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All Systems Go.



Day ~59 – 62 About 4 days of work


Boring stuff

Tidied up some more wiring and got things sorted out so that the battery was ready to be connected. I also installed the b-pillar gaskets and rear windows, with freshly painted window brackets… boooooring.



Engine/Transmission/Front Sub-Frame Reunion

I didn’t want to put the motor back in only to find out it was leaking from the oil pan because of the cork seal. So, I decided to change the cork seal for the paper version (with some RTV gasket sealant) as recommended by some members (BMW2002FAQ). I installed the oil temperature sender in the pan and popped in some new spark plugs.


The motor was ready to be reunited with the transmission, front sub-frame and ultimately the chassis. I built a dolly for the sub frame to sit on, jacked that up to the motor (while the motor was still on the stand). I secured the motor to the sub-frame, then slowly separated and lowered it away from the engine stand.


Once on the Floor, I reattached the struts, reinstalled the clutch and torqued up the transmission bolts. It was time to wait for backup (Kosta was coming to help).



We jacked up the car nice and high and at first the plywood dolly made rolling the sub-frame/motor under the chassis easy… until it we dropped the car and needed to lift the frame at different angles to secure the sub-frame, it was a bitch.


It took long but we got it in only slightly damaging the paint in a very small section of the firewall. I missed supper at my parents and Kosta was late to meet up with his wife.




Small things:

- Installed new Track Rod (center tie rod)

- Reinstalled brakes with CA Tuned stainless lines


- Remounted the wheels. Dropped it down to make work easier.


- Installed the VDO oil pressure sender using the bav-auto adapter.

- Re-installed fuel pressure regulator


- Installed throttle cable

- Re-installed radiator

- Installed Glow Shift radiator hose adapter for VDO coolant temperature sender. Nifty inexpensive solution.


-Installed some new vinyl in the nook of the parcel shelf.



Contact! (2016-08-05)

The first start of the engine (since Jan 2015). Kosta was over again to lend a hand provide moral support and be greek.

At first there were some fuel leaks from the carbs, then there were some fuel leaks with the carbs tongue.gif. The leaks were associated to the new redline gaskets (around the fuel line inlet) which seem to be thinner in outside diameter than the previous ones. In the end I put back the old ones.

Then the timing was too off. I have since done more research on timing and have ordered a advance timing light.

In the end it took about 25-30 cranks to get it running.

Shimmy Shakes (downpipe only)

A/F Wideband Digital Display

Installed the ASPX Wideband Digital display in the "fasten seat belts” box (I got the idea from Eurotrash). The display will be controlled by a switch in the dash console, so it doesn’t always have to be on. I like the idea of hiding the gauge, I put together a montage of photos to show others who might want to try it.


I test fitted where to install the O2 sensor, there wasn’t really any great location… Now I need to take the down-pipe somewhere to have the bung welded in

...next up: Double check that everything (electrical) is functioning correctly + timing + O2 bung in downpipe


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