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Exactly 2 years and almost complete



It has been exactly 2 years since I took the first bolt out of my '75 '02 and began down the restoration road.  I will be nearly complete at the end of August.  I want to get the clear coat buffed up and need to get the headliner in still.


I was going for August but I decided to pull out and rebuild the back end as well.  I was going to do this later to spread out the joy but it didn't feel right so I just did it.  This delayed me nearly 3 week's as I waited for the sandblaster and powder coater to finish up.  Summer vacation season...


The biggest pain was getting the sunroof to work right again.  The gear in the manual crank is worn a bit so it wouldn't engage the cables.  Got new cables and it still wouldn't do it.  I ended up putting a thin plastic shim in around the cables at the gear point and bound it with the track.  Works great now.  What a relief!


All the mechanical is done.  The electrical needs another few days and it will be done.  I still need to wire up my electric rad fan, gauges on the motor side and my coil with the 2 ballasts.  


I haven't posted in awhile so here are some fresh pics to enjoy!


First, the whole car, air dam will go on after the buff job. 





Got this original and perfect raised emblem from my buddy Christian in Germany.  Good to have such a good buddy!  This was off of his 1602, the first Inka I saw in the flesh!  He no longer has the car but he shared his emblem.  Awesome!



Sunroof closed, still needs a little fine tuning which will be done before we hit the headliner.



Sun roof tracks in chrome, not polished.  This worked out really great!  Big "wow" factor when you crack that gorgeous giant BMW sunroof.  No one seems to make them as big as the bimmers.  You feel like you are full in the sun with them.






Here, the motor on the front sub, still one of my favorites and definitely the way to install the motor, bottom up baby!



Tidied up rear under side.  Good to refresh.  There was and inch of greasy mud on the diff.  I opened up the lsd and all looks perfect as well.  Relubed and sealed it up.  Good for peace of mind



New bearings, shocks and brake lines (courtesy of Ace Andrew).  Those lines fit up very nicely.  I stripped all the new bolt and had them zinc plated.  Yellow zinc doesn't have near the corrosion resistance.  Had to do the cleats on the shafts though.  Not as important as the bolts and it just looks so awesome against the black



Oversized drums courteously of Bill Gruff!  Worked out perfectly.  My e-brake cables ended up about 1" short as a result, I have a solution that I am fine tuning with a barrel nut to allow me to attach the cable from the bottom of the e-brake attachment.


.... and the interior.  I wanted to build something special here so I built a burl wood console and instrument surround.



Tomorrow, I should finish up the rest of the electrical (which is a long process...) and start building the custom parcel shelf for my e46 seats.



Almost there.  Long journey but an enjoyable one.  Learned a tonne and made many good friends along the way!








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