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Initial Tear Down

vacca rabite


After buying the car, immediately tear down began.



Gas tank out to be boiled and epoxy coated.

Fuel lines removed (including the nylon interior fuel line).

Front calipers off for rebuild.

Front disks off for replacement.

Rear brake cylinders out for replacement.

Brake hard lines out for refresh.

Pedal cluster removed for rebuilding.


We cleaned out the prior tenants.



The Passenger front floor was getting close to Fred Flintstone territory when we scraped out the tar coat.  Yuck!  But all the other floors were solid.



The rear trunk had the expected iron oxide speed holes already installed.  



More soon, gentle readers.

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yours had gotten just little a bit farther along in the rust-consumption, than my mint 76.  I still have to deal with that area in your last photo, next to the tank.  Looks like you are digging in deep.  Very satisfying work.  THanks for sharing.  TOm

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