride height.  


I have added a little bit of plate to the front frame rail to match the overall thickness of the 2x4 sub-frame connectors.  I also added in to 1.50" tubes to tie the front sub-frame mounts to the firewall.


Finally after much scrubbing the engine bay was cleaned primed and painted.  The goal as of now is to get on the road.  A true nice paint job will happen in a few years after I've actually driven and sorted the car.  As of now the engine bay is getting Massey Ferguson implement paint and the rest of the car will be getting matte black implement paint.  I painted one of the quarters as a test.  I think it turned out pretty good for a quick and dirty get me driving paint job.

2016-10-02 (1).jpg

2016-10-02 (2).jpg

2016-10-02 (5).jpg


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For some reason i have been on the non-metallic grey kick for a while.  This grey looks a little different.  There seems to be more brown rather than blue to it.  


It might end up that way...it would probably take another year to get the body work dialed in enough to go gloss.  Right now I'm 18 months in and have never driven the car.  I'm trying to get it moving on it's own again. So solid rust mitigation and a well adhered matte black might let me drive the car in the next 12-18 months.

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Walking past the car a few more times, MF grey has won out for the color choice on the car.  The hood and trunk will be flat black.  The only thing i'm still up in the air about is MF grey or white on the roof.  I would like the white to try and cut down on temps in the summer but three colors on the same car might look a little special.


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