weekend visit by a french tourist

this weekend we had a visit from Pedram (chime in dude, I don't know your username on here!) in his french market 2002 touring. He came up from the south bay to have me install a short low mount aluminum air dam...(ended up with a little more than just the lip...I think it was a good trip!) There are many options when installing aftermarket body panels and aero parts, but for this application, I chose to use a coated steel threaded insert (or nutsert) and stainless button allen screws. easily serviceable, weather resistant...and classy.


the mildly modified look and low stance, and bright trim of the touring really worked well with the raw brushed aluminum lip...and although I really like seeing them painted, we both agreed it looked good enough bare to just "run it"!! Pedram was a pleasure to work with on the install and he even drove away representing with a kooglewerks grill badge added to his collection!







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Thanks Forrest, the pleasure was all mine. 

It was awesome to see your shop and check out the projects you have.  I love the aluminum air dam.  It totally completes the look of the front end.  I appreciate that you took the time to install the spoiler with precision and care and making it easy to remove for servicing.  Looking forward to working with you in the future.

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