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Front Bumper Tuck (May 2016)



Something had to be done about those bumpers and once I saw CAtuned's S2000 swap project thread, I knew that's the direction I was going.


Lots of pics in that thread, bumper tuck is about 2/3 way down:


I started by compressing the shocks as much as possible, I forget the measurements, but I think I needed to shorten the shocks by ~7" and the compression alone was only 3"



So I cut them apart, you know, for science.


Here's the what they look like on the inside:



I trimmed the bumper with a cutoff wheel, then I put the shocks together, and tacked them up to the point the bolt head was just touching the nose piece. 




Hmmm, still not as much tuck as CAtuned:



I need more, but that bolt wont go any further back.


But the bracket will:



I actually put the new bolt hole too close to the front, the piece wouldn't angle properly.  I had to grind the nose piece of the shock to allow it to angle enough.


I also shortened it too much with the new hole, had to cut the tacks off, pull the shock out a tad, and re-tack it.


Test fit:



The shock bushing needs to be trimmed a bit:



I cut the bumper up some more, had to trim a little bit off the bottom, but not much, and here's the finished result:




I really like it.  The rear will need to wait, because of the trunk floor rot, the rear shock bolts have been covered up in aluminum plate, I have to pull it out in order to get the shocks out.


As for cost, I think I went through 6 or 7 cutoff disks, so about $20.


Running Total $7,161.00


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Love it and thanks for sharing!  I too had envy to the CAtuned bumper tuck and have been thinking of doing this (I have only done the "standard" tuck).  How hard was it to cut the bumpers - I have some concern with my cutoff wheel skills or lack thereof?  Thanks for sharing...

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It wasn't hard, but time consuming.  I used a 4 1/2" cutoff wheel (Milwaukee angle grinder)  The bumper is thick aluminum so I did it with shallow cuts.  Take it slow and steady for the first few passes to get the outline, then the following cuts won't wander.


The hardest part was the curve at the ends, it's a tight radius, especially with a new disc.  I focused on the straight parts until the disc got small, then hit that curve.  It might be cleaner to make some relief cuts first.


I should have cleaned the edge up with a sander but didn't because I wanted to get it on the car to see how it looked, then I never took it off again.

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I like it as well. I tucked mine but used a E21 bumper that contours much better than the original.  Never went as back as you did and never seen it done before, but I really like the end result.  I have a set of euro bumpers and already did the rear, front is getting done soon, else I would definitely go this route.


Good job!

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xr4tic: Thanks for the additional info - now need to decide if I am willing to tackle this...  


tashakes: I have heard the E21 bumper is a nice fit to the nose - have been keeping my eyes out for one locally (Denver, CO) to try...

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I may have to look into the E21 bumper then, although I would probably cut it up like this to make it skinnier.


It would probably look nicer if the bumper was the same thickness all across the front, unlike the stock bumper that's real shallow at the nose compared to the ends.

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