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Fix Up, Tune Up, and Clean Up (June 2016)



Shortly after I did the LEDs, I picked up some front Euro turn signals.  Spent WAY too much, but they're worth it.




First up, I replaced the brake fluid reservoir, master cylinder hoses and grommets, and bled the whole system.  Still have poor braking, but that should be fixed by replacing the power booster


Second up, replaced some of the shifter components, at least the ones I could reach while the trans was still in the car.  When I had it apart, I compared the stock shifter to the one from my E39 M5, overall same length but slightly longer below the pivot should give slightly shorter shifts.  Plus it's one piece and not worn out like the 2002 shifter.



Took the strut bar off, cleaned all the overspray off of it, and tried to polish it up a bit.  Still rough, but way better than before.  Also found out it's made by BMP design and NLA.



Installed a Crane XR3000 ignition box and Fireball PS50 coil (same coil as PS60, just black instead of chrome)

The XR3000 does not need a ballast line, so I pulled out that wiring, as well as some other leftover emissions wiring, and ran new wires to the unit and coil.








Popped the valve cover off, cleaned it up with a wire brush, and then painted it with some krinkle paint, left it out in the sun to bake



Also new spark plugs, cap, rotor, and made some plug wires using Accel universal 8mm wires  I need to figure out a good way to tie them up still.

Scraped off the raised areas of the valve cover as well and hit them with some fine sandpaper.



It lasted a whole 5 minutes until I nicked it


I had an exhaust leak I attempted to tackle, found it all black at the header connector and figured it was just a bad exhaust donut, nope, the Ansa intermediate pipe is broken.  I couldn't find a small pipe with a flare on the end to try and fix it, so I just reinstalled it as-is and will fix later.



Updated totals:

XR3000 $96.00
Coil $34.00
Wire Separators $15.00
Spark Plug Wires $27.00
Spark Plugs $7.00
Coil Mount $10.00
Cap/Rotor $17.00
Spray Paint $8.00
Nuts/Bolts $10.00
Wiring/Misc $50.00
Gaskets $18.00
Euro Turn Signals $270.00
Running Total $7,900.00




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