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The first nice thing!

The day I bought the car, the pedals looked like this:


Dear God YUCK!

Also, the clutch cylinder is broke.  

Anyway, that pile of excrement simply can not exist in MY very fancy automobile.  So, after considerable cussing and sweating, out it came.

The next day there was a hurricane.  So I drove a few hundred miles home instead of attempting to work on my car.  But I brought the cluster with me.  Yay!  Mini-project!


So, first I took everything apart and blasted away the rust, paint, tar, and my tears.


The fresh parts went right off to New Life Powder Coating right here in York PA.  I've worked with these guys for the past couple years and they do excellent work.And they have an oven that is big enough to PC entire cars, truck frames, whatever.  Very good people.


And a week later got these back:



I gave Ireland Engineering a few weeks worth of beer money and they sent me their full bearing pedal rebuild kit.  And - wow.  Its amazing!


There was some fitting I needed to do.  The inside of the pedal bores were coated, so I needed to polish down the IE aluminum bushings.  Easy as pie.  Stuck them on my lathe, little oil and 320 grit sand paper and we were good to go.  They have almost zero play in them, and actuate so smoothly!  Highly recommended.


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