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Pre/Post Delivery (April/May 2016)



What do you do after you've bought a car and are waiting for it to arrive?


Buy some rims for it of course!


Bought some BBS RS rims off ebay, 15x7 ET25, 4x108, and had them re-drilled to 4x100



Car finally arrived, had to push it two blocks to my house because the truck couldn't go down my street.



Rims installed:



Charged the battery up, gave it a couple shots of starting fluid, car started right up.

Next time I tried, battery was dead.  I pulled it out and had it tested, it was toast.


Time for a new battery, lots of details on the board about this, but I first tried the original battery type - Group 42.  Picked one up from Advance Auto Parts, only to find out it wouldn't fit.  The flange on the bottom was too thick and wouldn't fit into the lip on the battery tray.

New vs. old battery lip:



So I took it back and got a Group 47, same size as what was in the car before.  It fit with no problems.


Went to fire it up - Nothing.


Time to tear into the wiring.  Noticed lots of extra wires on the car running into and out of the cabin, to the lights, and all over the engine bay.  Pulled out everything that was attached to the positive battery terminal and wasn't original to the car:



With the wiring cleaned up and a new battery terminal, car fired right up like it's supposed to.


I'll be attempting to keep track of what I've spent on this car, so for this entry:

Car Purchase $3,650.00
Shipping $1,200.00
BBS RS Rims $1,320.00
Tires $360.00
Redrill $60.00
Mounting $15.00
Lug Nuts $24.00
Locks $13.00
Battery $130.00
Misc Wiring/Fluids $40.00
Total $6,812.00



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